Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stiff Legs

Last night I worked legs for an hour. I actually had a hard time walking from the laying hamstring curl machine to the standing calf raise. My quads felt plumped out from the leg extensions and the barbell squats.

Leg Extensions: 145x10x4
Standing Barbell Squats: 150x10x4
Dead Lifts: 125x12x4
Laying Leg Curls: 80x10x4
Slanted Leg Press: 150x10x4
Standing Calf Raise: 180x15x2

I could feel the DOMS begin to set in this evening. Just in time to go to they gym and get in my 800's. Yikes.

After a mile warm up I cranked out 6 x 800 @ 8 mph for 3:30 minutes-heart rate average 178-181, 400 meter recovery inbetween at 6 mph.

I was finished and still have 20 minutes before I needed to pick up Tyler from guitar lessons. What's a gal to do but run another few miles .. at recovery speed of course :)

800's just plain old hurt me. I turn my iPod up loud (AC/DC today) so I don't have to hear my gasping and try not to look at the clock until I know it is almost time to recover.

Man, after the workout I headed for the locker room and actually SAT DOWN ON THE BENCH. I don't think I've ever sat on the bench before. I was exhausted.

I am now looking forward to my tempo workout on Thursday. That one doesn't have me wishing for the end like the 800's. Of course, when the workout is done there is great satisfaction in knowing I completed the workout just as planned. And that I'm one step closer to the grand goal : Grand Slam '07.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

One of the six Posted by Picasa

Feeding Frenzy

This morning I and Topaz headed out for the trail. It was beautiful; a little dusting of snow, fresh snowflakes coming down and a temperature of 34F. Too perfect for the end of January! One layer of clothing..unbelievable!

We headed out on our first of two loops, for a 10 mile total. To the right of the trail, about 10 feet off, I could see dark objects on the ground..big, dark objects. Topaz didn't even notice, he was already 1/4 mile up in front of me. I slowed way down, looking to the right. Then I realized what I was looking at. SIX bald eagles..feeding on a deer carcass. Oh my gosh. It was incredible. I stood there for 4 minutes watching. They noticed me and one by one they took for the sky. It was incredible. I have never seen eagles feeding before. They were huge, their beaks so yellow and so big .. even scary. One could have picked Topaz right off of the ground if it so pleased. The wing span had to be three feet. At least.

Coming around for loop two I called Topaz back to me. I wanted to get some pictures. It was too late, they had already flown to the trees. I did get a few pictures of them flying but they sure don't do the birds justice.

On another note, I am 8 pounds heavier that I was in October. This is NOT a good thing. If I continue in the direction I am going I will have gained back all of the weight I lost. That will not do. I have been eating processed carbs in the form of whole wheat wraps, bread, some sugar, oh yeah, it all adds up..to 8 pounds of fat.

One would think that with running 50+ miles a week and lifting 3x a week Julie could eat some of the carbs..but oh no, I've been there and done that. It gets me fat. For me, it is carbs in the form of veggies and fruits that get me slim and trim..and across the finish line in fine form.

Today I am setting up a new Goal Setter over at Leanness Lifestyle and will be whitteling away the 8 pounds. Plus some. I am now In Action.

I have a trip to Negril, Jamaica in March and I will be wearing the teensy weensy bikini. Minus the fat.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

King Size

Today the alarm woke me as early as a work day. 415 AM so I could be ready to run at 5. Today was my hilly asphalt route. Goal: 5 hours. Goal achieved!

I wasn't so sure I was going to be able to hang in for 5 hours. My shin was still feeling a bit tired, not painful at all, just there..you know? After 3.5 hours I took 2 Advil. I haven't taken Advil during a run in a very very long time. That took away all feeling of my shin and then I knew I would have no problem.

I did walk a few of the hills this session and I even took a few walk breaks on the flats.

Total: 5:11 = 30.6 miles. I had to drive the route afterward as I wasn't sure on the mileage. I had guestimated 30 miles. Not bad!

