Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Game Plan

After scouring race schedules, thinking about goal races and looking at my calendar I have been able to put together my schedule for 2012 racing.

My first choice is the Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series (races listed below). 4 100 mile ultras and 1 100K. In looking at the dates of the races and my family calendar, the dates align. No conflicts!  This must be a good omen. I then had the family discussion. I stated my goal, the dates involved, the training involved and asked if they would be interested in family road trips to a few of the races. I received the high five on the long training days, the few weekends away and a maybe on the family road trips. I’ll work on them!  I reminded them of the fun we had going out to Leadville 100. I planted the seed, now I’ll work on getting them out to the Black Hills again. I don’t think it will be much of a problem. If so, I will go solo. That’s A OK. I never do crew/pacer, it is just fun to share the fun traveling.

After receiving the OK at home I needed the OK at work. No problem, all of the vacation days have been approved.

The Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series begins with the Zumbro 100 Mile Trail Race in April. There is added difficulty training for a spring 100 in Minnesota.  The trails are covered in snow and snowshoe running 50 miles plain old sucks. I’ve done that too many times. After running McNaughton 100 for so many years, also in April, I really wanted to find a few races instead of long solo training runs of 10 hours around the Minneapolis Lakes.  

I found Triple D Winter Races last week. That put my long run at marathon distance and it went so well!  I’m still thrilled that I was able to go that distance with a pack and not feel disc pain. Woot. The  only downside is that I ran with a horrible cold which has now turned into bronchitis and I have open wounds on the side of my feet where the Kahtoola spike bands drove into my foot. I will survive!  I’m very very please with the outcome of this race. I did it!

The marathon distance has me ready for Psycho Wyco 50K in Kansas City, KS on February 11.  I’m so excited!  I’ve signed up for this race two times before and never made it.  I’m heading out with Maria and Doug.

Psycho Wyco 50K will have me ready for Land Between Lakes 50 Mile in Grand Rivers, KY on March 10. It will be a blast!  The only downside is that there is an 11 hour pace cut off and I don’t know that I am in 11 hour shape. Most of my 50 miles are less than 11 but it’s been a while since I’ve run one. I told Misty that if we are cut off at 38 miles we’ll have to run around for 12 miles around the area to get in our 50 for Zumbro 100 training!

After March  10 it is all about recovering/tapering for Zumbro 100.  I’m ready, man. I’m ready!

This is my plan:

Triple D Winter Race Marathon
Dubuque Iowa
January 15

Psycho Wyco 50K
Kansas City, KS
February 11

Land Between Lakes 50 Mile
Grand Rivers, KY
March  10

Zumbro 100 Mile
Zumbro Falls, MN
April 14

Kettle Moraine 100 Mile
LaGrange WI
June 2

Black Hills 100 Mile
Sturgis, SD
June 23

Superior 100 Mile
Lutsen, MN
September 7

Wild Duluth 100K
Duluth, MN
October 20


Included in the UMTR Ultra Gnarly Bandit Series


Danni said...

Wow that is a seriously agressive schedule. I good luck!

Julie B said...

Hey Danni, I guess it is, isn't it? I don't really know moderation. Thanks for the good luck!!

Jordan Hanlon said...

Looks like a full year. Good luck on the Gnarly Bandit Race Series.

Doug said...

Hope this all goes well for you and looking forward to following your progress through these impressive races.
I'm entering my first marathon this year - Milton Keynes in England.

Julie B said...

Thanks Jordan, should be fun, for sure! Doug, yay! Your first marathon! That's awesome. Enjoy!!

Willie said...

"I told Misty that if we are cut off at 38 miles we’ll have to run around for 12 miles around the area to get in our 50 for Zumbro 100 training!"

this made me smile and laugh. Why do we run? Because we can. Don't even matter if we make it to the finish line in time. We'll just do it on our own. I love it. Yesterday was one of my slowest long runs in a long time but I didn't care. I can blame it on snow, ice, raining ice, what have you but all in all...I just wanted to run no matter how long or slow it was. Cheers, you happy 100 miler girl!

Julie B said...

Hi Willie! Exactly! We run because we can! Can't finish in time, oh well...just enjoy! Glad I could make you laugh. Thanks for visiting :)