Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Herniated Discs

Today I received confirmation that I have two herniated discs. Disc 5/6 and 6/7 which are located on the upper spine, near the neck.

I've had pain since March, really. I first noticed pain when I went back to work after my hysterectomy. I noticed my elbow hurt when answering the phone. I ignored it, felt my elbow needed to get back into shape. It probably did!

While running Minneapolis Marathon in May I noticed that my hand had prickly, electric probe like feelings while holding my water bottle. I realized my fingertips had been tingling for a while.

By the time Afton 50K rolled along my arm was beginning to have these electric jolts going from elbow to fingertips. I had to hold my arm to my body at many times during the race to alleviate the pain. I realized about this time that I should be seen by a Dr.

It seemed that the pain radiated from my rhomboid area. I wasn't having any problem lifting, so continued to do so.

A few weeks ago I was in quite a bit of pain. I couldn't lift or run without pain. I noticed that the up and down motion while running was very painful in the left rhomboid/down my lats area. The zinging from my elbow to finger tips was crazy and constant, my index finger now numb.

Today I learned that I have two herniated discs, no wonder I hurt! I will begin physical therapy and a dosage of steroids. I am hopeful to be on the road to recovery soon!


Anonymous said...

Look up DERMATONES, it shows the spine and how it affects each region of the body


Anonymous said...


Good site

Julie B said...

Kathi, that is a great visual! Shows exactly where I am having numbness, zinginess due to C5/6/7. Wow! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That sucks. I know somebody else that had similar issues and was able to keep up fitness by water running. Anyway best of luck and I hope it heals before we do Tuscobia.

Chris said...


I've been struggling/working through a similar issue with a herniated disc in the L5/S1 area. This effects my left leg and piriformis - need less to say it takes a toll on ones running ability.

But with PT and exercise I've gone from hardly being able to walk to training again for a 50 miler in a month and a half. As I'm sure you know be careful with the injections for they merely remove the inflammation and do little to fix the problem.


Julie B said...

Thanks Marcus! Yeah Tuscobia! I better be better by then ;)

Julie B said...

Chris, I'm so glad that your running again! Awesome that a 50 is on the calendar!! My dr told me to try running today with Aleve & the prednisone. I'm about ready to head out the door ;)

Olga said...

Jul, sucks! I am with Chris on what was - and to me it was Bikram yoga for the rescue. I had a post on it not long ago, the story of it. Best to you on fixing it!

Happy said...

Svaroopa yoga is great for the spine, too. I googled svaroopa in Minneapolis (I don't know how far you are) and found this studio: http://nokomisyoga.com/ourclasses.htm. I was having severe back pain all last year and I feel so, so much better now. I also highly recommend Anusara yoga. I think yoga and running are a great combo.

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Thanks Marcus! Yeah Tuscobia! I better be better by then ;)