Sunday, March 04, 2012

Base Building: Wrapped Up?

I keep having this thought course through my brain:  I'm starting all over OR I'm experienced, it isn't like I'm starting over.  Two very different thoughts aren't they.  The thought I have depends on my level of confidence at any given time.

My last 100 mile race was Javelina Jundred I believe, in October of 2009.  OK, I had to go to ultrasignup to find out for sure. Yes, Javelina Jundred was my 14th 100 + mile race finish, so it has been quite some time!

Not only has it been a few years since I ran 100 miles but I was totally off any workouts from end of July to end of November this past year. 5 months is a long time. Longest time I've gone without running since I first began this wonderful sport 14 years ago.

Since November I have slowly been building up mileage. During the past 12 weeks I've gone from 0 mile weeks to 65 mile weeks. Today is the first time I hit the 60s. Three weeks ago I hit the first 50. I really had hoped to hit the 50s post Triple D but my feet were totally chewed up from those damn spikes I purchased. Bad bad idea. Man, I remember reading in Marathon! by Galloway when I first began this running adventure: NEVER TRY ANYTHING NEW ON RACE DAY.  He speaks the truth. The spikes were a strong reminder!  

I really think I have a decent base now; sure it is only 13 weeks long, but mind and muscle do have memory. I'm hopeful that my body is now strong enough to hit 2 a days, speed and hills. Only time will tell. I feel strong, I haven't had any disc pain at all, no nerve pain. I'm running at least 5 days, usually 6 days a week with 2 CrossFit workouts a week which I have only recently added. 

Today many of my good friends were heading to Welch to run rolling gravel roads -the trails are a mess with the new (only) snow we received mid week. I didn't take part in the fun as it is over 2 hours away, I had a MDRA Coaches Meeting at 100 and I wanted to make breakfast for Tyler, Amanda and Troy before Tyler left to take Amanda to the airport. Priorities, right!  Much to Topaz's disappointment I decided to run on the treadmill. I decided 6-10 AM would work well, everyone would then wake up and I could fry eggs and bacon and whip out some french toast.  For some reason I woke at 4 and had bundles of energy so instead of going back to sleep I chose to start an early run time. After a quick 4 miles through the neighborhood with Topaz at my side I changed clothing and headed downstairs. I downloaded a few movies onto my Kindle yesterday for the event-first time. I had My Run and Spirit of the Marathon all set to occupy me during a long run. 

I had great energy while running, I really enjoyed My Run. A story about a 56 year old man who loses his wife to breast cancer, leaving behind 3 young children. He's not a runner but decides to gain awareness for single parents he is going to run a marathon a day and will run from St Paul to the start of the Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia. It's amazing and he succeeds. After this movie was done I came up for a refill of water and 1/2 sweet potato, checked to see that everyone was still sleeping, and began to run again. I watched Spirit of the Marathon next. A movie about a group of people training to run Chicago Marathon. Some have never run a marathon, some have, some are elite such as Deena Kastor.  It was very good to watch as well.  When I came back upstairs to eat the other 1/2 sweet potato the kids were awake and moving around. I had 26 miles in so far so paused the movie and the treadmill and made breakfast for them, grabbing a sweatshirt to put on as I was beginning to chill. After everyone ate and I cleaned up I went back down to finish the remaining miles. Somewhere along the line I decided to run 50K as long as I had begun so much earlier than anticipated. As I began to run on my treadmill again I noticed my legs had become tight, my side was aching, my foot was sore. Good grief, suck it up. 5 more miles. I got off and stretched, felt better and finished up the movie and my run.  

I'm so glad I ran a 50K today!  It makes me feel as though I'm ready for the next phase of training. I'll add in hill workouts and speed now and see how I hold up.  If it is too much I'll go back to only endurance building workouts. After Zumbro 100 on April 13 I have 8 weeks before Kettle 100. Plenty of time for a preparation phase.

When I first began running it hurt to get to mile 13, it hurt a great amount as I was training for my first marathon. The past few 50Ks haven't hurt like that first 13 miler. It isn't like I'm starting over :)

I'm now on Day 4 of the kill the sugar plan!  So far so good. I did have headaches Day 1 and 2 but as I was running the other night it went away and hasn't come back.  Good riddance!

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Olga said...

You are not starting over. While I think you are jumping a bit too fast (and who am I to question, I am in the same phase), the body remembers, and that visceral memory serves well in the long run (pan intended). As long as it's pain-free on the injury part!