Monday, January 09, 2012

Stringing Small Successes Together

I am just thrilled. The little things that I have in the past taken for granted, then lost, are returning. I no longer take them for granted.

I have been able to wear the heavy Turkish bath towel upon my head after shampooing. It no longer pains my neck.

I ran with a headlamp last week to see how it felt. A few weeks ago it was too heavy; last week it was just fine. No pain.

My Hammergel order!  I haven’t used my credit I receive from Hammer Nutrition is over a year. I ordered two cases of gel and heed. Woohoo. The small victories. Yes, I love Heed.

My foam roller!  I reclaimed it from Troy’s XBOX area. He has been using it for a foot rest. I used it yesterday after my 21.25 mile run!  Woohoo!

My left side is still weak. I have been strengthening it with weights a few times a week but it’s still a weakling.  I’ve been trying to carry a bottle during my runs as I don’t care for hydration vests.  During my 4 hour run yesterday I carried with my left arm at least half of the time. I can feel muscle fatigue today but it will become stronger.

My weekly mileage is increasing. 35 miles, 42 miles, 47 miles, 50 miles.  Nice !


Olga said...

Wow, you're up to 21 miles! I am having hard time with over 10:)

Julie B said...

Hey Olga! 10 is pretty sweet, ha? Anything is! It feels so good to be feeling like a runner again. Man, how I missed myself.

kelly said...

I am so happy for you Julie! Keep moving forward! You are truly an inspiration to me.