Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday!

I take an hour each Sunday to prep meals for the week. First I attend service at New Life in Princeton, head over to the fresh produce section at Cobornes and then home to prep. One hour and I’m set for the week.

This week I roasted brussel sprouts, carrots, onion and sweet potato.  I chopped carrots and shredded cabbage.  I soaked chickpeas and prepared quinoa and brown rice. I blended hummus and was all set!

45 minutes later I was cleaning up. Easy peasy!

In the morning I grab some spinach, kale, prepped roasted veggies, chickpeas and quinoa-splash of balsamic, salt and pepper. I blend spinach, strawberries, scoop of protein powder and coconut milk. Pour into blender bottle and I'm ready for work.

For dinner I roll a few items into a wrap or create a bowl. A smashed up avocado, hummus and some blue corn chips...fabulous!!

 Just and idea to show how easy eating whole foods can be. Seriously!


Anonymous said...

Yum! I love eating this way too. Do you add any nuts, besides the tahini, to meals/snacks? Can't wait for my veggie garden to start producing food for the season. I will have to try your smoothie combo, I don't usually use coconut milk. What kind of protein powder to you add? I like vega one.

Julie B said...

Oh yes, Elizabeth. I do add nuts once in a while. I find that when I have a supply around I go through them very quickly, mindlessly chomping away. A sprinkle of nuts over a salad is good for me. I use Vega as well. I've tried many and some are really terrible!! I love the coconut milk. It's mild-I haven't developed a taste for almond milk, yet! I can't wait for my garden, either. Another 6 weeks before I can plant. Thanks for the comment!!

Anonymous said...

Julie- Couldn't you plant some things now, like spinach, for your salads and smoothies? I live in SW Montana, where it is very cold, have starting planting and have some things like spinach, kale, arugula and peas coming up. Do you still have snow on the ground?

Julie B said...

The snow is just about gone, although it did snow yesterday. It got down to 24F last night so I think everything would freeze out at this time.

Sonya said...

I remember reading your blog some time ago and you were baking cakes. Did you eat them too? If so how did you quit sugar. It is the hardest for me to do...far harder than quiting smoking 7 plus years ago. Love the way you eat.

Julie B said...

Sonya, yes, I love to bake!! I am mostly able to stay away from sugar-but when I have a little, it turns into a lot. Every time!! My moms oncologist told me that sugar is the worst thing we can consume. He told me sugar is to cancer what gas is to fire. I stay away.