Monday, January 18, 2010

Asphalt..Lovely Asphalt ?

After logging hundreds of miles this winter in deep snow, ice and more snow I must say that when I ran after work today I became giddy as I saw asphalt peering through the snow.

We've had a beautiful spell of weather the past week, highs in the MID 30's, sun and lows in the 20's Fahrenheit. It's been amazing.

I've been able to run in 1 pair of pants, 1 thin shirt, 1 jacket..what a treat!

Saturday's 20 mile tempo/long run was difficult on road upon 3" of packed ice and snow. With screws in my shoes I was able to get traction but I could sure feel it in my achilles.

Today I ran upon asphalt! Sweet! Who knew how wonderful it would feel, pumping my knees high, running as fast as I could .. uphill, downhill, flats..wonderful! Traction all day long. It felt great.

Topaz took a dive into the ditch every few miles for a roll in the wet snow to cool his body and moisten his mouth.

The approach to my house is still deep with snow as it is deep in the woods but hey, a walk break and cool down was necessary before my run came to an end. As the snow softens, before it melts, it feels like running through sand.

Running through sand; it made me think about the spring 100s and how difficult it becomes training for them through the winter. A 50 mile race is perfect, a 50 mile solo training run .. not so much. I thought I might run the 50 mile race in Kentucky this March for a training run for April but alas, registration is closed. Sheesh, the 50 milers are filling up like marathons do. There aren't many 50 milers to choose from in the month of March, nationwide. Old Pueblo in Arizona..sounds good, doesn't it?

I suppose I better schedule out my races for 2010. My picks might already be full!


Unknown said...

I ran a 22 miler on Saturday on snowy, ice packed paths and also felt it in my Achilles. I have never been more interested in having some of the snow melt away.

ed said...

I'm having to take to the asphalt for all the mud here in KY -- would rather have snow!

Land Between the Lakes 50M on March 13 is still open. Fairly easy going course -- nice view of the lakes.


Julie B said...

Hey! Good job on the 22 and good luck at Austin-

Ed-it is still open? Well, I thought it said registration closed when I looked online. Hello! Maybe I'll see you there? I'm going to look again. Thanks!!