Friday, October 22, 2010


I have been running at Lake Maria State Park for the past 5 months or so. I thought I knew the park pretty well, but ah, yeah, I guess not.

Even though there are standing wooden signs all over the park with maps there are some areas of deer trail that are harder to navigate. At least for me.

With the long weekend, MEA-gotta love working for the public school system, I slept in and then thought Topaz and I would head out for a 10 mile run through the state park.

Cold this morning! 27F at 7 AM meant the first run in long pants of the season. Boo. Although the high for today is 72, this morning was cool.

I pulled into the lot, empty as usual, and began our run. Beautiful morning! Trumpeter swan, deer, fox, all of the usual animal sightings.

Oh, get this. I purchased (another) Garmin 310 XT (will post about that later) and learned last week that my 5 mile water stop is really 3.5 miles! Egads!

So we are running about, enjoying the beautiful scenery, the sunrise, mother nature at her finest when we come to back to the lot and are only at 8 miles when I would have said pre Garmin we were at 10. Back out on a different path only to end up..confused..lost? Yeah, I guess so. Around the lake, down another path, nothing is looking familiar..another lake..a campsite..a, a whole new section of the park that I didn't know existed!

Another 5 miles before I found the path back to the car. Amazing how turned around I became..but now I have a perfect trail to bring Mom and Dad down when they are here next week. I can show them the swans, the camper cabins..there is even running water along the way. I grabbed the state park trail map before leaving. I might glance at it before I head out for a long one on Sunday :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Kathi here I wanted to let you know we are in traing to climb Kilimanjaro Jan 23rd. The altitude is the bugger 19,890. Yikes It is only 90 days away. I have been with a trainer for nearly 4 months now. Yes the body can change, but I have lots to go.
I always love reading your blogs and hearing about your family. My parents are already in Texas. You inspire so many..........

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