Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This morning began as a normal workday morning. Up at 430, treadmill 'wakeup' run of a few miles, shower, dress, coffee and FOX 9 News.

I almost spit out my coffee when I read at the bottom of the screen: BIG LAKE CLOSED. WOW! I leaped from my chair, bolted into the kitchen to pull open the patio door and look onto the dark deck. Man, a good 5" already and it was snowing hard. Awesome!

A day off! I know, I have only been back to work for 7 days, and I love it, but hey, a snow day is an awesome day no matter what!

Topaz was very confused. "Hey Topie, we're gonna go for a run" hu? He looked at me in a very exited but still a bit reserved way, thinking maybe he heard me wrong. "Yeah, a run!" Full front paws to my stomach push and full waggle of the tail. He understood now.

Quick change into winter running clothes. Bring out the gaiters and gortex Inov 8 shoes. Booties for Topaz. Write a note for Troy and off we go-neighborhood 6 mile run.

No plows out but there were a pair of tire tracks I ran in. The snow was really blowing, blizzard conditions. Topaz was leaping over the drifts, sprinting back and forth, rolling full body rolls into the snow. I couldn't help but laugh and smile during our whole run. No traffic, no loose dogs; just a winter wonderland. I felt like Topaz and I were spending our time inside of a snowglobe. It was fabulous!

I realized that this is definitely a 'get to' and not a 'have to'. As frustrated as I was running that half marathon on Saturday I am grateful that I am able to run, that I am recovered, that I am healthy.

Yesterday afternoon when Troy came home from baseball he told me that they were doing crunches and push ups-they are doing 'finger' push ups. You do a push up with your finger tips-strength training for fingers I guess as they are used during baseball. OK. "Mom, I haven't seen you doing push ups or crunches since your surgery" "Um, yeah, I guess I haven't tried them yet" "Well? Come on, lets go" "OK" Now, prior to surgery I could do 100+ push ups. Over the years I have worked up from 1 to as many as I have time for, at least 100 every day. Why? I don't know. Because there was a time I couldn't do 1. Now I can, and it is fun to have Troy count them out, then I count his out. Good times.

I could only do 45 push ups. I was really bummed out. After I stopped Troy said "Mom, you know that 45 is really good, you shouldn't be so sad. Most people can't do 45" "Yeah, but Troy, I could. I could do more and now I can't. That's the pits" As the night wore on I did a few more sets of 10, but not consecutively and not 100. My crunches were as good as ever.

A bit later I was thinking about the push ups and was upset. Silly, I know. But I was upset enough that before I knew it I was baking a Waldorf Astoria Red Cake.

Troy was playing XBOX with Tyler online, he came up to do his homework and sniffed the air. "I smell baking, what are you making?" "Don't ask. I'm not telling you" "Oh boy, your making Red Cake" "Yeah. I was sad at the push ups" "Mom, why do you make Red Cake when you are sad"?

Good Question.

"I don't know. I don't know if it is because the act of baking a Red Cake makes me happy as Red Cake is a family tradition, I make it for special events, happy events. Or if it is because I felt badly about myself and if I felt I might as well eat 1000 calories of cake because I already felt like a loser..probably the latter..."

"Oh Mom. That's silly. You are not a loser" "Troy, you are so smart and you are so right".

I just frosted the cake. The desire to eat it is gone.

I think that because my recovery went so well I thought I'd just jump right back to where I was fitness wise. I know that what is worthwhile to me does not come easy. I enjoy a challenge. The running will come as will the push ups.

I may even head over to Gold's today to try lifting..and pull ups..


SteveQ said...

You got a wise kid there...

One of my little secrets is: I've never eaten red velvet cake. Don't know why; it's just never happened.

So far, I've scaped 7 inches of snow off my car (I was supposed to have 1-2 inches here).

Julie B said...

Yes, he is, isn't he.

Maybe you should stay away from the Red Cake then. It might be crack.

Actually, I think the next time I bake it I will do in cupcake form. I am not a fan of cupcakes but then I could give a few away here and there. I can't give away a cake or bring it anywhere with a slice or two missing.

Hey, maybe I'll bake them for Zumbro!

Olga said...

Man, I should bake many Red cakes then, which I don't even know what it is. Since I won't be in a 10 range for push ups. Silly Julie!