Saturday, October 02, 2010

Buon Giorno!

I had my first Italian language class on Thursday evening. I have a lot to learn:)

My teacher is a professor at the Univerity of Minnesota. She hold the class at a school in Eden Prairie. There are not many students in our class but ALL of them have traveled to Italy more than once. Except me.

I am planning on go to Italy with the Umbrian Table from Broders-the marvelous Italian restaurant in South Minneapolis-in October or November of 2011. They have two tours - one in October and one in November. Many of the participants are repeats and speak very highly of the tour. There is a dinner 'meet and greet' that I will attend soon.

Troy has taken a great interest in my Italian worksheets and books. He is taking Spanish in 9th grade and the languages are similar. He is tutoring me!

On another note, this morning Topaz and I headed out to Lake Maria State Park. I couldn't imagine why there were a zillion vehicles folowing me into the park. Then I noticed the TimberRun sign. Oh no. There was a 5K race taking place.

I asked the course marshall what route they were taking - learned they were on the Bjorkland trail. Topaz and I just made sure we stayed off that trail and meandered through on our own. It was an absolutely perfect morning. Sunny, cool at 38F, brilliant foliage. A dream come true morning!

Troy and I are heading out for a hike, then I'm off to Broders and then heading to the NPC NorthStar to specate.

I'm kind of moving in the direction of competing in the April 2 Gopher State. We'll see...

Arrivederci a tutti!

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chris mcpeake said...

damn those unexpect 5ks