Monday, September 07, 2009

The End of Summer

It is truly the end of summer. Although I have been back to work for the past month and Tyler has been to school for the past two weeks, Troy and all of the other Big Lake students go back to school tomorrow.

Labor Day weekend marks the last hurrah for summer in my book. Steve and Troy went up north to the lake, I stayed home with Tyler as he was scheduled to work all weekend. My Mom came down for the weekend and my Dad stayed up north with Steve and Troy at the lake.

This weather this weekend was as good as it gets. 80's, humid, a slight breeze, awesome. I was left to make recommendations as to what Mom, my sister and I would do on Saturday. Our day began at the Blue Hill Trail. Topaz and I ran a few loops and then mom and sister joined me. Mom walked sis's dog and I and sis ran a loop together. She's running 6 miles now each day! Gotta like that. I suggested we walk Lake Calhoun and Harriet, then have lunch at French Meadow,-where there were vegan and raw items on the menu to choose from - with a Macy's run to Southdale for work clothes. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Sunday was morning running at the trail and more shopping. This time off to Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove, where we parted after a few hours. I went off to The Dock in Stillwater (no non meat entrees..she wouldn't even change 'make to order an item for me) to meet my best ultra friends and sis and Mom headed back home. Another delightful day.

Today they met up with me at the trail again-I'm getting spoiled! Mom then headed back up north, I dropped off Topaz and headed for the track.

I haven't completed a track session since the week before Lean Horse. I feel totally recovered so back I went today. Man, I like my numbers! I hit PRs for every 800! Amazing. I ran 12 of them and felt as strong for the last one as for the second one. The first one is always my slowest. I'm wondering if I could pull off a 330 or 335 at Twin Cities Marathon. I'm thinking I might try it. Still 3 weeks away, we'll see how I feel as the weeks go on. Tomorrow after work it will be too hot to run with Topaz on the trail so I'll get in my tempo run before picking up Troy from football practice. Ah, another new schedule to get used to.

I'm not going up for the Fall Superior Races. I've been privileged the past three years to run the Sawtooth 100, I've fully enjoyed the race. Last year the family went with me to Leadville a few weeks prior to Sawtooth so it didn't seem like I had been away much, now this year I was just away for 5 days off to Lean Horse, I just don't want to be away again already for three more nights. Troy has a football scrimmage on Friday and I'll be cheering him on. I may run the 20 mile White Bear Lake run on Sunday. No commitments at this time.

Steve is closing up the pool tonight. Truly the end of summer. Get out and enjoy tonight! It's glorious.

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