Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Starts Now

Yes. Another school year is in the history books. My summer vacation began today. EIGHT WEEKS OFF. Amazing, isn't it? EIGHT WEEKS!

I so love summer vacation. I love the almost no scheduleness, the almost always relaxedness, the almost always laidbackedness. Swimming, running, lifting, hanging out with my family. It rocks.

Today was spent playing croquet with the Tyler and Troy-between the rain drops. While we were playing Topaz began to dig frantically at the grass. He dug up a gopher! Good pup, but gross. It was half dead by the time I noticed Topaz jumping around and pecking at it. Tyler finished it off with his croquet club. Eek.

Tonight after dinner we played with Steve. He beat us all!

Today was spent riding bike into town with Troy. We had a nice 12 mile ride! Pretty good for Troy. He figured since he didn't have baseball today he would have enough energy to bike. I smiled all of the way there and back.

I have a few goals that I will work toward this summer. I'm getting my feet wet in new and exciting challenges.

Today was spent just hanging out, having fun, spending time together. That is what this summer will be all about. I'll cherish each day.


Anonymous said...

hogisaBest of luck on your summer goals. It will be interesting to see what you are doing next.

SteveQ said...

Julie, you just have to see this: http://ultrarunningcollie.blogspot.com/