Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Painter

Yesterday morning Topaz and I were out running the trail for an easy run. As we were running up to an intersection of trails I noticed a man standing in the middle of the trail, an easel in front of him, with a large wooden box laying on the ground. I wasn't sure what it was that he was doing.

I slowed down and began to speak with him. He was working on an oil painting of Buck Lake. I didn't realize this little lake that I ran past each day even had a name. Now that we are approximately 8" short of rainfall Buck Lake is even smaller and less of a lake. His painting was beautiful. He had the lake, the trumpeter swans, the sandhill cranes; it really was spectacular.

He told me that his painting was much more relaxing that what I was doing out there. I disagreed. My easy two hour recovery run was much more relaxing than standing in the woods, being bitten by deer flies, trying to paint.

What calms some of us is perceived as stress to others. Interesting. The same activity that is sometimes stressful can at times be calming as well.

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