Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Easy Runnin'

Those of you who don't live in the now frozen tundra of Minnesota are going to tire of running blogs that are all about weather.

For those of us who run outside all winter long, our runs become all about the weather. I don't find that the same is true for my summer running, however. Heat, humidity, bring it on. Love it.

Topaz and I went out for a run near home on gravel roads today. When I arrived home from work it was +10F. The sun was out, there was a very light wind, I only had to wear one pair of pants, one fleece shirt, single jacket, gloves, neck gaiter, hat. What a treat! I opted for road versus trail and snowshoe. There must be a good 3" of ice and snow on the roads but running is much easier than trail snowshoe running.

I was able to pull my neck gaiter down, expose my face, feel the sunshine! Amazing. It's kind of funny how I have adapted mentally and physically during the past few weeks of winter running. Horrendous negative temps in the -25F range. Bitter cold. After running through that cold snap it truly does feel balmy at 10F.

I was planning on taking Topaz out for 5 miles and running 5 on the treadmill. We got lucky. 10 miles outside.

Easy Runnin'.

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