Friday, February 27, 2015


Boy, February blew by in a blast! Troy is coming home from U of M for the weekend to celebrate his 19th, or 4.75th birthday!  My Leap Year baby. I’m looking forward a weekend with the family. We’ll spend time in St Cloud with Tyler, tomorrow.

Thought I’d post an update on the Morton’s Neuroma surgery.  My foot is healing very  well. I have no more pain-a bit of swelling when I over-do it. I am able to run/jog a few miles before I can feel that it has had enough. I’m good with that. Eventually I’ll add more miles.

Last week while running I noticed that my knee began to swell and there was quite a bit of pain. WTH? I kept running, figuring it would go away. Yeah, well it didn’t. It swelled more. I’ve been icing and massaging, trying to get it to go down. Whatever.

I’ve been back in the gym the past two weeks now that I can place full weight on my foot. I need to do SOMETHING to lessen my anxiety/depression. I know that running served that cause in the past and am finding other ways to alleviate the symptoms. I find myself wondering if booze served that cause in the past? I suppose so.  Lifting is certainly helping. I did an 8 week CrossFit bootcamp which was a lot of fun. Now I’m lifting heavy shit again. I love it.

So it goes. Living each day the best I can. Life is GOOD!


Olga said...

You are awesome, keep on tracking! So glad the surgery went well and is healing and pain is out of the picture! Do take care of the knee though!

Londell said...

I relate to all of it. Although my son is now a full time employee after Grad School and I see him very little. Hope you body heals soon and the mind stays strong!

Julie B said...

Thank you Olga. Keep on moving forward, right? Londell, change is hard, isn't it? It sure was nice to see my boys yesterday. Today I'm bringing Troy back to the U of M. Tyler is in St Cloud. I'm fortunate that they aren't too far away. I'm havering a Bod Pod assessment at the U today (body fat analysis). Oh boy! You know how I like challenges. Eat To Perform us having a strength / fat loss challenge so of course I'm all in.