Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Interesting Experiment

During the past couple weeks I’ve become very aware as to how my diet accelerates or minimizes my pain. I’m not having nearly as much pain as I was having in the earlier weeks. I would categorize the pain level at a 4, which is a huge improvement as I had been at a pain level 8 for far too long.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found that when I eat grains-good whole grains-such as steel cut oats, brown rice or nice fresh corn on the cob, I begin to feel more pressure in my spine which in turn leads to more nerve pain descending down my arm and into my hand.

One evening we met Tyler and Amanda for dinner at Granite City . I had a slice of bread, well, maybe two, with my salad and I couldn’t believe the inflammation I suffered from the next day. At first I thought it could have been from the sodium that was probably in the grilled chicken, and in part could have been. In my notes (yes, I journal everything) I jotted down how miserable the pain was and wondered why it had accelerated. I continued to jot down how I was progressing, activity, diet, etc. In looking at my notes I finally realized that when eating grains I was indeed suffering more pain the next day.

I consume essential fats and take EFAs which reduce inflammation. I have since researched grains and the effect they have on inflammation. It’s too bad that my PT or Dr or someone had shared this information with me when I first injured my back. Maybe they didn’t know, maybe it is a farce, maybe I am making it up in my head. No.

Of course, in correct doses inflammation is a boon, necessary for healing and protection of germs and other foreign invaders. As my discs heal, I probably won’t be so sensitive to grains. Time will tell.

Because I’m not running 100 miles a week at this time whole grains aren’t at the top of my list of foods to be consuming so they aren’t that hard to limit or cut out. I’m eating meats, vegetables, fats, fruits and nuts. I know, right! Where's the raw, the vegan? Still whole, organic, healthy foods. I added meat back in a while ago. I’ve gone off the Splenda (again) and I’m feeling really well. I’ve even begun the Challenge to give me something to focus on besides healing. Lord knows I’m not focusing on running or lifting or yoga or CrossFit right now, sad but true. It will come, it will come!


Julie said...

After suffering from hip bursitis for almost a year, a chiropractor talked to me about grains and gluten and that eating to much of them might be contributing to the inflammation and delaying healing. As an experiment I went gluten free and within a week my hip pain started getting better. I'm now running almost pain free and guess what else? No migraines anymore either. I've dealt with migraines for 25+ years, sometimes having 3 a week. I have been gluten free (and have cut way down on all grains) and am migraine free and feel better than I have in years with (finally) an almost healed up and healthy hip.
I think you are on to something with the grain connection and your inflammation. Hope you continue healing and are feeling 100% again very soon!

Olga said...

Yeah, it's one of those things that at this point is referred to as trendy, but God knows, no grains kind of helps. Keep experimenting. We'll be back running, soon enough:)

Danni said...

I've had nerve pain in my shoulder and it's something I wouldn't wish on anyone. I'm sorry you're having pain issues. Hopefully you'll get it all figured out.

lori said...

Hi Julie,
I'm reading a book called "Wheat Belly". The author, Dr William Davis, is a cardiologist in Milwaukee.

The Dr gives compelling reasons to give up wheat, whether it be white bread or organic multi grain baguettes.

He's funny and informative, you might want to check it out.


PS..I love your blog and hope you feel better soon.

PaleoRunnerGirl said...

I am so sorry! :( Primal/Paleo eating has done WONDERS for me. I will be interested to see if it makes you feel better. I hope it does! I would have never thought the whole grains would cause my body so much pain--but alas, they were the culprit!

I am sending happy/healthy thoughts your way!

Heather V. said...

The hubs and I are starting this 30 day challenge on Monday. I'm pretty excited since the little bit of dabbling we've done with the paleo/primal diet has made both of us feel better overall, especially with inflamation. Just need to commit and make the change. :)

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Yeah, it's one of those things that at this point is referred to as trendy

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Anonymous said...

How are you doing? Miss your blog? Hope you are starting to feel better.