Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quick as a Blink

Yes, that is right. I have yet again changed my course. A woman's prerogative, correct? Hmm..

As I look back I can see that when I begin to struggle with winter depression I create a new focus. Something to break me out of the depression that comes with darkness from 4 PM to 8 AM, bitter cold weather,endless slow snowshoe running and the extra few pounds that come along with that. By the time January/February roll around I am batty and thinking about the ultra season ahead is just not enough. The hamster running circles in my brain is bored and looking for something new. I realize that I have decided to train for triathlon during the winter season three times and bodybuilding the past two.

In the past I grabbed a drink, maybe next year I should grab a therapy lamp instead of a new focus.

As winter approaches (groan) next year I will remember what I need to focus on: resting, recouping, relaxing for the next ultra season. Take a full month off per Ronda's advice. Let that be my focus! Gear up for the 2011 (gasp!) season: maybe the Gnarly Bandit, maybe the Grand Slam, who knows..just don't jump off the deep end. Lift heavy if I want to but don't be placing goals upon myself that may take over a year to reach and don't include ultra running.

I hadn't verbalized to anyone that I was training for bodybuilding in my real life world. Only via this blog/email as I am not a great communicator in real life. I sent out an email to Alicia on Friday as I hadn't contacted her in way too long. I tend to hide within myself during the dark winter so we hadn't spoke in quite some time. I think it was an SOS email. As Topaz and I finished our run and were entering the car on Friday afternoon my cell was ringing. It was Alicia. She had heard/read about my latest endeavor and asked about it. I told her it wasn't what I wanted. She began to laugh and it was just what I needed to hear! I was able to speak to her about how I really felt and before I knew it I was feeling so much better. Eventually I asked her about Bighorn. She invited me to travel with herself along with John, Karen and Jim. As quick as a blink I told her I may be up for the 50K and would confirm later this week.

As soon as I arrived home I jumped online. Bighorn 30K, 50K and 50 Mile..all full! The 100? Still Open!! Well, guess what that meant? Maybe I should enter the 100 Mile.

Our family then discussed the race and another vacation out west. As long as Steve can get the time off we are going to do it. Otherwise I'll travel with my friends. Our last family drive out west was for Leadville 100. Ah, Leadville. Maybe this August.

I entered the Bighorn 100. Here I go: 10 miles to 100 in 8 weeks. I like a challenge!


Anonymous said...

oh julie, if it makes you feel any better winter affects me the same way!! i can never be sure of what direction i want to take! run more? forget tris? post ironman depression seemed to make this winter worse! glad you figured it out! love your new pic of that gorgeous muscle though!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your next adventure famous ultra runner.

Unknown said...


I wanted to send you an endorsement for your Foot Potion, but find the site is down. I have had issues with LARGE blisters on my feet - only cropping up on race day. I have tried different shoes, socks, custom insoles, etc. with no help. In desperation, I purchased your potion and have been using it on longer runs and hilly runs. Since using the potion, I have not had any blisters. I look forward to some hotter and hillier races and see how it works - I'm optimistic! I can send some ugly photos of my entire heal blistered up if you like :)

Is the potion still for sale?


Olga said...

Whatever makes you happy, girlfriend:) That's all there is to it!

kelly said...

I am running BH 100, too!! I can't wait to meet you, Julie. Good luck with your training and I will see you in June!

Matthew Patten said...

She's Baaaaaaack

Robin said...

That was a quick decision! (although as a long time reader, not your 1st flip-flop) You have to go with what your heart is really in. still, I bet you learned alot about what your body needs during your "dip" into a different sport. Best of luck putting it all to use.


Julie B said...

Yes, it was quick, that is for sure. My heart was not into it and life is just too short! See you out at BH Kelley! Looking forward to seeing you!

Anonymous said...

Julie, for some reason your story reminded me of a quote I saw in UltraRunning. I think they asked a trailrunner about her venture into the Iron Man Triathlon. The response was something like "Loved the Iron Man experience! Although I didn't really care much for the biking and swimming..." -Brent

donna said...

good luck with the training. winter is over bring on spring/summer.

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