Showered and ready for the day before the whole family was awake. Time to fix pancakes and sausage for Steve and the boys before I went shopping for a new bed.

We now own a King Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. I can't wait for delivery and set up :)

Tomorrow: Recovery easy peasy trail run with Topaz.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shorts ?

I am feeling recovered from the marathon. Actually I would classify it as an ultra, as the GPS's on the course showed the distance at 28.5 miles. I like that.

Instead of 6x800's on Tuesday I completed 3, then headed out on the trail with Topaz. My shin was still feeling stressed from the fall/snowshoes and it just scared me. I've been injury free since I began to run, I don't want to ruin that streak. The trail felt good.

Wednesday I didn't run the asphalt with Run Club. Again, I opted for a kinder, more gentle run on the trail with Topaz. I loved it.

Today it is supposed to be 45 freakin' degrees. Yeah, 45F in Central Minnesota..in January. How does that rock? Woohoo! I love it.

I ran my tempo run on the treadmill this AM at 3:45 and the leggies felt great. I am feeling recovered and ready to roll. After work today is a snow shoe run in shorts I think! What a picture, hu? I can't wait to get out in that sunshine!!

At 645 this evening I have a massage scheduled. Ahhhhh.....I feel the release of tension already....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

What a race!

I headed out for Duluth yesterday morning, approximately 6 AM. Imagine my suprise when after driving for 15 minutes I realized I was heading for Minneapolis, not Duluth. Good grief! I guess I had other things on my mind...

I arrived in Duluth at 9:08 AM; the marathon began at 9:30. Not a good way to start out. I was stressed, looking for Lester River Park and of course couldn't remember WHICH road to turn onto. A kind woman was walking her lab and gave me correct directions.

9:24; arrived at the race. Found a parking place, grabbed my snowshoes out of the car and ran to the race start. Oops. I need a number and pins. Back to the race check in point. It's 9:27. Affix number, check in, get to start line. SHEESH!

JULIE BERG..ARE YOU HERE? Says the race director..YES I'M HERE! OK, we are off..

Race day conditions were excellent. It had snowed on Thursday, making a nice fresh topping on the snow cover. The trails were in excellent condition. Packed, not icy, not soft and deep, just wonderful.

The 1/2 marathon and marathon began at 930, the 10K at 1000. This is nice, as I enjoy seeing all the runners. It was fun to see the 10K'rs come speeding past. There were only 10 in the marathon..the runners get big spaces inbetween them and I hardly saw any of the marathoners. The course is a loop course, I enjoy loops as we get to see others, get to pass the start finish. Actually, the course was 4 loops and I always get lost somehow..I didn't let Scott get too far away from me as I had to have follow someone who didn't get as mixed up with directions as I do. I'm awful.

It was 9F at the start, NO wind and sunshine. Yeah!

The course is on trail, lots of ups and downs, across rivers, meadows, wooded trail, a bit of road, just spectacular.

As we ran into the 1/2 way mark at the start/finish, guess what I did. I FELL! Flat on my face. My snowshoe hooked on something, the toe of it bent in back of me, my leg caved in on top of it and I was splatted on the ground. It was a horrible time to fall as the 1/2 marathon runners were all standing around the finish line, the photographer was right there and there I was. Flat on my face. They asked if I was OK, I said "Yes, I just wasn't getting enough attention" Way embarassing.

After that my shin began to give me problems. I suppose I somehow strained it. The pain began in my shin, then with about two hours left of the race the pain concentrated in my knee. I took a few Advil but they didn't help. There was only one pace I could keep up: a pace where I lightly ran, kind of hopping, trying to releave the pressure on my knee. It hurt most running downhill; I gritted my teeth and made fists with my hands so I wouldn't scream. Damn. It hurt.

I sucked it up and kept on. I certainly wasn't going to drop, I just wished I could finish pain-free.

At 6:15 I crossed the finish line, happy to be finished with the race. Happy to visit with my friends and talk about the fun we were having.

