Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Run On!

…and in the 4th month…she RAN.  RAN for REALZZZ!

Yeah, what a long recovery! It seems to be my latest pattern..a pattern which I need to break. I heal, I train hard, I run a couple of 100 mile races..and I heal a few months. So not cool.

As I’ve posted, I had morton’s neuroma excise on January 9.  I healed quite well from that but each time I ran after receiving a full release of activity from my surgeon, my knee swelled up like a melon!  The pain!  It felt like a grinding of bone deep in my knee. After the swelling would go down I’d try it again. Same thing. 

A few years ago while crossfitting a few times a week and running long distance I began to have some knee problems. After an MRI I learned my knee is bone on bone.
After a week off the pain subsided. It hadn’t really hurt since.

After surgery I purchased a pair of Altra’s as they are advertised to have a wide toe box.  I’ve been wearing Inov-8s since McNaughton 100, 2004, when I received a sponsorship from them. I am fortunate to still have this sponsorship. I receive a dozen pair a year.  Well, every once in a while I stray and have bad results.  (Hoka OneOne 2013 when I broke my ankle). I had been wearing the Altra’s since surgery.  For some reason, last Monday I pulled out my trusty Inov-8s that I finished Superior 100 in. I went out to Lake Maria with Topaz and what do you know? I began to jog, braced for the knee pain..and ..nothing!  No pain!  I couldn’t believe it. I laughed out loud, I smiled like a crazy woman. Topaz grinned from ear to ear!  I ran. I didn’t hurt. I ran for 2 hours in the beautiful woods on the soft trail. It was fabulous. I thanked God. I have been praying for this for months. God works in amazing ways. In so many ways in my life right now.

Since Monday I have been running each day. No pain. No swelling. It’s incredible.

I won’t be running The Gnarly Bandit as I had planned. I won’t be running Zumbro 100 next Friday. There is always next year!  I will be at Zumbro as Aid Station Captain for Aid Station Sand Coulee 2/3 all weekend. I’m looking forward to it, to giving back to the sport that I love.  If you will be down there be sure to say Hello!!

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