Wednesday, February 19, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox Wrap/Run Fun

I'm sorry dear blog. I update my FB account but just leave you hanging.

Tomorrow The 21 Day Sugar Detox will be in the books.  It was a successful experiment as I learned that yes, I can quit eating sugar when I wish…I just sometimes don’t wish to.  HeeHee. The only things that I really missed were HammerGels and UltraGen. Gel is just so convenient and I don’t mind the taste at all. During the past 21 days I’ve been pureeing squash, sweet potato and carrot with coconut oil pressed into a baggie. It is difficult to suck all of the mash from the baggie and just kind of makes a mess. 

                                                    A few sample meals I prepared.

Today I am running with my HammerGel espresso, thank you very much. I did notice that recovery wasn’t as great as it normally is, either. Much of this was due to laziness on my part. Instead of preparing a post run meal to haul around in the car I waited until arriving home and then ate. I’ve become so used to mixing UltraGen and swigging it down immediately. Yes, I am going back to my UltraGen ways. Of course, last week was my highest mileage week since July…this may be part of the reason why recovery was a bit strained, too. I ran two back to back long runs!  TWO!  20 miles Saturday and 25 miles..yeah baby.

I am SO excited that I have been able to RUN with only minimal ankle pain. Yippee!! After work yesterday it was 44 degrees F!  I ran a tempo, with sub 8 minute miles. Yup, that is moving ass for me!  Loved it. Welcome Back Dear Julie.

Of course with a few great weeks of running my hamster brain begins churning...thinking...races...oh yes...races. I love the challenge. I love my ultra running friends whom I miss so much when I'm on the outside looking in.

Zumbro Midnight 50 Mile and  Savage 100 Miler are now on the calendar.  I feel better, I have a goal to obtain. I have something to push for. I love to push myself.

Per my last post, my Pastor outlined a 21 Day Challenge at service a while ago and I have been taking part in this. I even stepped from my comfort zone to ask others to join me 1) for a run and 2) to go to Pantages to see Cabaret. I couldn't scrounge up a date for Cabaret, so went solo. Hey, I'm going to Mama Mia on Saturday, interested??? I  did connect for running. It has been a very rewarding experience!  I wouldn't have met up with others had this Challenge not been offered up to me and am SO glad that I did!

I contacted 3 friends that I hadn't run with for 9 years. We all met up and have been running Wednesday evenings now. Fabulous!!

A friend of mine  invited to run Saturday mornings with herself and a group of her friends.  I took her up on the offer!  I have enjoyed myself SO much!! I've run the past three Saturdays with them and this next Saturday is a hill run. They invited me to run RAGNAR with them! Yes, yes, I'll try RAGNAR. We've had a great time (although COLD)!

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Olga said...

A 20/25 double AND sub-8 - none of it is even in vicinity for me! You're doing it, Julie, way to go! ANd yes, evil FB is taking all the energy away from's all about immediate gratification:) I hear ya.