Saturday, April 30, 2005

I made the Newspaper..

I guess the photo won't copy, here is the link:

And, no, I didn't lose 70 pounds from walking and the race I'm doing on May 21 is a 50K not a 50 Mile and I am doing another 100 on June 4/5 at


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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Berg first in 100-mile race

By Jennifer Edwards
Staff Writer

JULIE BERG won the 100 mile McNaughton Trail Run in Pekin, IL. (Photo by Jennifer Edwards).

Julie Berg competed in her first 100-mile ultra-marathon race in Pekin, Il. and placed first among the women.

Berg completed the McNaughton 100-Mile Trail Run in 29 hours, seven minutes, running a 10-mile looped trail 10 times.

“In addition to the sheer magnitude of actually running 100 miles the race within which she competed is also known as a killer for its constant up and down terrain,” said fellow Big Lake Runners Club member George Wallin. “Hill after hill.”

Berg, who lives in Orrock Township and once served as township supervisor, works as an office specialist at Big Lake High School.

“The race was set in a state park and there were three river crossings,” said Berg. “The course was spectacular. The foliage was green and the wild flowers were incredible.”

The course passed through the start and finish area where there was food and drink available. As it began to get dark, Berg pulled out a headlamp and flashlight and kept running through the woods.

“Bats were attracted to the light and kept flying at me,” she said. “It was freaky. I could hear wolves howling in the distance. I pretended they were dogs and kept going.”

She walked from midnight until around 4 a.m., she said, following the course with her flashlight and reflector ribbons marking the trail. During that time, she seemed to be the only one out there.

“At the river crossings there were grab ropes stretched across to hang on to so you didn’t get swept away,” she said. “One was knee deep and another was waist deep. It was pretty scary in the dark, but I loved it. I’d do it again in a second.”

Berg describes her passion for running as an addiction.

“It replaced alcohol,” she said.

She started by walking and lost 30 pounds.

“Then I would walk for seven minutes and run for two,” she said. “Then I walked for six minutes and ran for three and kept building up like that. I’ve lost about 70 pounds running. I joined the runners club. I competed in the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth and in the Twin Cities Marathon in 1999. Then I found these ultra-runners online three years ago. I thought they were crazy.”

Berg competed in her first ultra race, the Ice Age, in Whitewater, WI. She had to complete the 50- mile course in 12 hours to qualify. She barely made it, finishing in 11:59.58.

“I was hooked,” she said. “But training was tough, especially this last winter.”

With the blessing and support of her family, Berg began running 80 miles a week and 10 hours a day on the weekend, training with her border collie, Topaz, who ran with her.

Berg, who turned 40 this year, plans to run another 50-mile ultra race May 21.

“I’m down to only running 30 or 40 miles a week,” she laughs. ‘I know it sounds crazy but now I’m hanging out with these ultra runners it just seems normal.”

For winning the race, Julie was presented with a plaque and a silver belt buckle. She also won free admission to next year’s race.

“I’m definitely going back to defend my title,” she said.

Big Lake, MN

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Friday, April 29, 2005


I've never used fitness DVD's for cardio or weight lifting. I've always run on the trail or treadmill at home and lifted at the gym. Sometimes I wish I had a DVD for at home use in the evening when I am feeling I have some more energy to burn, or when I just can't make it to they gym because I have 101 other things to do. Running in place? No thanks.

I've been reading for some time. She turned me on to LL and now she is turning me on to the P90X Extreme Training System. I was intrigued so went to to read all about it. This training system is comprised of 12 DVD's: cardio, weight training, abs, yoga, lots of push-pull exercises and the ever loving pull up. After researching the program and reading the testimonials, I must say, I ordered it.

I ordered the Jungle Jam as well. It's a pull-up apperatus that installs to the frame of the door way. It's 20% off today for a total of $35.96. Steve will just about die when he sees that I am installing a contraption to build my back and arms to be bigger and stronger than they are now. I know I will find him pulling-up too! My thirteen year old son will be joining in too, I am sure. Troy, my 9 year old, will just roll his eyes at me first off, but we'll have him hooked soon enough.

I'm looking forward to having another way to increase my level of fitness. The polymetrics, the extreme yoga, the ab workouts..I can't wait.

I took Topaz out for a 6 mile run this morning before work. It was 28F and windy. BRRRR!!! I'll be lifting chest, shoulders and triceps tonight at the gym before I head to 3 hours of baseball tonight with the boys..another night of shivering on the field!

