Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Calendar

I'm slowly beginning to structure my calendar for 2010. Here the month of January is going out and I have only just begun. I have been thinking about it a while, but haven't acted upon it. I guess I just don't feel the need to become crazy about it, as I usually do. Running has become something that I do everyday, something that I am, a part of me.

When I first began running I would make sure I had a race on the calendar each month so that I would make sure that I would get out to train. I was afraid that if I didn't have a race, I wouldn't run. This proved true many times!

I love that running is now a part of me. I didn't know this would happen. It is no longer a struggle, something that I have to just is. How wonderful.

I'm going to run the MDRA Grand Prix this year. I've always wanted to, but in the beginning it was way too much for me, too many miles, too many races and too far out of my comfort zone. Well, it isn't any more. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it. Now it is actually less than I have been racing in the recent years and I am putting it on my calendar.

I was originally planning on a few 100s. I was thinking about Zumbro, Big Horn and Leadville were my top three. Well, they aren't panning out so well. Big Horn falls during Grandmas which I am running and Leadville is scheduled during a wedding that I will be a part of. Zumbro has a few conflicts as well so I'm not holding my breath..

Amazingly I'm not uptight about it. So I won't be running what I had been thinking biggie. What? Did I say that? I did and I'm fine with it.

I'd like to run the Gnarly Bandit Series, but alas, Kettle 100 is during Tyler's graduation. That's why I normally run FANS. Not this year. I'm not going to be running a race during my son's graduation weekend.

This is another reason why the MDRA Grand Prix is a go this year!

Something I am most excited about this year is the weekend of May 20-22. I have made all of my reservations for car/hotel/flight to Chicago on the 20 to watch Mary compete in her 4th Bodybuilding show in Rockford IL. Mary was 205 pounds in 2005. She joined Leanness Lifestyle and lost the fat, grew muscle and competed and WON her first show in 2006 at 50 years old, second show in 2007, third in 2008 and will be competing in 2010 for the forth time. Elizabeth will be competing in Figure for the 1st time. I'm so excited. I have been wanting to meet up with the group for five years and am finally making it a priority. This weekend falls within the Superior Spring Races, Opening Fishing and Memorial Weekend so I haven't made it. I am this time. I'll meet Coach David Greenwalt, who I've been a client of, and all of the wonderful people at Leanness Lifestyle who I've know online for so long and now will finally meet in person. I can't wait.

I'm getting into the best shape of my life. Lean and strong. I have 16 weeks before I meet these athletes in person and you can bet I am going to have a few workout sessions at the gym with them..I will be strong as I can be. I have a feeling this weekend in May will push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to spend the next few months afterward getting ready for my own show later in the year. We'll see. I know myself pretty well and can see where this is headed, I want it.

Here is my 2010 schedule as it stands of today. It may change, I may be able to throw in a few ultras, we'll see.

JAN 1 Polar Dash 10K
JAN 23 Securian Half Frozen Marathon
FEB 7 Frigid 5k
MAR 28 Human Race 8k
APR 24 Get In Gear 10k
MAY 8 New Prague Half Marathon
JUN 19 Grandma's Marathon
JULY 3 Afton 50K
JUL 24 Boston Scientific Heart of Summer 5k NEW
AUG 1 Hennepin Lake 10k
AUG 28 Rochester Holiday Inn Half Marathon
SEP 6 Victory 10k
SEP 12 City of Lakes 25k
OCT 3 Twin Cities Marathon


SteveQ said...

The roads will make a nice new challenge for you. Many of those races fill fast, so get your entries in early.

BTW, the word verification is "SWEAT" How appropriate!

Danni said...

Hey, you could come be part of the first ever Swan Crest 100 in beautiful NW Montana :-)

It's the last weekend of July. It will be awesome.

mj said...

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