Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Closer to the Race

A few months ago I registered for The Land Between Lakes 50 Mile Race. I was pretty excited about it as I was going to travel to KY with a fun group of friends AND I would be running on warm nice trails that would not be covered with snow. Perfect training for Zumbro 100 which is coming up pretty darn quickly.

As the week arrived Tyler let me know that he was planning on spending his spring break at home. Well, I certainly didn’t want to be away while my son would be spending the week at home. 

A quick switch of plans and I decided I’d run out at Zumbro for a 40 mile training run. Pretty soon that didn’t pan out either. 

I decided to run it solo and keep it near home without any driving time or packing or anything else.  Poor Topaz would have to stay behind as I would try to run a few miles on trail but knowing that they were ice covered I brought along my road shoes for the road option.

Sure enough, I began on Blue Hill Trail, slipping and sliding in the darkness. It was horrible.  I ran 10 miles before I finally decided to change into road shoes and hit the County roads of Sherburne County.

I texted my sister to let  her know I was out running. I decided to run the 4 miles to her house to say hello, hoping I could get her to run a few miles with me. They were all going to church so she told me to come back at about 1230.  I filled my water bottle and headed back for the road.

The hours went by quite quickly as I ran here and there. After about three hours I headed back to Laurie’s house. They weren’t back from church yet so I ran another mile or two, turning back. Sure enough, they were driving up the road to her home as they passed me.

I was getting tired now, 31 miles into my run. Hoping to run another 7 or so. Laurie and started out and I was S L O W.  She jogged along side of me, staying at my pace. We ran for a few miles and I stated I was ready to head back to her place She ran me to her home, I was now at 34 and was going to head back to my car at the Blue Hill Trail.

A bit of walking shuffled in with running brought me back to the car. Woohoo!  I finished up 38 miles and was feeling pretty damn fine about it.

On Saturday I’m planning to heading out to Zumbro for another stab at a longer training run. I’d like to get over 40. 

Getting closer to that 100!


Jordan Hanlon said...

Sounds like you're putting in some pretty good miles. I'll be volunteering at Zumbro this year and I'm really looking forward to it. I bunch of my friends are running and crewing so it should be a lot of fun. I've enjoyed reading your blog too.

Olga said...

Nice hanging in there!