Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scrambled Tofu

I am not sure of my opinion on eating soy. I have read so many conflicting articles that I honestly don't know what to believe. I think that eating soy a few times a week should be fine. I prefer Rice Dream over the Soymilk so I have been using that instead. Who knows. I really like this Scrambled Tofu from Vegan with a Vengeance. I cut open the tofu container and let the water drain out. I then place the tofu inside of a few sheets of paper toweling, pressing out the additional water. I leave it in the toweling while I chop my mushrooms and onions. Heat olive oil or PAM in the pan, add onion, mushrooms and spinach, as well as any other goodness you'd like in your tofu. I then add cumin, salt, pepper, paprika, a bit of garlic flakes. I then remove the veggies and place onto my plate. I do this because I am going to fry up the whole pound of tofu, will then split it into two meals, but I want all of these veggies with my scrambled tofu. I'll add other veggies when I'm ready to eat tofu #2. I kind of crumble the tofu into the pan, in pretty big chunks. It will break up more when I move it around with the spatula. It takes about 5-7 minutes to heat up, I then place my veggies and spices back into the pan for a few stirs to mix the flavors and whala! A wonderful breakfast after my run morning run.
The scrambled tofu has 20 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat in my one serving.
I received many emails relating to my last post. The most asked question was 'what are you eating?' I'm not eating a whole lot differently that I was, other than I skipped the animal products.
Breakfast has been steel cut oats with a splash of Rice Dream and berries or the scrambled tofu with a wedge of cantelope or a smoothie with fruit and veggies, who knew spinach could be swirled into a marvelous smoothie without tasting spinach-ie?
Lunch has been a huge salad of spinach, baby greens, carrots, peppers, avacado, cucumbers, onion with chickpeas mounded in the middle, or a wrap with leftover tofu and spinach and lettuce, or a wrap with brown rice and beans with salsa and avacado or a black bean patty piled with veggies and a fruit on the side. Vegan with a Vengeance has a recipe for the patties; I made a dozen and froze them. I just pop them out of the freezer and microwave. Instant goodness. I haven't tried the grocery brand Boca Burgers or Gardenburgers or the fake Breakfast Sausage items. I haven't tried any of the vegan junk food items. I've pretty much been using 'real' foods.
For dinner I've been eating huge salads or the peppers stuffed with risotto (I had 4 of them!) or the Brocolli Quinoa I made from the cookbook as well. Most of the recipies make 4-6 servings so I have them for a few meals! I like that.
Inbetween meals I'm nibbling on nuts and fruit, veggies dipped in hummus, I'm drinking water with lime, with lemon, green tea.
I feel radiant, full of energy. Is this crazy? Maybe. For now I am enjoying it. I'm going to cook my way through Vegan with a Vengeance, trying some of the vegan desserts for the weekend. Troy 'dared' me to bake the carrot cake. He loves carrot cake. It will be interesting to see how it compares to his favorite Williams Sonoma Carrot Cake.
Today I'm making the Chickpea Brocolli Casserole. Tomorrow I'm trying out a Vegan with a Vengeance waffle recipe for the boys breakfast without telling them first. I love it!
Isa has a Vegan Brunch cookbook that was released earlier this summer. I told myself I would wait until I tried 25 of the recipies in this book before I purchased it. I wonder if I can hold out? I am really enjoying cooking veggies new ways, in different combinations so I think I can hold off and use this book fully before delving into her next one.


Helen said...

can you adopt me?

Anonymous said...

I have read the soy reports as well and don't know what to think as well. I never tried RiceDrea, but I LOVE Almond Milk with steel cut and it doesn't stick to the pan.

Freezing tofu first, thawing, then using changes the consistency as well, I prefer it like that.


Julie B said...

Yes, Helen! I'll adopt you, cook for you, teach you to cook and you can teach me to run as you do! Perfect :)