Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am just amazed at how much my body has changed by making a few changes to my diet and workouts.

As you know I had been eating approximately 1200 calories while running approximately 80-100 miles a week and lifting 3 times a week. My body was used to the low calories, the high activity and was still performing quite well. I had become totally accustomed to this way of living and afraid to eat any other way as I would gain fat. You’ll remember that to lose 25 pounds a few years ago I began to eat only one carbohydrate meal a day (chose oatmeal) . As soon as I ate more than 1 carbohydrate meal a day I would begin to gain fat. Yes, fat. It wasn’t just the water that was hanging onto the carbohydrate grams.

Since my diet and workout overhaul a few weeks ago when I took on my new endeavor I have seen big changes in my body, not to mention my mind. My diet was changed from 1200 to 1800 calories and yes, I was scared I’d gain fat. I didn’t. My coach said I wouldn’t and I didn’t. Even with two oatmeal meals a day, sweet potato and brown rice!

My calories are now at 2000 and whala, no fat gain! My workouts have been rock solid. I can’t believe how strong I have become. Amazing what some GOOD FOOD will do for a gal!

Last night I was lifting back/delts. As I approached the assisted pull up, iPod blaring, focused..a guy interrupted me by pointing to my shoulder and saying something. I rolled my eyes and thought oh for christ sake, what does he want? You see, I don't ever visit at the gym. I am there to lift, I don't make eye contact, I listen to my iPod, I am focused, I work. Well,he was pointing and looking right in my eye ball so I pulled out my ear bud and he repeated ‘what are you trying to do, make the rest of us look bad?’ I chuckled and smiled, then put my ear bud back in, suprised that he noticed, and went on to complete supersets of 20, 18,16,12,10 assisted pull-ups superset with seated cable rows 20, 18, 16, 12, 10. It was amazing.

By the time I finished my back/rear delts workout I was pumped. The trainer stopped me on my way out and asked me ‘what kind of changes have you made to get this?” pointing to my arms. I was now fully dressed, he could no longer see my arms. I told him I began to eat and lift high volume. I am just shocked at the changes that are already taking place, mentally and physically!

On Monday my calories are increased to 2200!! Egads!


Bill S said...

Good job! Impressive.

Greg, Heather, Brooks and Chloe-Belle said...

Great! My husband found your blog and I am excited to watch your progression. I lift like a bodybuilder too and my sister did the November show last year. FUN! You've got to post pics of your tranformation. Are you going to the April or May show to check it out?

Shelly said...

So excited for you!

Julie B said...

Thanks !
Yes. I will be spectating at the April show for sure. In may I will be flying to Chicago to watch a friend compete in the Rockford show. A group of 35 p
of us will be cheering her on. How cool that your sister competed last November! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that surprises me is that you were able to survive on 1200 cals! I can't wait to hear your results and progress towards a show!

Anonymous said...

How exciting. It will be fun to follow your adventure. Are you still eating a vegan diet? If so, how is that working out? Amy

Robin said...

This will be fun to follow you in your new pursuit. I believe you have the natural body for this, and the will and training commitments to make the most out of it.
I too have followed your blog for some time and wondered how you existed on so little enengy consumption. This will be a great nutritional education for you. It seems that you are already finding that food is not the enemy, but the foundation of every cell in your body. Plus it is enjoyable to really fuel yourself with what your body needs and feel your metabolism kick in and make the most of that fuel. (and as I have told my clients for years "you HAVE to eat, to be ABLE to eat!")
Best wishes Julie,

Macaire said...

I thought you looked amazing when you spoke at the Moving Soles kick-off last year -- I couldn't stop staring at your arms! You have to post pictures! Does this mean you won't be blogging about your triple-layer cake making adventures anymore? :)

Jessica said...

Wow, this is so amazing! I'm sure you'll accomplish exactly what you set out to do and thanks for the great inspiration in the process!

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