Saturday, January 02, 2010

-28F is Freaking Cold

OK, this morning I heard the newscaster say "well -5, -25, it really doesn't matter once it is below zero". I beg to differ.

-28F is what my thermometer said this morning. My floors felt cold. I set the interior thermostat at 68F and the house was only 61F. The guage is upstairs so it is 68F up there, 61F where we live most of the time. Brrr.

I was going to run 10 miles on the treadmill, until I saw Topaz's dejected eyes when I stated so. Ugh...

Pulling my winter running clothing out of the dryer I began to layer it on. After I was all dressed I began to put on Topaz's booties. He smiled and pranced with glee.

I told him we were only running until I became cold, then I was finishing my miles on the treadmill. He said it was a deal.

Keeping a close eye on Topaz I made sure he wasn't doing 'paw in the air dance'. He wasn't. He was running like this morning wasn't any different than any other morning. He bolted across the field, made a u-turn and came back to me as fast as he could. He laid upon the frozen tundra and loosened up the cement like snow with his paws so that he could chew it up. He continued to paw the snow, then rolled in the loose pieces that he had softened up.

4 miles, 36 minutes and that was enough for me. -28F (-41F windchill) is not the same feeling at -5F. It just isn't.

We ran up the driveway and into the house. Brr. I pulled off my winter layers and again pulled on shorts. Nice warm treadmill of 6 more miles. I didn't mind the treadmill at all!

Stay warm fellow Minnesotans!


Unknown said...

Wow Julie! I saw the temp on the news this morning said -14, I thought that was with windchill!! It was cold, I can't believe you were outside at all!

PJ Geek said...

I'm from the south and live in Atlanta and 28F seems mighty cold here. However, I must have had another life lived in the great north. On a trip to a friend in Manitoba one winter, I learned to cross country ski at -20 and my Canadian born friend thought I was better suited to the cold than she was.
I enjoy reading your blog somewhat because of that trip. Also, I've lost 100lbs and technically have that much more to go. I'm inspired by your stories. I'm working on Maybe jog/walk/crawling a 5k this spring. Very slow jogger so far.

Skwigg said...

What kind of dog booties does Topaz wear? For Ripley, I was looking at the Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots with the Vibram Grip Trex soles. Then I thought only a crazy lady would spend $60 for dog shoes. Then I saw that Topaz wears dog shoes and I felt validated. Hahaha!

Julie B said...

Renee, I bought the booties from a company in Duluth, Mn called I bought 4 booties for $10!! they are made of a sturdy canvas with Velcro at the top to size. I bought these two winters ago and there is only a bit of wear on them even though probably over 1000 miles. I will purchase another set for next winter. I saw the $60 ones and the sales woman told me they were mainly for inside , on hard wood flooring so the nails wouldn't scratch.

Julie B said...

Yes Mary, cold indeed! Today I took Topaz out for 5 and then ran 10 on the treadmill.
PJ congratulations on the weightloss and running! How wonderful. Little changes create huge lifestyle changes. Keep up the good work!

Skwigg said...

Cool! I like that price a lot better. I bought Ripley a hot pink set. She loves running in the snow but will limp or stop to chew on her feet if she gets ice between her toes. The booties should make it much more comfortable for her to herd me across the frozen tundra. ;-)