Monday, January 10, 2011


Last week I received a pair of Yaktrax in the mail to test. I had mentioned in my post regarding Tuscobia 50K that I have never tried Yaktrax , Kahtoola or any other spikes and what do you know-Yaktrax to the rescue!

Because it was 40 degrees and rainy all day on December 30 and then froze during the night I had a nice icy surface to try the Yaktrax out December 31. I decided to run my neighborhood route-not wanting to venture out driving on the glare ice roads to the State Park.

I began in the darkness, without a headlamp. I wanted to enjoy the quiet darkness to decompress, meditate. I felt all ‘peopled’ out and just wanted some quite time.

As I walked down the driveway I could see a glare off of the driveway from the moon as I walked to the street. Topaz bolted down the driveway and skidded into the cul-de-sac as he turned the corner. Ha, it was slippery!

I bent down to touch the surface. Real icy. I moved my feet forward and back upon the ice, no slipping. I could kind of feel the coils catch the ice, the sensation was little different that without the Yaktrax. I was ready to give these things a try.

Apprehensively, I began to jog. Initially I could sense that there was something attached to my shoes. I was wearing trail shoes with a substantial lug sole. The Yaktrax only added a few ounces. I could feel the coil inbetween the sole and the ice. As I became more comfortable with them I began to run. Before I knew it I had forgotten all about the Yaktrax. I was enjoying the run through the neighborhood, watching the sunrise, laughing at Topaz as he rolled in the snow to cool down.

I was testing the Yaktrax Pro. They attach to the shoe with a soft rubber frame which has coils that run along the bottom of the shoe. They are spikeless but give great traction in ice and snow. I was very impressed with the grip they gave.

Since December 31 I have worn the Yaktrax for 45 of the past 80 miles I have run. The miles without the Yaktrax were miles upon snowshoes. They have held up great-there is no wear that I can see. I have worn them in weather as cold as -14F, in light fluffy snow, packed snow and ice.

Thank you for sending them my way!


elizabeth said...

Yaktrax are great! I've used them for years, I'm on my third pair. I've had the Kahtoola for a couple years and use them most of the time since I run off road. Yaktrax are better for icy pavement. Like snowshoes, the snow will stick when its too warm, so I find them most useful for mid 20's and below.

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