Monday, August 17, 2009

A Few New Recipies

Boy, it's already been almost a month since I've tasted animal products. I hadn't originally planned on giving up dairy and meat for any set length of time, but I must say, I feel so good that I haven't even missed the animal food group.

I'm eating a ton of veggies, as I have been the last few years, but recently even more. I haven't been eating any more tofu, I've found that I prefer a 'green shake' much more. I can't believe how energized I feel from blended kale (kale? I had never even SEEN kale before), cabbage, romaine, apple, pear, lemon, flax, ginger all blended into a thick puree. I love it.

Lunch has been a huge salad, which really isn't anything new except there isn't any meat or cheese upon it. The new additions are flax and bean sprouts.

I found I like dates. I hadn't tasted a date before. They work great in place of sugar. I made a 'lemon pudding' out of an avocado, juice of 1 lemon and 5 dates whirled together and set for 30 minutes. Crazy tasty. Avocado is a very neutral tasting veggie and will take on the flavor of whatever you are mixing with it, making the end product nice and thick and creamy.

For dinner I've been experimenting. "Raw tacos": Collards wrapped around ground almonds with olive oil, cilantro, black pepper, avocado, red pepper and tomatoes. So good! So fresh! So amazing!

Raw blended soups. Fantastic and so easy to make. I made a squash soup that tasted like pumpkin pie filling in a bowl. Lovely.

My KitchenAid blender may be replaced with a Vita-Mix. The Minnesota State Fair always has a booth with the Vita-Mix. I think I will be dragging the family over to their booth while we are at the Fair in a few weeks.

I find I prefer raw rather than cooked. I've been sprouting and soaking beans, peas and nuts.

I am tracking my macros as I am not as familiar with the nutrients in these new items I am trying. An average day is 40% carb, 30% protein and 30% fat. All of the fat is from olive oil, avocado and nuts.

I was so sick and tired of eating every 2-3 hours and making sure each meal had chicken or egg whites. I gagged the chicken down and never really liked it. I never really liked the runny egg whites I scrambled each day either.

Sure, I'm probably rebelling against all of the meat I was eating and am now enjoying what I eat. Really enjoying the flavor of the food!

I love all the veggies, the fruits, all of the spices I am using..the freshness, the crispiness. I tell you, its fabulous.

Oh, and guacamole! I've never made it! The whole family now enjoys it:

2 avocados, pitted and chopped
1 red pepper, finely diced
2 handfull cherry tomatoes, chopped
Juice of 1 lemon or lime
Sea salt and pepper to taste
Chopped onion or chives

Mash the avocado and lemon or lime juice with a fork until mushy. Add the rest of the ingredients. I like this wrapped in butter lettuce leaves or as a topping on my salad. The family loves it on the blue corn chips. Yum Yum.

I'm enjoying the new recipies, the new fruits and veggies I am trying. I am quite surprised that there are so many that I haven't tried before.


Anonymous said...

Awesome on the raw food, Julie.

I've been a raw vegan for over 5 years now and it has changed my life. The energy I get from eating only living food cannot be explained, but I can tell you have "got" that concept already.

Simply put, when one eats cooked, dead food, they feel cooked and dead.

When one eats living food they feel alive.

Best news is, you will ONLY get more and more energy as your body heals itself from the inside out.

The sense of smell becomes keener, brain fogs lifts, eyesight gets sharper, etc.

BTW, this is a great time of year to add some raw corn kernels that the guac. It tastes really fabulous!

You know what I love about you? You are not afraid to try anything new!

Good luck in SD next weekend.

~Gayle, in Illinois

Julie B said...

Hi Gayle, thank you for leaving the comment! A raw vegan for 5 years, my goodness,congratulations! I am just shocked at how great everything tastes and how great I feel. Again, thanks!

Anonymous said...

WOW Raw Vegan is quite impressive I must say as well!
I found that if you replace some of the avocado with frozen or blanched fresh peas it acutally tastes better and cuts down on the fat, I know it's good fat, but just a suggestion!

Macaire said...

Julie -- I'm game to try some of these recipes as well! Where are you getting them from?

Macaire said...

Julie -- I'm game to try some of these recipes as well! Where are you getting them from?

Julie B said...

Hi Macaire, I am finding them at In the future I will post the link to the recipe. I wasn't sure if anyone was interested, good to know! Enjoy.

SteveQ said...

Your diet's starting to look more like mine now! How're you getting your vitamin B-12? It's tricky doing it vegan; if you want to do it without supplements, let me know and I can give you pointers.

Anonymous said...

Another site with fab raw recipes is

Check out the pics while you're there. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you, much the cook, have never made guacamole before. It's addictive. I've also made a lot of pad thai sauce - ground nut butter (traditionally peanut, but I use almond or cashew for more flavor), soy sauce, chili pepper, lemon juice/ tamarind juice/ ketchup. Some people add sugar. Yes the soy is fermeneted but the chilis are cooked aren't they? I do use heat to melt the nut butter, but otherwise it's a similar idea to the mix you mention. I don't know if I can really "do" raw most of the time, but I sort of understand the idea of the energy. Raw salads taste amazing, especially in the summer, that no cooked veg lives up to. Also, as a big sprouter I have to say that many sprouts improve drastically with blanching. Lentils and mung (the easiest sprouts to grow, IMHO) both have a slightly bitter flavor (tannin?) that is removed with just a hint of cooking. And kale - don't know if you've read the recipes for baked kale to replace potato chips. Don't want to tempt you if you're actively trying raw, but you can google it if you are willing to include cooked.

Danni said...

I think it's awesome that you're doing so well with the vegan thing. And I love green smoothies.

Diane said...

I bought a VitaMix blender at the Mpls Home and Garden show about 2 years ago and don't regret it a bit! I was just bragging it up to a co-worker this morning.