Thursday, April 22, 2010

Skipping, Leaping and Bounding

I am so excited to be coaching the MDRA woman’s run group each week. Last night we met for Week 3.

Our schedule had Adam from TC Running Company slated to present to us but he didn’t show up. Coach Nobby quickly stepped up and decided to go through the biomechanics of running and running form. He did a great job and he makes it look so easy!

Nobby created a power point presentation showing proper form and then we were off to the track. The Maple Grove Middle School has a fine gravel track that we use. It’s very nice to have a measured area where we can complete our workouts.

We had the group pair up to complete ‘pounding’ exercises. We would pound on the ground with our right foot making sure to come down on the middle of the foot-not the toe or heel. We then added a skip motion to the pound as we finished a complete loop. It is much more difficult than it sounds. Nobby made it look so easy. He looked like an antelope leaping down the track. After skipping we added in leaping and bounding. My calves/hip flexors were feeling it. I probably don’t lift my knees high enough, this exercise reminds me to LIFT!

Nobby suggests that we complete this workout once a week for 20-30 minutes. I will add this quick workout into my training runs!

After leaving class I made a trip to REI to spend my dividend check. I’ve been saving a gift card I received at Christmas to add to my dividend check. I bought the Garmin 310XT. I’ve wanted it for almost a year. I have it charging on my desk now. I can’t wait to figure it out!! Topaz and I will be venturing out for a 10 miler on the trail after work today. I don’t work my second job tonight, I have no baseball games, I am a free agent! I will catch up on The Biggest Loser and hang out with the guys. Fabulous.


Londell said...

I am jealous of the 310xt although still not enough battery for you (he he). I ran into the biggest loser hamptons the other day. Sunshine looked great. She must be in the final 4 but they did a great job avoiding any discussion about the show....

Julie B said...

I almost forgot that Sunshine and O'Neil live in Minneapolis(Edina?)! How cool for you to run into them, at a bike shop no less - I went to your blog post - I probably would have embarassed myself because I would have stood there with my mouth wide open! I love love love them! What a team! I had a little problem getting the software to accept my ANT stick but once my son looked it over all was well! Thank goodness for techy teenagers. It's a pretty slick watch, buy yeah, I could use 15 more hours battery life, or run 100s in 20 hours!

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