Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starting Over

Well, I'm up to a 15 mile run now. Egads! I feel like I am starting over although I know that I really am not. My body doesn't ache .. my mind just worries!

Thankfully I really didn't have too much scheduled for today. Troy had to be at the baseball fields at 10 AM so I wasn't going to be able to make it to Afton. Steve and Tyler are both gone for the weekend so I had to get him there. No problem. I'd run with Topaz for 5 miles on the trail and then head over to the baseball fields, running in town during the two hour practice.

Topaz and I headed out at 7. It was a clusterfuck. Topaz had to wear a leash and it wasn't very fun. It was a drag, really. I was ticketed last week while he was running lose, although he never leaves my side and never approaches anyone. He always runs to my front and sits on my foot when we see a body. I snap on his leash and we are off. Well, this time the officer was behind a bush video taping us. Really. Topaz saw him, ran to my front and sat. I snapped on the leash. I was cited. Nice. So today he was leashed. The leash was in between his legs, in his mouth, dropped, stuck in the branches, stuck in the rocks, stuck on the wooden bridge and I stepped on it over and over. Pain in the ass. It will take us a while to get this down. Or I will find another place to run leash free.

After our not very fun run I arrived home to an email that baseball was postponed to 12 because of the rain. Oh yeah, it was raining pretty hard. We were soaked and very muddy. That doesn't bother us.

I didn't want to wait around for three more hours to finish my run so I decided I'd eat breakfast with Troy..oatmeal and eggs.. and get in two hours before he had to be at the field.

I headed off with my iPod and new Garmin 310XT. The downpour of rain didn't bother me, my run was nice and easy. Relaxing, not much traffic. I mostly worried about getting in miles before Bighorn 100. I'll have to create a schedule for long runs. I'll take myself as a client and train as I would a client. Five miles into Big Lake, turn around, 5 miles back to Orrock. I ran slow. I was slower than I thought I would be. 1.5 hours later I was back home.

Thankfully I didn't have to work today or my run could have been messed up with the rescheduled practice. My second job may get in the way of my training. I didn't put in for the Superior races off in May and now it is too late to. I need a 5 week notice. If by chance I have the date off I'll be running the 50K race and an additional 18 for a 50Mile. I don't enjoy running 50 mile training runs by myself. I hope I have the day off. If not I'll be running one solo.

And yes, that will be OK, too :)


Matthew Patten said...

Starting over is a mindset, not a physical state of being.

But... I have been there and know what you mean.

Iris said...

I'm so glad to hear you are running long again - if only to read your great reports! Too bad for Topaz. Buddy would rather run free too. I just picked up the Roamer Leash from Ruffwear so I can be hands free. Works pretty well when you have to use a leash.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know voyeurism is legal for cops...creepy.

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