I found out that I was the only woman who began the race. Gee, guess I won, hu? I have a real nice pottery bowl that says Woman Champion. Pretty cool. A very nice sweatshirt as well. This race always has awesome finisher sweatshirts for the marathoners.

The post race party is a great time. Lots of friends, lots of pizza and pop and talking big. It was so nice to see everyone again. Races are few and far between in the frozen north, I loved being able to see everyone.

At the post race party, at Fitgers, I won something else...

A two person KAYAK! Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it. It is huge! An $850 dollar value. Guess I'll learn to kayak this summer up at the cabin :)

It was a great day!

Today I strapped back into the snowshoes are ran 5 with Topaz. He was slighted yesterday.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Off to Duluth..

I've been up to my eyeballs in other things this week and by the looks of my last entry here, I haven't been up to my eyeballs in blogging.

Workouts are going well. Tuesday was 800's; Wednesday was Run Club, Thursday was tempo-my new favorite. Today was weight training and running with Topaz on the trail.

Tomorrow is the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon. Yippee! I'll head out in the morning; the race doesn't begin until 930 and it's about 2.5 hours to Duluth. I was planning to spend the night in Duluth but I may just drive home after the post race party.

There is a fantabulous party a few hours after the race at Fitgers Hotel. Pizza, beer, pop, prizes..lots of fun with fun people.

It doesn't look like there is a blizzard to get in my way this year!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Race Results

I've had numerous requests relating to the race results on this blog. I didn't realize my runners read this blog or even knew about it. Kind of scary. Here they are :

Ann Maser 8 K January 14, 2006 Big Lake MN

These results are the best I can do. I don’t know that they are perfect. We stopped the clock at 62:27.

Thank you for showing your support for Ann.

Male 0-14

838 Wallen, Andy 12 62:26
928 Heltemes, Alex 7 62:27
902 Anderson, Luke 14 62:27

Male 15-19

855 Hayes, Mark 15 33:58
865 Petrenko, Yelisey 17 36:52
912 Sherr, David 44:29
898 Nagorski, Tony 19 46:12

Male 20-29

874 Storkamp, John 26 29:25 WINNER
864 Lanz, Adam 24 30:42
863 Lamaere, John 25 46:51
861 Rudulph, Adam 26 48:12

Male 30-39

913 Wik, Dave 39 30:49
875 Martin, Kevin 30 34:27
853 Tollefson, Scott 38 39:39
851 Meierhofer, Jeff 39 41:36
829 Drew, John 37 44:47
831 Gates, Brian 30 44:50
932 Johnson, Tim 34 47:08
920 Smith, Todd 34 53:50
991 Jones, Stacy 30 62:27

Male 40-49

916 Kessler, Peter 44 29:55
873 Vollstedt, Todd 44 30:08
904 Gortzkr, Kurt 45 31:35
883 Stunek, Kurt 48 34:03
881 Dariz, David 48 34:07
925 Crocker, Kevin 46 34:08
888 Alstad, Michael 43 34:45
819 Schafer, Mark 49 34:58
852 O’Brian, Gregory 44 36:09
842 Pool, Randy 45 36:58
887 McAnaller, Tim 42 37:00
811 Wagner, Scott 40 38:47
854 Adamski, Rick 45 42:50
899 Reger, Russ 44 42:58
813 Barton, Doug 40 50:15
916 Thames, Gregg 49 54:54
928 Heltemes, Jeff 43 62:27
839 Anderson, David 44 62:27

Male 50-59

870 LeDuc, Mark 51 32:41
882 Pederson, Larry 51 35:45
901 Chirhart, Tom 58 37:04
866 Schmidt, Michael 55 37:14
832 Butcher, Larry 59 38:55
903 Swainhart, Jeff 50 39:03
834 King, Curt 53 39:36
909 Grossinger, Ron 57 40:28
877 Baverly, Jake 52 40:38
871 Pearson, Jeff 54 41:37
809 Kreuser, Jeff 50 47:56
895 Halsey, Steve 54 50:54
885 Clark, Donald 50 55:52

