Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

After spending a fabulous week of fun in the sun while vacationing, I couldn’t believe it when the plane began to descend and I didn’t see any snow on the ground!

Wow, we left MN in the winter and arrived home in the spring. What a treat!

Topaz and I hit the trail as soon as we could, early Sunday morning. I had to work a day shift so we left while dark. I hadn’t been on the trail since late December! Snowshoes are no longer allowed on the trail as it is reserved for cross country skiers only and I believe only 1 person is skiing out there all season long. I have been road running with Topaz for the last few months. Road running = loud cars, school busses, dogs, etc. I am glad the skier can no longer ski.

The trail was approximately 50% clear of ice and snow. Fabulous! It was warm, 41 above, at 6 AM! Amazing. Topaz hadn’t run for a week, he was as excited as I. We ran with glee upon the trail, enjoying the sun rise, the warm breeze, the song of all the spring birds.

Record temperature of 60F yesterday, 60! Incredible.

Trail running. I missed it!

It is spring here in Minnesota, spring I say!!

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