Thursday, May 20, 2010

Early Weekend

My weekend has already begun! Can't beat that, hu? Pretty sweet. I had scheduled tomorrow as a vacation day and then figured I might as well take today too..just to enjoy.

After dropping Troy off at school and Tyler off at work Topaz and I headed off for Lake Maria State Park again. I love that park! I love the abundance of trails..and maps. Most intersections have a huge map with a "you are here" dot placed where I can actually figure out where I am. Today we took a few different trails around the park for a total of 34 miles. Lots of soaking in the water for Topaz-we began at 54F and finished at 79F.

In only one weeks time I notice many changes. Much more leaf coverage. I thought the woods seemed dense before. Now all of the oaks are leafed out and thick. The ferns all shot up to full height. Lots of ground cover. The wildflowers blossomed! Beautiful! Not only did the tadpoles turn into frogs, the eggs turned into mosquitoes. Ooh, they are in full force! I haven't purchased repellant yet so I was chowed upon. Oh well. The wonderful woods were definitely worth all of the bites.

Tomorrow I head off for Chicago and the Leanness Lifestyle weekend. It is sure to be a ton of fun!

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