Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I see that I have posted the last few blog posts to DRAFTS. I'll bring them back up and post into blog.

As you know, I began CrossFit March 1. After a few weeks of learning the ropes, our Coach offered up a challenge.  The challenge was to complete the workout 'FRAN' on Day 1. Fran consists of thrusters and pullups, in sequence of 21, 15, 9 for time. (21 thrusters-21 pull ups, 15 thrusters-15 pull ups, 9 thrusters-9 pull ups)  Here is the workout

We would then follow a Zone nutrition program for 28 days. on Day 28 we would again complete the Fran workout. The goal was to improve time and strength, improve body composition, record daily nutrition and workouts.

After completing TheWhole 30 and feeling excellent I was a bit apprehensive about changing the nutrition up a bit, but I was willing to try it. I had never tried zoning before and as long as I'm not eating sugar, splenda or processed crap I'm willing to try and learn.

I added back in .5 cup of oats each morning and learned immediately that it caused inflammation. I could feel the swelling immediately. After a few weeks I dropped the oats again as I could feel my discs  began to squeek. Not cool. The one thing that did puzzle me was that oats were on the preferred carb list but sweet potato on the non preferred carb list. Interesting. I don't have any inflammation from sweet potatoes. 

I did see some members 'bastardize' the zone. You know, zoning a snickers with a preferred carb, etc. "It's still zoned". Meh.  I just kept my opinions to myself.  

My workouts rocked, running was great, no problems. Except I was hungry. Coach had me add in a few blocks of fat near the end of the challenge and that helped immensely. I should have added in more fats much earlier!

Below is the synopsis from Coach Ryan, posted to his website.

"Performance Improvement Champion: Julie Berg 40% FASTER
Julie is an Ultra Marathoner but has only been doing CrossFit for a few months. While endurance is no problem for her, a high power output workout like Fran was a daunting task early on. Julie performed the workout with 55# for the thrusters and using our black (medium) band for the pullups at the start and end of the competition to compare time improvement. She took her time on this workout from 13:30 down to just 8:29 in just 28 Days. Julie was the runner-up in the points division with just 1 point shy of perfect on the logging, total blocks, balanced meals, and favorable carbs part of the contest. She might have lost just a few points for not following through on some of the recovery days but did an overall excellent job. All these numbers mean Julie finished the same amount of work in 60% of the time with just 28 days of high performance fuel and training. Wow."

Yah, so I took over 5 minutes off my time and lost 2.6 pounds of fat. I logged every bit of food for 28 days but I didn't take off the 4th day as a rest day. I'm OK with that. I imagine a zoned paleo challenge would work well for me, too.

I do prefer the squeaky clean of Whole30, however, so that is where I will stay. I am really looking forward to the release of It Starts With Food, by the authors of TheWhole 30, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. I think I can talk Coach into a Whole30 challenge for the CrossFitters!

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