Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not Feeling So Superior

Sadly I am not at the Superior Trail Races this weekend. I still feel quite a bit of pain in my back as well as nerve pain going down my arm. I'm not sure which is worse. Both are especially horrible when I drive. The drive to Lutsen was just too much for me. I forgot that I hadn't updated this blog in quite some time, I guess I update Facebook much more often. I have had four sessions with my Physical Therapist. Traction is my new favorite activity. Friday I had 30 minutes and it was awesome. As the device pulls my head from my neck, the spaces between my discs is lengthened, removing the pressure from my nerves. Ah, relief! After Fridays session I didn't feel pain for an hour, a great improvement! I progress every day. Last week I was still devouring Advil first thing in the morning with an ice pack to my neck. I was taking pain reliever every four hours. I haven't had any today ;) Topaz and I have been able to get back out to Lake Maria for walks. I don't know when I'll be running again. Eventually. I find myself missing my active self so very much. My day began with an easy run with Topaz, lifting at the gym, maybe a hard run in the PM, some, yoga at CorePower. I REALLY miss CorePower! More so than Gold's. I can't wait to get back to CorePowers vinyassa hot yoga. My body is craving that stretching and my mind needs the focused intent. I may try the beginning vinyassa next week. It's been difficult, that is for certain. I put away the idea of racing this weekend but I surely thought I'd go up to Lutsen, spend the weekend aiding the runners, rooming with Alicia, Bill and Matt again. Not so. Chin up, could be worse!


Julie B said...

Well that post looks odd. One big paragraph. Sorry, guess the iPhone isn't working it's magic. My Dell is a piece of shit and I'll have my iMac tomorrow ;)

PaleoRunnerGirl said...

You are AWESOME! It is so hard to re-adjust to a life without daily runs! I have been in your place MANY times. I am trying to make myself explore other fitness options outside of running because I only do so when I am injured. I NEED to do more yoga, and I need to enjoy the wonders of a good long walk!

Keep your chin up!!! :)

P.S. Love the blog!

Robin said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

PJ Geek said...

Julie, I've always enjoyed reading about your runs with Topaz and especially your early morning runs through the snow. I live in the south and can only dream of that kind of environment.

I've lost over a hundred pounds and ran a 3K in April, but since then had developed and was treated for serious allergies. I couldn't exercise and then when I did try I kept hurting myself. Both knees got so bad with arthritis that I had to have steroid shots and physical therapy and then the back kept being a problem , so now I'm doing back exercises. It wasn't the running that hurt my knees. It was the starting / stopping exercises with all the sickness. I was doing 5-7 hours of exercise a week before this. Now I'm gently easing back in. I question if I did too much or what the heck. After reading your blog, I'm thinking inflammation had a lot to do with it.

Just wanted you to know I relate. I'm watching my diet. I wonder does Topaz miss the running? Hang in there.

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Hope you are feeling better soon!

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