Monday, November 09, 2009

Marvelous Muffeletta

The guys have been hunting each weekend from last month pretty much up until Thanksgiving.

This past weekend was the Minnesota Deer Opener. Troy called me on Saturday night to let me know he shot his first one. A big doe. Smart Buck was following doe through the woods, Troy couldn't get a shot at buck as he was hiding behind a tree. Doe trotted right out into the opening. Bam. Troy shot her right through the heart "just like I'm supposed to, Mom". He was pretty excited.

I reminded them that I would be working when they arrived home and asked what they might like for dinner. Not soup, not chili, too hot. They'd been hunting at 65F! How about Marvelous Muffeletta? One of their favorite sandwiches...

It would be ready for them when they arrived and I'd be home an hour or so later. Here is how easy it is to prepare: (next post)

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