Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Training Time

Here it is, summer vacation, wide open calendar, healed up from hysterectomy and lots of time on my hands!

With Tyler out of the nest and Troy busy with baseball, strength and speed and lifting classes I have more spare time than ever. I don't do well with spare time. I do well with structured days, with each hour appointed to a task. Running boys here and there, coaching, etc.

Luckily I am training for the Monster Series, Graniteman Series and a BQ at TCM to occupy my time. Throw in lifting and I have filled some of my hours. Volunteer work, training clients, watching Troys baseball games, getting him to his training, the day is eventually full. I still have time to sit around with Steve and Troy to watch the Twins play .

So, this triathlon thing. My first tri is on July 9; a sprint. The Graniteman Clear Lake is a .50 swim, 15 mile bike and 5K run. I took it quite easy, treated myself as I would a client, created a spreadsheet with a beginning tri plan interspersed with Hal Higdons' BQ marathon plan for the running portion.

The second tri is Graniteman Big Lake, another sprint and number three is Lake Marian, an Olympic distance.

The swim was the first hurdle to cross. I don't (didn't) like cold water. I got over that. I now think of it as refreshing. I began with a 28 minute swim the first session and over three weeks am up to 54 minutes. No problem. Of course, this is at Gold's Gym in a perfectly calm pool with lanes to keep me swimming in a straight line. My first open swim will be at the cabin when we are at Lake Vermilion where I will freeze my butt. Oh well. It is a necessary evil.

Biking is fine. I did buy a pair of diaper shorts yesterday. My butt was getting sore at 25+ miles. I did complete my first brick this week. 15 mile bike, 5 mile run. I forgot my helmet at home .. I know, right? Bad Julie. I ended up with a flat back tire at mile 13 and couldn't bear to think I'd have to walk the bike home. I rode faster and pretended it wasn't flat. Probably another Bad Julie. Oh well.
Upon returning home I put the bike in the garage and yelled for Topaz. We ran around the neighborhood for 5 miles. It felt strange at first, but eventually my calves stopped cramping and I was able to run. Not easy. I'll have to do this a few more times!

Running is coming along. I'm focusing on speed now and that is really really bad right now. Oh man, I am slow. I have totally lost my speed. The endurance came back much quicker post hysterectomy than the speed. I ran a track workout yesterday. 8x800 and totally sucked it up.

Today was a better day. Lifted arms - oh how I missed lifting! That's another story. I lifted arms for 50 minutes and still had an hour before having to pick up Troy from strength and speed so hopped on the treadmill and ran 4 miles at 745 pace. That's fast for me. It felt good. I caught a glimpse of me. I'm coming back.

Oh yes, lifting. I just really love it. I love the way I can feel the contraction, the stretch; I love the changes I can see and feel daily. You know I'll prepare for another comp, it is just in there waiting for me to try it. I figure I'll get these three triathlons done, my running season and then continue building during the winter for maybe Gopher in April. We'll see. I now know the process, what to expect, I have the suits, the music, the routine and the determination to make it happen. I won't have ovaries getting in my way this round either.

In the meantime I've entered Afton 50K for July 2. I wasn't going to as I thought we'd be at the lake. Tyler is going up the 3rd so I may wait until then. That left the 2nd open. I almost entered the 25K because I was worried about being embarrassed with my finishing time. So I had to ask myself :are you really going to let embarrassment take over and run the 25K instead when the 25K really doesn't interest you at all? Um, well, no, I really want to run the 50K. BUT people that I normally run faster will be running faster than me and I 'll be running the pace that I did when I first began running 50K's 8 years ago! Do you really care what they will think? Well, yeah, kindof. Is it worth not running 50K when you really do want to run 50K? ... and so I entered. I'm glad I did. I'm looking to beat 8 hours.

I have also rejoined the Daring Bakers. Yay!! I've missed their difficult and creative recipes. I've just completed this months project and will post it when notified. Fun!

So that's what is happening here. A bit of training and whatnot.


Olga said...

Good deal, Julie. I am like that, empty hours annoy the heck out of me, although I don't even know when was the last time I had an empty hour:)

Sonya said...

Good for you deciding not to let yourself get in the way of doing something you want! You are such an inspiration!

SteveQ said...

I've announced that the Afton 50K is my last race. See you there!

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