Male 60-69

869 Chavelier, Roger 64 46:41
815 Kalscheuer, Gene 69 47:46

Female 0-14

921 Kelsea Smith 14 55:19
840 Holm, Taylor 14 62:27
810 Etzel, Emiily 14 62:27

Female 14-19

867 Janda, Jenny 19 42:12
890 Peterson, Vanessa 18 46:42
891 Reisgraf, Rachel 18 46:48
931 Sorensen, Eryn 15 55:17

Female 20-29

910 Trenz, Missy 29 34:34
859 Larson, Camilla 27 38:45
806 Neidenfehr, Kristi 20 39:37
889 Myron, Jody 24 43:21
862 Lambaere, Paula 25 46:43
860 Wolleat, Heidi 25 53:46
885 Mackedanz, Amy 29 56:21

Female 30-39

828 Tavakley, Kate 31 34:05
893 Rasmussen, Heather 35:25
876 Nyguard, Kim 37 36:22
829 Peters, Rachel 38:26
843 Nelson, Kellie 35 39:34
926 Pini, Kris 38 41:57
900 Veit, Ronda 38 42:57
915 Gordon, Alicia 39 44:46
822 Poe, Katie 34 46:05
821 Coons, April 30 47:53
880 Barrett, Annette 39 48:42
879 Springer, Barb 38 48:42
927 Draxten, Sara 32 51:48
833 Blake, Elizabeth 30 52:49
919 Smith, Kristi 36 53:49
826 Mohlencamp, Michel 36 62:27
831 Rasmusssen, Sheri 36 62:27

847 Abfalter, Lori 37 62:27

Female 40-49

816 Hines, Lisa 43 37:23
894 Fredrickson, Karla 43 37:36
907 Christen, Linda 49 38:05
820 Biasco, Susan 41 39:21
812 Barton, Marie 40 39:24
848 Iacono, Debbie 48 41:13
806 Stenberg, Colene 41 43:26
805 Havelin, Kate 44 46:03
906 Dieltz, Mary 45 49:46
886 McAnaller, Eve 45 53:12
924 Crocker, Connie 44 62:27
930 Heltemes, Cindy 44 62:27
922 Logan, Sherri 48 62:27
837 Anderson, Gwen 41 62:27
802 Etzel, Carol 40 62:27

Female 50-59

908 Grossinger, Dawn 56 46:16
878 Bishop, Jenny 50 48:13
846 Chermak, Coreen 54 50:28
824 Riley, Bonnie 52 55:51
896 Lewitz, Brenda 57 59:28
872 Fruesere, Margie 50 62:27
918 Marty, Donna 53 62:27
844 Trefethen, Jane 54 62:27

Sunday, January 15, 2006

22 Miles of Hills

Todays workout was more hills. As I previously said, I lack hill workouts. But not for long.

Today I headed out for a 3.5 hour workout on the same route as last week. Nice, long hills. They didn't hurt quite as much as last week. Woofie asked me to think 'run on hot coals' while running up the hills. On toes, light and fast. That's what I thought and that is what I did.

My heart rate really zoomed while running those hills; I saw 196, 203, but the average was 162; right on target.

My first 17 miles were at an average of 9:07 minute miles; the last 4 last miles were at 10:15. Not bad for this chick :)

I'm finding that I look forward to my weekly tempo run. On Thursday night I went to complete it at the gym. I have a treadmill at home; but with the boys running around, asking for this and that, the telephone ringing and people coming to the door, it's a better bet to finish the workout without any interruptions at the gym.

I ran 6 x 10 minutes @ 7.5 mph (168-170 HR) with a 2 minute recovery. It was an awesome workout. I had been dreading it all day, being that it is only my second week of these workouts and I'm familiar with none of them. But I must say, I really enjoyed this one. I felt worked but it didn't exhaust me. I was fully recovered for the long run.