M1: 1 egg, 5 whites, hardboiled, 1 T ff mayo
M2: 4 oz chicken, 1 c carrots, 1 c celery, 2 c spinach, tomato, ff dressing
M3: 4 oz tuna (lemon zesty pouch), 1 apple
M4: 8 oz talapia, 2 c sauteed cabbage
M5: Myoplex light shake

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp 2 Week 4

Today begins week 4 of LLBCI-2. I'm down 7 pounds this Bootcamp, down 16.5 since the beginning of LL on February 9. Amazing. Simply amazing. Today I weighed in at 136.9; haven't seen those numbers in way too long.

My legs are recovering nicely. Yesterday's resistance training was working legs. I did quads and hamstrings. Everything is feeling good, but I squatted less than usual. I guess that is to be expected. By next week I am hoping to be squatting my 130 pounds and deadlifts at 120.

Today I run 5 miles with the run club; I'll be moving slower than usual I am sure. I haven't run on pavement yet since the race. My blisters are healing nicely. I still can't get my running shoes on because of this honking huge one on the heel. I thought it would pop on its own by now, but it is being stubborn.

I'll be lifting upper body: chest, biceps and shoulders.

M1: 1 egg, 5 whites, 2 c green beans
M2: 1 hard boiled egg, 5 hard boiled whites, 1 banana
M3: 4 oz chicken, 1 c chopped celery, 1 c chopped carrots, 1 chopped apple, 1 T lf mayo
M4: 5 oz tuna in a pouch, 1 apple
M5: 6 oz talapia, 2 c sauted cabbage

I'm hungry today. Real hungry. Drinking tons of water and pretending I'm not hungry..

Saturday, April 23, 2005

OH MY GOSH! I DID IT!! Finish; McNaughton 100 Mile Trail race..this is Doug Hansel who finished up with me. Yahoo!! Posted by Hello

Sunset; McNaughton 100 Mile Trail Race, 70 miles in... Posted by Hello

ME! McNaughton 100 Mile Trail Race Posted by Hello

"Rope Rock" McNaughton 100 Mile Trail Race Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005


It's hard to believe that one week ago I was travelling to Pekin, IL; not knowing what the future would bring. I was so worried, so anxious, so scared. I'm sure glad everything turned out OK; more than OK.

This week I've been riding bike with the boys in order to get my LL cardio minutes in. We've been riding 1-1.2 hours an evening. It's been nice too, Topaz has come along on most jaunts with us. He's missing his runs, as am I, I am sure.

Get this: I'm down to 138 pounds. WOW. My lowest in over 10 years. That is so awesome. 14 pounds of ugly fat gone. It is finally leaving my butt and thighs now too. The first 10 pounds was all upper body, now the lower is burning off.

My feet are healing, still ugly, bruised and blistered but not as painful as earlier this week. I'm able to walk well and am hoping to go out for a jog on the trail with Topaz tomorrow!

Thank you for all of the kind words; I appreciate it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

McNaughton 100 Mile Trail Run..Report

I was running with some friends at the Zumbro River Bottoms this past
December, when Larry Pederson told me he thought I was ready for the 100
mile distance. He had been telling me this for the past year, that I
should move up to the 100, I kept telling him no, never, not me, no way.

This day was a bit different than the prior times that I said no, not me.
I told him I was contemplating trying the Kettle Moraine 100 Mile race in
June, but they were able to persuade me to run the McNaughton 100 Mile Trail run in
April, instead. Part of the reason was because my friend, Bonnie Riley,
who had won the Woman’s Champion the previous year, was going back in
2005. She jumped right in and helped Larry persuade me to try McNaughton.
I have run many miles with Bonnie; we ran our first 50K and our first 50
Mile race together. I knew that just having her out on the course during
my first 100 miler was one very good reason to choose McNaughton as my
race. I was very worried about getting in the long runs, as the trails
were covered in deep snow and there were no 50K/50 mile races in MN
before the April 16 McNaughton date. But once I said 'yes, I’ll run
McNaughton', everything else fell into place.

As race day drew near we began to make our travel plans. I would ride
along with Bonnie, who was running the 100, Larry Pederson, who was running
the 30 mile and Don Clark who would be pacing Bonnie during the race.

