Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Written Apology..

Whoa! Over 5 weeks since I've posted. Blogger, I am so not into you. So sorry.

When I receive my weekly email from the sitecounter website and see that I still have 100s of readers checking in each day I tell myself to make sure I update soon, and alas, another week passes without an update.

Well, the NPC NorthStar is this Saturday and due to personal situations that have occurred I will not be competing in the contest. I hope to spectate at least the finals, I will not be able to make the pre judging.

For the most part I am OK with this outcome. I learned so much about building muscle, about myself and I met so many wonderful people. This endeavor took me in a whole new direction and that was very cool. I enjoyed the whole summer at home without any weekends away spent racing. I was very laid back and totally relaxed. Running only an hour or two a day was totally for stress relief and to immerse myself in the great outdoors. A trip to the gym for an hour five times a week was nothing. It was a good break.

I thought that time off racing may equal fat gain. As a weight fighter this concerned me. As it turned out, by training for the contest, I didn't gain fat. I gained lean mass and lost fat. I ate every three hours by the clock.

All positive outcomes to this experience.

However, once my suit arrived, I realized I would have liked to compete. I realized I would have liked to take this full circle, to the the contest.

There is a contest in Rockford Illinois in 7 weeks. I originally didn't want to do this one as a first contest because I wanted to compete at home. No travel stress, less expensive, etc. I'm not sure how I feel now. If I don't go to Rockford, then I willing do continue this until a local show in the spring? Ugh. That seems like forever.

I don't like not having any goals. I like to have a concrete reason for working out other than for good health. I like to have a race, a contest, a date to be working toward. That's just my personality and my habit I suppose. I've been setting goals for 10 years and I like it. For so many years I didn't set any goals, now I'm rather obsessive with the process.

Last year I was looking at this contest to wrap up the BBing goal and then progress back into ultra running. I had my mind wrapped around the Ultra Gnarly Bandit series for 2011 after I put the BB to bed, which it really is, other than the contest..decisions..decisions..


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Olga said...

"I don't like not having any goals. I like to have a concrete reason for working out other than for good health. I like to have a race, a contest, a date to be working toward." I am with you. Go for that 7 week out comp. I am rooting for you. I want to go this path next summer, when the heat again soars above 100 for 4-5 straight months. Then I am even toying with the idea of Bikram comp a month later.
I hear ya on "family stuff" as craps at us rather often. But, may be, just may be. we get it because we can handle it? This is what I keep telling myself, or I go crazy...

Anonymous said...

Go to Rockford. All of your efforts should be recognized. You have worked hard, and have wanted to do this for a long time. Go for it, girl. You'll be amazing!