Next Saturday is the Northwoods Snowshoe Marthon in Duluth, MN. 26 miles on snowshoes. My last time running this race was just under 6 hours, I'm hoping I can get finished in under 6 hours again. Each year has great variables. How much snow? How fast is the snow? How cold is it? How windy is it? Last year there was 3' of new snow, I was stuck in a blizzard and couldn't make it. Only 2 people finished the whole race if I recall correctly. The year before was perfect. A few feet of fast snow, temps of 15F, light wind. It's frosty no matter what. I recall a frozen face mask and ice in my eyes. Oh Joy. It's great race; lots of friends and lots of fun!

Back of t shirt.  Posted by Picasa

The race t shirt Posted by Picasa

My awesome timers. Posted by Picasa

Thank you for showing your support for ANN :) Posted by Picasa

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Awesome volunteers in awesome tshirts :) Posted by Picasa

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Ann's race was yesterday. I woke up in the morning, just relieved that the day was finally here. If I wasn't prepared, it didn't matter; it was too late. If I was prepared, and I think I was, then let's just get in on.

After I made up all the race packets and stuffed them with tshirts and numbers I took count. I had 68 people registered. I knew of another 10-15 that were planning on registering on race day. I had ordered 125 tshirts and had a couple dozen volunteers to give shirts too, all should be set.

I and some members of the run club were going to get together at the High School at 7 AM to get rolling. We needed to set up tables, the start line, mark the course, set up the clock, get registration ready, get the pick up area ready. Get food, water, etc. ready. Oh. My. Gosh. Overwhelmed. Breathe. Deep.

The race was to begin at the Middle School. Since there was a basketball tournament going on we were able to use the commons area for our race. That was a blessing.

Even though it was a balmy 25F and sunny outside, it was wonderful to set up and hold the registration, the awards and the prize drawing inside.

My volunteers were awesome. I had three High School girls that did the race day registration.

The community really came out and supported Ann. There was a line for registration, we thought we might start the race late so all could register but it was 855 and everyone was ready.

Out to the start we went, and here comes Ann, riding to the start line. Perfect timing. She was able to watch the starters, then stayed at the finish to watch them come in.

It was just incredible, everything went well, the race went off without a hitch..thanks to the awesome volunteers. We had 3 people at the race clock, running back and forth to the MS with the results, 4 people recording the results, people setting up the drink, the food, making lists so I can order more tshirts. Incredible.

We raised $2500.

Ann drew names for the awards. We had MN Twins tickets, twins merchandise, running store certificates, socks, food, massages; the works.

Thank you to each and every one of you that volunteered your time, donated money, ran/walked the race. I thank you all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ann's Race

My very good friend, Ann, is fighting for her life. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma back in October; after running a PR at Twin Cities Marathon on October 3. After running a 50K with me in September. It's just horrible.

As I posted earlier, I'm putting together a race for her this Saturday. All entries go to Ann, it's a fundraiser to help out with expenses for her and her family.

I have 60 people entered so far! My goal was to raise $1000 and have 50 people enter. I've surpassed that and it sure feels good.

One of our run club members has donated all of the t-shirts; they are so awesome. They are purple (Ann's favorite color) and the artwork is by another run club member, who is an artist. It is a caricature of Ann and just fabulous. I have seen the print work; can't wait to see them in person.

I think I'm all set. I have volunteers to work the start/finish line, I've put together the race packets, I have the ribbons, the prizes donated for door prizes, (MN Twins Tickets and Merchandise, Run shop merchandise, massages,etc), the time clock, food and drink for after the race. I hope I'm not forgetting anything!

Today I ran 6x800@ 3:30 minutes for a 180 HR. Easier than last week. I did them at the gym-it helped to have AC/DC blaring out of my iPod and the guy on the treadmill next to me-he was going faster than I and really working hard-that motivated me to get my workout done.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Hills Are Alive..

Last week I told three of my friends that I was looking for a hilly road route to run for today's workout. I wanted 18 miles of hills.

Well, they knew right where to go.

After Troy's Basketball game we met at Gold's Gym in Monticello for what they promised was a hilly running route.