We had a long car ride to Pekin, IL. I left my home at 5:45 AM and
arrived in Pekin, IL at 7:00 PM. We attended the packet pick-up where I
met many others who would be taking part in the race the next day. I
walked over to the start of the course, it was a steep downhill and then a
sharp uphill. Others at the packet pick-up told me the course was tough.
One person told me the elevation change during the 100 mile distance was a
total of 16,000 feet. I don’t know if that is true or not. Two women told
me they were running the 30 mile distance because that was all that was
necessary on this course. They told me the downhill and uphills were
constant and a killer. Great.

As we left the packet pick-up, my doubts were beginning to subside; I
began to focus on the race and what I needed to do tonight: get my pack
ready, my drop bag, clothes out, etc.

The McNaughton race is run on a 10 mile loop so we were able to leave drop
bags at the start/finish area. This was a great help in planning what to
bring. I wouldn’t need multiple drop bags placed strategically along the
course. I could dump everything into one bag at one location.

4 AM Saturday morning arrived. We dressed, ate breakfast and packed up the
car. This was it. This was the day that I had been looking forward to and
training for, for four months. We arrived at the race start in plenty of
time to chat with other race participants. I sat at the fire, trying to
warm up. It felt chilly since I was just sitting around. I began to chat
with someone named John, who sat next to me. I ended up seeing him quite a
bit on the trail, and he finished in 2nd place! Only 3 minutes after
1st place in 18 hours and some change. Can you imagine?

Race Director, Andy, gave us the word and we were off. Tears were flowing
from my eyes. I was running my first 100 mile race. This was it, what was
going to happen? I said a prayer and was on my way.

The course was just spectacular. The foliage was green, the wildflowers
were incredible. There were fields of Virginia Blue-Bells and many other
wild flowers. The sky became clear and it warmed into the 70’s. What an
awesome day.

I was surprised, and worried, by the multiple hills. The hills were one
after another, up and down, up and down. There are also 3 stream
crossings. I didn’t bother trying to keep my feet dry; I figured they were
going to become wet eventually and the cold water felt quite good on them

My first ten mile loop was 2:06; my goal pace was to run the first 4 loops
at 2:20 each. I changed my pace after the first loop and the second 10
mile stretch was finished in 2:16, right where I wanted to be. I held this
pace during most of the race, except for the dark hours of midnight to 4
AM where one loop took me 4 hours!

During the second loop I began to run with ‘Steve from Missouri”, we ended
up running 50 miles together. He was a fan of Rocky movies, I haven’t seen
any Rocky movies, so he narrated Rocky 1 to 5 for me. I just listened and
enjoyed the conversation. It took my mind off of all the hills and the
pain of my blistering feet.

Each loop that I finished brought me closer to my goal. I began to get a
bit nervous (well, more than nervous) about running during the night. I
had lights, but not very much experience with them. Bonnie had purchased a
head lamp for me and I had a hand held, with extra batteries, so I was
prepared; but mentally, I was afraid of the night. It was inexperience
and just not knowing how I would deal with running (or walking) through
the night-time hours. Would I become scared, lost, I didn’t know.

I came into the start/finish just before 6PM, finishing my 50 miles. I
told Don and Larry I felt great, I hadn’t hit my bad patch yet, that I was
waiting for it. I kept thinking “I feel so good, when is this going to
change? When is the bad patch going to hit? It has to come soon.” They
told me to keep eating, that maybe the bad patch just wouldn’t come, that
I didn’t have to go through a rough spot. Well, this was news to me. It
was so strange, just because they told me that I didn’t HAVE to have a
rough spot, I was able to put that out of mind, to put that doubt to rest
and to focus instead, on finishing this race. I don’t know why I needed
them to say those words to me.

I grabbed my lights and told Steve from Missouri that I would head out, as
was our practice. He liked to spend more time at the aid station, I wanted
to get out of there and start ahead, then he’d catch me and we’d run the
rest of the loop together. I only needed my light for a bit of this loop
as the sun was just setting as we finished up 60 miles. I still felt
really good. Steve was slowing down so I headed out again without him. I
didn’t see anyone else on the trail at all for a very long time. He didn’t
catch up to me that loop so I was out on my own. The darkness freaked me
out. I could hear wolves in the distance, I pretended that they were dogs
but I knew they were wolves. I could hear all kinds of things in the
woods. I saw bats and one almost hit my head! I was afraid they were
darting toward my head-lamp.

