Monday, July 25, 2011

RazzyRoo Headband Review and Giveaway!

Cheryl at RazzyRoo Headbands contacted me to see if I was interested in conducting a test, review and giveaway of her Razzy Roo headbands. Well, hell yeah! I wear headbands all summer long. I wear them with my hair loose and long and wear them while I also wear a pony tail-they keep the stray sweaty wet hairs from sticking to my eyes.

I don't think a day has passed this summer that I haven't had a headband on for some part of the day. The past few years they have become so pretty: I love pink.

I tried both the Pink Diva Glitter 7/8" band (of course) and the Funky Runner Shazam headband.

Pink Diva Glitter: Awesome! Not only is it pretty and glittery but it has a velvet black inside that helps to stay put. The velvet is soft and really keeps the band in place. I wore Pink Diva all day at the Minnesota Zoo and it didn't give me a headache as some of the other band do; they are just too tight. I wore Pink Diva multiple times to lift at the gym, then to run on the treadmill and I didn't have any stray wet sweaty hairs getting it my face. Perfect!

Shazam Funky Runner is a wider band, light and stretchy material with a tapered back where it is placed at the back of the neck. I found I used it to keep sweat off of my face, it caught my bug spray and sunscreen while running. Awesome! I washed it with my swimming suits on gentle in the machine and line dried it. It is just as bright as it was when I first received it.

I get compliments on these bands every single time that I wear them. The Funky Runner is only $5! You can't go wrong. The Glitter band is $12, a great buy for a perfect strip of glittery prettiness. Oh yeah, I like.

I will have TWO winners of TWO headbands. Here is how to become a winner:

Become a follower of my blog, if not already one + 1 entry
"LIKE" RazzyRoo Headbands on facebook HERE and let them know that Julie Berg Run On sent you + 1 entry
Leave comment here + 1 entry
Leave comment on my Facebook page +1 entry

Two winners will randomly be picked on 8/1/11. You will LOVE your RazzyRoo Headband! (i hope i did this correctly...)


Runnergirl said...

Ok, I am game. But not just for the giveaway! I love headband suggestions, because not all of them do what they say they stay in place!! I got a few Bondi Bands and was kind of disappointed after some time. They just didn't stay in place through a long run! I will give these a try now!

Michelle S. said...

Cute headbands and sound functional too!

Erin said...

I would love new headbands!

Carol said...

My hair is long enough for headbands again! Can't wait to try a RazzyRoo!

Sonya said...

I wear a headband every time I run too! It is always nice to have extras!

Short Tri Girl said...

Thanks for the info on the headbands!! Between work, workouts, and play, I also wear them at some point everyday!

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