I believed them right from the get go! 2 friends were running 6 miles and the other had ditched her bike at 13 miles so she could follow me on bike for the remainding 5 miles.

What a route! Hill after hill after hill after relentless hill. We ran up every one of them.

It was a great day for a run. Hardly no breeze, 32F, no ice or snow on the shoulder of the roads and minimal traffic. Our route consisted of County Roads through rural Monticello and Silver Creek Township, past a few lakes, many many horse farms and a few apple orchards. It was beautiful.

It was TOUGH. I'm not a strong hill runner. Well, actually, I'm not a hill runner at all. I sorely lack hill training.

But not any more!

18 miles in 3 hours. Yeah!! Next week it's 3.5 hours. I know right where I'll go:)

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I didn't sleep through my workout this morning. Topaz was clicking his toenails all over the wood floor below me, wanting to go outside at 345 AM. I let him out, waited for him to get his frolic in and went back to bed, but couldn't get back to sleep. Steve's alarm went on and I figured I might as well get up before my 430 wake up call.

Today's workout was on the treadmill at home: 5 x 10 minutes @ HR of 166-171. I began with a 5 minute warmup. My first two 10 minute sessions were at 7.3 mph for a 171 HR. By session 3 and 4 my HR of 171 took on a 7.1 mph pace and the final 10 minutes only took a 6.8 mph pace. I was exhausted. Last summer I was doing speed work at 7.3 mph; now it a tempo pace. My speed work is now an 8 mph pace per my run coach.

I'm a slow plodder, the only way I will get faster and beat those cut off's is to work hard during my workouts. As I thought I was going to cough up a lung I reminded myself of my goals and the fact that THIS is why I hired a coach. To get me out of my comfort zone and get me moving more quickly.

Coach has trimmed me of my 'junk' miles. Each workout is planned and key. The Topaz runs on the trail after work are just extra and for fun. Today will be a 3 mile snowshoe run with him.

Yesteday I lifted chest, bicep and tricep: 65 minutes and 5 miles with Run Club. The gym was FULL. I can't wait until all these people leave and only the regulars are left. I imagine by February 1.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Always the first time..

Today I slept through my workout! I set my clock for 415 AM but didn't wake up to turn it off. I slept on and on and on as it must have just buzzzzzed along until I finally turned it off at 6 AM. Oh my goodness. Guess I enjoyed my winter vacation a little too much!

Part of the reason I overslept could have been because I knew what workout was awaiting me: 800's. They are so difficult for me. I am not a speedy girl and well, speed hurts. I gasp and cough and feel rough.

All day long I had to think about what I was eating and drinking, being careful as I knew a 4 PM workout awaited me at home.

I warmed up with a light jog and multiple jumps, 10 minutes of jump rope. Then 6x800 @ 8MPH for 3:30 minutes; 2 minute recovery jog inbetween. Oh Lord.

My average heart rate was 177. Now I need to learn how to download the file from the watch to the computer. Guess I'll be pulling out my manual after my meeting tonight.

4.65 miles in 37 minutes. Yowza. Next week will be easier and I'm stronger in the AM!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Running In The New Year

Last night at 11:30 I climbed back into my winter running gear. I had just pulled it out of the dryer as I had just finished a long snowshoe run in what didn't seem like too many hours ago.

At 11:45 5 hearty souls from the Big Lake Run Club met in at our Wednesday night location and headed on out. It was 30F and not even a slight breeze. What a great night for a run.

At 12:00 Kevin's watch began to beep, we watched a few fireworks appear and high fived one another. We talked about how thankful we are, to be able to run in the New Year. Still healthy, still running, still alive and kicking. That's all we can ask for.

After we finished the 5 mile route we set up a table in the parking lot. Out came wonderful hot cocoa, cookies, biscotti, spinach dip and bread and some non-alcoholic champagne.

An awesome start to 2006!

Midnight Run; Big Lake Run Club 06 Posted by Picasa

Happy New Year 06! Posted by Picasa