The course was very well marked. There was really no way that I could
become lost, thank goodness! I continued to eat a good amount of food. I
had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, baked potato, chicken noodle soup,
grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. I felt like I was at a buffet, I was
eating and drinking and all was well. But I was by myself and I didn’t
like that.

As I was reaching the 70 mile mark I came up to the Heaven’s Gate aid
station and a runner that I recognized as Doug Hansel was filling his
bottle. I had met Doug at the Superior races in 2003; he was the winner
of the 100 mile race. I had run the 50 mile, and after waking up, walked
down to the finish line. Doug just happened to win the race as I was
sitting there watching. Nobody was around when Doug finished so I stoop up
and yelled “You just won the Superior 100 Mile Trail Run and all you get
is Julie Berg clapping for you” I re-introduced myself to him as the only
spectator as he finished Superior. He remembered me and we began to chat.
He told me he was going to drop, that he was sick and not having a good
run. I told him this was my first 100, that I was feeling great but afraid
of running in the dark by myself. He told me he’d run with me to the 70
mile mark; but once there, he might drop out.

It was so nice to have Doug to run with! I told him that I had been
running with Steve from Missouri but hadn’t seen him for quite some time.
Doug told me that there was a Steve at the previous aid station that had
dropped. As it turned out, it was a different Steve.

Doug and I came into the 70 mile point. We ate and filled our bottles and
Doug went to the fire. I didn’t think I’d get him going again. I thought
he was finished. Andy came up to me and asked if I’d like to know where I
was placing in the race. I told him it didn’t really matter, that I wasn’t
very competitive, that I just wanted to finish this thing in under 36
hours and that 30 hours would be awesome. I had been telling Doug that I
wasn’t competitive and that I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for
him, to have won races, to be in the hunt for a win. Well, Andy told me
that I was in 2nd place and that the 1st place woman wasn’t feel very
well, but was out on the course, about 30 minutes ahead of me. Well,
something happened to me when I heard that. I wanted to catch her! All of
a sudden I began to imagine what it would feel like to take 2nd place in
my first 100 miler..and I began to think about what it would feel like to
take 1st place. Wow, what a feeling that would be. I told Andy that I had
been running with Doug, Andy told me that Doug was done. He wasn’t going
to run anymore. Bummer for me. I finished my sandwich and asked Andy to
let Doug know I was heading out and would see him later. As I was trotting
down the hill, Doug showed up! He told me Andy told him I was in 2nd place
and that he would help me through the night. I was so grateful.

Doug just chatted up a storm. He would talk talk talk and I only had to
listen and throw in a word here and there. He talked about previous races,
about movies and he did a great Spongebob impersonation. I had a truly
good time running with Doug. I eventually talked him into finishing the
race with me. What did he have to lose? It could be his PR for his slowest
100, why not? He told me he’d try. He was having real bad stomach problems
and wasn’t able to eat anything. Here I was, eating so much, not having
any problems. I felt badly for him, but was so very grateful that I had
found him.

As we were coming near to the 80th mile, we came upon the 1st place woman.
She was feeling badly and was going to take a rest for a while at the
start/finish. I couldn’t believe that I was in 1st place. As we ran into
the 80th mile Andy confirmed to me that I was in first. I told him that
this was asinine. I couldn’t be. He said I was. This changed my
perspective of the race. I was no longer going to slog through the next 20 miles to finish; I was going to work myhardest wo win. WIN. Me? Win a race..and a hundred miler? Good lord. Crazy. I yelled out "Doug, I'm in FIRST place! We have to go! Hurry!" I borke into a run and flew down the hill.Well, it felt like I was flying, I probably wasn't though. He caught me a few minutes later and we ran that next 10 miles as fast as I could go.

Every time I came into the start/finish area Andy was right there, congratulating me on each lap I finished. He would ask what I needed, would tell me what food was available (potato, pizza, soup, sandwich) would then get a vollunteer to put together the meal and fill my bottle. It was amazing. I flet like a queen each time I came into an aid station. A dirty, smelly, tired queen!

