Wednesday, December 30, 2009


45 years old today! Thank you God for giving me another healthy and happy year. Five years ago I gave up dreading the act of becoming older. It's not like I had any input as to whether or not it would happen! Another year = another gift.

Topaz and I went out for a quick 5 miles around the neighborhood this morning before I headed off to work for a few hours. Off to the gym for a session on the stair stepper, elliptical and hills on the treadmill. Back home for another 4 miles on snowshoe with Topaz while the boys were tramping down the trails for me. Trying to tramp down the trail for me! Nobody else uses the trail that I snowshoe upon so it is tough work trying to get a decent trail. They became tired as did I. Three short workouts was enough on this birthday.

No fear, tomorrow will be the annual birthday = miles run. I'll be running 45 miles for my 45 years. I haven't yet decided if I'll snowshoe run 20 with Topaz and run 25 into Big Lake, around the lake 2x, back home or if I'll head into Minneapolis and run the lakes for the day. I ran the lakes last year for 44, I'll probably do the snowshoe/road option. Tyler will be working all day, Steve is ice fishing and Troy will be heading of to snowboard. I have all day long. It will take me all day long!

Friday I'm running The Polar Dash 10K. It will feel good to get in some road running after all of the trail plowing I've been doing lately.

Oh, today I made a fabulous stuffed squash that Angela posted. After baking the squash I stuffed it with quinoa, celery, carrot, dried cranberry, ginger, cinnamon, onion and sage. Fabulous! I'll post a picture above. Steve even ate a squash halve and that rarely happens. Of course they really liked the prime rib soup I made for them, too. Leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner. Even though I'm not eating meat I do still prepare it for the guys. I've been fixing meat for dinner for 28 years, can't stop now!

Thank you for all of the Happy Birthday's. I appreciate it!


Matthew Patten said...

Happy Birthday JB!

You make 45 look easy. I hope all of my moving parts are still in tact when I am there.

When are you doing your birthday miles?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie!!!! Good luck at Polar Dash, too. Are you doing their series? I'll be walking the Polar Dash 5k (trail running injury... leaves concealed uneven terrain = bum ankle + several months not running - ick!). Anyway, enjoy your run - hope it's a good one to kick off the new year!

SteveQ said...

Happy B'day (again). If you do the 45 miles, your miles for the year will be more than double mine!