Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello Readers! I thought I’d post an update as it has been a few weeks. Without race reports and such I just don’t have that much to blog about.

What’s new? Well, summer vacation has come and gone! I went back to work on Monday. Every year the summer goes by more quickly. You know how that is. Time does fly by. I no longer wish for Friday as Friday is here before I know it.

I don’t mind being back at work at all. Monday was actually a fun day as many of the students came in to pay their activity fees and I was able to catch up with them. Students won’t be back until after Labor Day so I have a few weeks to get ready.

My Dear Tyler moved out at the end of July. Oh, talk about a heartbreak! As I was an emotional wreck all summer knowing the move was near but I was sure to tell Tyler that this is all working out perfectly. We want him to go to college, to be successful, to work, to be independent. That is just what he is doing; however, it is a change and I have difficulty with changes. I realized that I NEED to be NEEDED! I didn’t raise needy boys but being needed is something that fulfills me. Something I can work on. Tyler is only 38 miles away, hello! I see him every week at least once or more and it is all working out perfectly. No More Tears as Ozzy would say..

On the bodybuilding endeavor..I’m 7 weeks out to the NPC Northstar. EEK! Workouts are going great. I’m lifting roughly an hour, 5 days a week. Running 5 miles a day in the AM and about 20 minutes of hills/sprints in the PM after I lift. My building phase is over, I have built some quality muscle and now the fat removal has begun! My body looks as if it belongs to two different people. My upper body is lean and my lower body is not! I’ve always held most of my fat in my butt/thighs and that certainly isn’t changing.

I don’t know if I can get the lower body lean in 7 weeks but I will try. I am doing my best and that is all that I can ask of myself. It’s difficult to know how much cardio to complete as my body is completely accustomed to running and I don’t know how much fat that is burning. My body is also used to eating low calories and performing well. Most BBrs are able to use cardio to burn the fat away as it is a new shock to the body. Mine, not so much.

I am posing each day, working on the mandatory poses. I haven’t yet perfected which music I am going to use. Probably Metallica, music only, I don’t think I want any words. Julia was very happy with my posing last Saturday. I have finally perfected the lat poses, which were my worse poses. I’ll be adding auxiliary poses soon to create my night routine.

My suits are ordered. A plain black lycra for prejudging and a glitzy rhinestone covered one for evening. Fun!

Now that I am back to work my schedule has changed. Instead of running with Topaz on the trail each morning I’m running with him out on trail near home in the dark before work or getting on the treadmill for HIIT. After work I head home, pick up Troy, bring him back to school for football practice. Practice is 4 hours so I have plenty of time to head over to the gym to get my lift on, back home for another run session. This session either consists of hills/sprints or Topaz run. Home again for plenty of time to get dinner ready and head back into town to pick up Troy. It works! I am able to plan plenty of time to get everything in. My energy level is high.

My nutrition changes a bit every week. I make sure I am drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water each day. I eat every 3 hours, a protein and vegetable. Usually a ton of greens, cucumber, tomato, green pepper and chicken breast with olive oil and vinegar as my garden is at full peak now. Lots of fresh veggies! A few days a week I have oats, sweet potato or brown rice. I drink 1 or 2 protein shakes a day post workout and usually right before bed to get those last protein grams in for the days total.

That’s about it. Thanks for the emails/comments wondering where I am. I am here and all is going well!


Olga said...

Julie, LOVE your back. And I thought mine was ok...well, for a non-BB, on an off-training pattern. But now I see what the strive is for. No body fat on you! I am not sure I can ever acheive this. I lost quite some, but so much is around, and I stopped, again, now! How to jump-start? You're right, our bodies are so used to cardio...
Tyler is so close by, it's wonderful. Hang tough. Our jobs as parents is to give all we can, and then let them go...I heard that from some wise woman:)

Anonymous said...

Frayed Ends of Sanity!!!!!

Helen said...

Wow do I ever remember that first year when I sent my one and only off to college (13 years ago now). Until she was gone, I'd never realized how much of MY life was all about HER life. I think I just about drove my Mr. to drink!

But, it all works out and the best part is that they come back because they want to, they actually want to be with you! It's just the next stage and it's a good one.

Londell said...

Looks like your hard work is paying off... So is Tyler far away or close enough you can visit. My son went 900 miles away and I hate it, but it is good for both of us...

Carol said...

Wow, Julie! As a blossoming massage therapist I so want to give you a back massage! I could really learn muscles and the direction of the fibers hands on from you!! Nicely defined! Glad you had a good summer and you are learning to take the next step of Mom-hood in your usual positive stride! See you soon!

brooks shoes said...

Great update...Wish you luck.

Olga said...

Couple of weeks left? Will we hear update, or the final show-down? Hope you are well.