Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ultra Gnarly Bandit

To finish up 2010 I’ll be running the Tuscobia 50K. I recall thinking about it last year but didn’t really want the 4 hour drive to deal with in winter driving conditions. Hopefully that isn’t a concern this year.

The race is December 18 and I am psyched. It’s been too long since I’ve run a 50K race. This race can be completed on foot or snowshoe. There is also a 75 Mile and 150 Mile option. For those distances the entrant can go on foot, ski or bike.

I’ve had a lot of fun planning out my racing schedule for the next year. I knew that I missed races, I just didn’t realize how much I missed the whole process. It has become a lifestyle over the past years and one that I now wish to continue.

A few years ago I became weary of the travel and the racing as I was doing so much of it. After a year off I am ready to get back at it. Of course I have the obsessive compulsive disorder going on so a bit of something never seems to be an option for me. It is all or nothing, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how one looks at things. Some like to pick out one one-hundred (gasp!) miler or one fifty miler (gasp!) but I don’t have that in me.

For 2011 I’ve picked a goal that I have been thinking about for the past 2 years. I’m ready to train hard and see what I can do out there on the trail.

I’m going to run the UMTR Ultra Gnarly Bandit Series: 4 100 Mile Ultramarathons: Zumbro 100, Kettle Moraine 100, Lean Horse 100, Superior Sawtooth 100.

Two of the hundreds I haven’t yet tried. I haven’t run Zumbro 100, which is only two years old. Larry Pederson, director of the Superior Sawtooth, 50 mile and Marathon, directs this as well.

Training for a spring 100 is always a challenge. There is snow and ice on the trails in Minnesota well into March. I normally have to run the Minneapolis Lakes area for a large portion of my training just to get the miles in. Snowshoeing on trail is great for my daily mileage but the long stuff takes forever!

Kathy has scheduled 4- 20 mile training runs, as she prepares for the Honolulu Marathon,around Twin Cities that I am going to tag along for. Most of the runs will be on trails near the Edina/Eden Prairie or Minneapolis Lakes area.

I’m going to put Psyco Wyco 50K on my schedule so that I can get a 50K in February. February 12 I believe. I have entered this race twice in the past and have never been able to run it. One time Tyler had an emergency appendectomy and the other time a pool tournament got in the way.

This 50K will have me ready for a 50 Mile in March. I really don’t like 50 mile training runs, solo, and would prefer a race. The only race I see is Land Between the Lakes 50 Mile in Kentucky. I believe it falls during our spring break, that may be a problem as I and Troy like to go somewhere warm. Kentucky won’t cut it! Either the race or a solo run, we will see. Whatever I do, it will have me ready for Zumbro 100.

After Zumbro spring will be on the way. Training on trails for Superior 50K and then Kettle Moraine 100. I haven’t run Kettle in the past and am looking forward to it. I normally run FANS 24 Hour this weekend as our last day of school normally falls on this Friday and I am unable to travel. This year our last day of school is on Thursday so I will be able to travel Friday to Wisconsin and I don’t have a son graduating again!

Afton 50K and Voyageur 50 Mile in July always prepare me well for a late summer 100 mile race. No surprises. I’ve run V 8 times in the past and it truly is a small town friendly race and one of my favorites.

Lean Horse 100 in South Dakota will be another fun adventure I am sure. I love the heat and enjoy the course which allows almost constant running. My 100 mile PR was run here of 22:36 last year. I am ready to go back!

The most difficult portion of this plan is the next step. After Lean Horse I will have only 11 days of recovery before the most difficult of the 4 races, Superior Sawtooth. I’ve finished this race at 35 and 33 hours. The first finish I ran totally tapered. The second finish was coming off 100K at Leadville. This time I will be trying to recover in a very speedy fashion.

I’ll probably round out the season with Twin Cities Marathon and the Wild Duluth.

That is the race schedule I am planning for the 2011 season. I’m sure looking forward to it!

Ready. Set. Go!


Kel said...

I'm not sure what the 2011 Gnarly Bandit schedule will include, but perhaps the brand spankin' new Black Hills 100 on June 25 will be on the list to give you another option so that you don't have to do Lean Horse and Superior so close together?

Sounds like an awesome goal!

Julie said...

Hi Julie,
Wow, you are doing a 50K in the winter!?! I am impressed! How does one train for a 50 K? I wouldn't even know where to begin. What kind of base must you have and what do the workouts look like? Just curious.

Julie B said...

That's right, Kel. We have not decided as of yet as to the races for UMTR's Ultra Gnarly. Could be the BH option, never know what Phillip may decide. I hadn't even thought of that.

Hey Julie, same way you run in the summer! I'm teasing, but really that is the truth. You run in the snow with gortex shoes and slip and slide. I do a LOT of snowshoe running in the winter, mostly all snowshoe running on trail. My dog wears gortex slippers and I wear gortex shoes. It works! For real icy conditions I put screws into my soles.

For 50K distance you just add a few miles onto the weekly long run and before you know it you are up to 30 miles. Same for 50 Mile..try it, youll like it!

SteveQ said...

I'm supposed to take over the Gnarly Bandit series from Phillip and someone else do the Fab 5. Personally, I think the Black Hills 100 HAS to be better than Lean Horse.

Julie B said...

...I don't know. that would leave room for leadville and that might be too much. I liked Leanhorse!