Sunday, December 27, 2009

I almost Forgot..

Each year I usually receive quite a large gift card that I can use anywhere. I normally buy groceries for a month or use it toward a family vacation or such. This year I'm tempted to use it as it is intended-to buy myself something.

I have been thinking of a piece of jewelry or/and a Garmin 310XT. The 310XT because of the 20 hour battery life. For ultrarunners anything less is just not long enough. I have the Forerunner 50 which I like because there is no GPS so the battery life is 20+ hours.

Anybody out there have the 310 XT? I'd love some input!


Londell said...

I know Mark has one? Not sure if you know him...

Mark H. said...

The 310XT is my first Garmin. I like that it has added water resistance and it has been more reliable in wet conditions compared to my friends' other Garmin models. I also like the physical buttons rather than the touch-bezel of other models. Battery life has been great although I never let it drain to nothing.

Negatives: It's big and it takes a while to lock-on to the satellites.

Another thing is that if you are using the pace and time to keep track during a marathon (for example) to meet a specific pace/time, be careful of a few things. I had it stop timing when I wasn't moving so I lost 17 seconds during the TCM as I stopped running at a few water stops. The other thing is that the TCM was 0.35 miles too long for me 'cause I didn't take the tangents. This messes-up the average pace. I can turn off the auto-pause feature and as long as I watch my progress via elapsed time instead of average pace, I would have a better idea of how I was doing.

The heart rate strap is comfortable but I lost the transmitter for it. It didn't fall off, I think I just left it by accident at my health club. :-(

Those are some thoughts that came to mind. Ask if you have specific questions.

This may help: I would not choose a different Garmin model than the one I have right now. Also, if you never use a heart rate monitor, don't get the model that includes it.