Monday, November 17, 2014

November Post

This past year I’ve been trying to update my blog each month. It hasn’t been too difficult since I’ve had a race report or two each month. Here it is  November and there will not be a race this month-I feel compelled to at least post.

I was really looking forward to busting in big for my 50th birthday on December 30  but some things just don’t go as we intend. I was hoping to run Across The Years in sunny warm Arizona. The race offers a 24, 48 and 72 hour option. I would literally run from December 29 to December 31, into my 50 th birthday and the new decade. How cool would that have been? Super! 

There is always next year…

I’ve learned a bit more about this Morton’s Neuroma business.

I haven’t been able to run more than a few miles since Twin Cities Marathon on October 5.  I can run one or two miles with a bit of pain and by the third mile the pain is ridiculous. It feels like a giant acorn under my foot. It really sucks.

My friend Val had surgery to remove her neuroma in May and by July she was ready to run the Afton 50K. She went on to run Wasatch 100 in September. She wasn’t able to run for a long time, had the surgery and is as good as new. I’ll go with that plan!

Due to Val’s recommendation I made an appointment for a second opinion with Dr. Judith Hechter at Twin Cities Foot and Ankle Clinic. I’m so glad that I did!  Dr. Hechter examined my foot, she manipulated the neuroma exclaiming that it was excessively large. She told me that the neuroma is beginning to alter the structure of my foot-moving the small bones out to allow for room of the neuroma. She stated that 10% of her patients are runners, about 80% are women who wear narrow tight high heeled shoes and 10% have neuroma due to heredity-narrow foot bones.

Although I had already had one shot of cortisone Dr. Hecter wanted to administer another since she didn’t know if my prior Dr. placed the cortisone correctly. She also gave me a shot of   lidocaine to numb the area. The numbness was delightful.

The plan of action is as follows: if I can’t run 6-10 miles pain free by December 15 I’ll have the neuroma removed. My follow up appointment is December 15.  During surgery she’ll make an incision at the top of my foot, removing the neuroma and nerve. She’ll stitch me back up and I’ll put my foot up for two days, wear a boot for 10, remove my stitches and begin to run.  It’s a simple surgery-I’ll go into the surgical center in the AM, discharge in the PM.  I’ll run happily every after.

Friday I ran road for a few miles and my foot began to hurt. Saturday I ran 4 miles on snowshoe and it felt pretty good. Sunday I ran 3.5 miles on snow covered road and it was good again. I imagine the snow offers a good cushion for my nerve. I’ll keep trying each day. Little by little I’ll be better. Or I’ll have surgery.

I’m excited for the Donut Run!  Running it last year was such a blast I can’t wait to do it again. I’ll run whatever distance my foot will allow, hoping to run the 25K. It’s so darn much fun!!  The run is December 6. During the run I’ll learn if I was selected for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run lottery. Whoop!  I have a whole 4% chance at being selected. Yup, lucky me!  December 6 is also Tyler’s 23rd birthday so I’ll end the day with a fun birthday get together centered around a good restaurant dinner. Nice!

In the meantime as I heal this foot I’ve taken up CrossFit again. I have to do something more than run a  few miles each day.  CrossFit allows a fun fast workout that gets my endorphins moving. My brain needs endorphins. I’ve joined CrossFit Fast Factory’s bootcamp group. 3 sessions a week over 8 weeks. By the end of the 8 weeks my foot should be a happy running foot and I probably won’t want to CrossFit anymore because I’ll be spending my time running.  Yay.

Well it’s currently 11F, -2F windchill and a ice and snow landscape. Early winter!  I’m off to bundle up and try out this foot for 5 miles. Letzzz go, Topaz! CrossFit tonight. OK, there’s an update!

EDIT: I just went through my posts and noticed that I have quite a few drafts I never published. I also see that my Superior 100 2014 race report received 7304 views. Seriously?? Wow!