Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to Running!

Almost one week past my release of restrictions! Yay! Needless to say, I've been running each day since. I realized, once again, that walking 8 miles is not the same as running even 4 miles. My muscles are sore and invigorated. A good feeling!

I didn't run on Friday when the restrictions were first lifted as I didn't have time to head out to the trail. I didn't want to spend my first run on road. Saturday morning we headed off to the state park for the first run. Ah, heaven.

The trails available for running are snowshoe trails, a whopping 3 miles out of the 28 miles of trail. The 28 miles are now reserved for skiing.

After walking these trails the last few weeks I knew what the conditions were like: bumpy lumpy deep packed snow. But the so beautiful! When I told Topaz "go for a run" he exploded down the trail,knowing we were no longer walking. It's funny how while walking he never strayed from my side, he just trudged along with me. Not Saturday, he ran way ahead, looping through the woods, having his own reunion with running.

I smiled and laughed the whole way, enjoying the hard beating of my heart, the sweat, the feel of my calves and glutes straining against the hills. Good stuff.

Sunday was another trip to the state park with new snow, breaking trail, more fun. Monday I ran the road as 4.5 more inches of snow fell and I just wanted to run, no more breaking trail. 6 miles on the road for our longest run post op. Felt good, although quite slow. That's ok. Slow and steady.

I'm following my own advice to my beginning runner clients: slow and steady with walk breaks when necessary! With the 1/2 marathon next Saturday I will run 8 tomorrow and 10 Sunday, that will have me ready for Saturday's race, the Lucky 1/2 Marathon. I'm looking forward to it!


Olga said...

You crack me up. "slow and steady"...with half-marathon next weekend! Welcome back, Jul.

Danni said...

Yay! I've been looking at that 75 mile run in Wisconsin in December and it's quite intriguing.

Julie B said...

Olga, now come on, that is slow and steady :) Today I ran 10 miles out with Topaz at -4F wind chill and froze my butt. Came in and ran 3 on the treadmill. I'll call that ready for the 1/2!

Danni, you'd like the 75 mile version. Heck, your Alaska race has you all trained and you have all of the gear. A great training run for another shot at Alaska.