90 miles in, Larry Pederson was back at the race to finish with me. ANdy told me I was still in first but htat there were 4 other women back there, he wasn't sure where. Oh my gosh, I had to get moving. Doug was getting some cookies, Larry was going to get his pack, I said “I’m going. I’m out of here, you guys will catch me!” I flew on down the hill for my last lap.
I wasn’t flying of course, but I was doing all I could do to get this
done. Larry and Doug caught up, Doug joked that I was a sand-bagger,
that after walking the 12 AM-4AM loop, he couldn’t believe I could move.
Larry and Doug were giving me a very hard time about ‘not being
competitive'. We ran most of that last loop, even some of the uphills; I
gave it my best. I was still leery of the bad patch coming through to
claim me, but boy oh boy, I was going to finish this thing, and under 30
hours, too. Unbelievable.

As we were running to the finish, I gave Larry my camera to run ahead to
get a picture of me finishing this race. I couldn’t believe it. I finished
my first 100 miler race in 29:07..and took 1st woman to boot. What a
day…or two.

I and Larry sat at the finish line, watching the runners finish the race.
It was such an awesome sight, to watch these runners finish their 100 mile
races. Everyone was so grateful to be finished. To have met the challenge
of a 100 mile race. I had tears in my eyes every time a runner came in.

As Bonnie and Don reached the finish line I felt such gratitude toward
both of them. Bonnie has been such a wonderful friend, Don has given me such guidance. To see them cross the finish line was spectacular.

All four of us climbed into the car; dirty and sweaty and tired and
smelly. I arrived home at 3:30 AM; having not slept since Friday evening!
Well worth a 100 mile finish.

I'll post some pictures soon!

Monday, April 18, 2005


For real, I did it! I haven't had time to write my full race report, I will within the next day or so. Short story is that I finished my first 100 mile race in 29 hours and 7 minutes. Yahoo!! Guess what? I won FIRST WOMAN! Unreal..unreal..I can't believe it. Yup, I'm sore and my feet are at their worst..but I finished that buggar and that shows me that we can all do whatever we set our mind to.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

..on my way...

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Pekin, IL to run the first 100 mile trail run of my life. Hopefully the first of a number of them. Hopefully this is a great experience. Hopefully this is a finish. Hopefully I don't injure myself. Hopefully I come back on Sunday and write up a successful race report.

The doubts are getting to me. This is just how I felt before my first marathon, my first 50K, my first 50 mile and my first 100K. A person just doesn't know what they are capable of the first time. Once I finish this baby, some of those fears will disapate as I prepare for the next 100.

I can do this. I am prepared. I have trained my a$$ off. I have logged the miles. I will be successful. Yes, my feet will be sore, they will blister, I will be tired and depleated..but I am strong. I am woman, hear me roar! Ha.

Yesteday a recovering meth addict came into the HS to speak with the students. Meth is taking over our community in a scary way. This addict has been clean for 2 years. After the presentation - which was very well done - and hopefully will give the students the courage to say NO to meth - he had a question/answer discussion. I had so many questions. I asked him if he had replaced the meth addiction with something else. He looked at me and smiled, asked if he was speaking with another addict, I told him yes, I'm a recovering alcoholic. He said 'well, this speaking engagement has become a part of my passion, my obsession, going into schools and communties telling of the horrors of meth use and the way it will kill every user..that and I play an awful lot of online cards" I was like ,WTF? Online 'cards?' I guess there is another addiction out there for everyone. He then asked me what mine was. In front of the whole damn school I told him that I'm an ultra runner and have a 100 mile race coming up on Saturday. Sh+t. Nobody knew. Only a few teachers who are in my run club knew I was doing this race. Now they all know, and think I'm nuts.

I believe that all recoving addicts will replace that addictive behavior with another. Be it food, running, gambling; some obsession will come along the way to replace the addictive behavior.

I asked this addict who has seven children "how will you get it through to your children, not to use meth" he said that by being honest, showing his children what meth abuse will do to you, showing them warning signs, keeping a communicative realtionship with them, telling them of the horror he went through, that this will have to be enough to keep them from trying. That's my question. How do you get your children to NEVER use. Not once. They can't try meth, they will be forever addicted. Plus, my children have the 'compulsive/addictive' genes.

He gave a presentation to the Middle School, so Tyler saw it. I asked Tyler what he thought. He said he would have said no to meth before, now he will really say no to meth. Good.

I know a few families whose lives are being torn apart because of meth addiction. It's damn scary. Let your children know all about meth, if you don't know, find out.

Hey-on the weight loss front: down 13 pounds yahoo! I finally reached the 130's today. 139.7 to be exact! I'll be adding carbs back in now for the race and will be doing pb&j, cliff bars, etc. during the run as well as salt tablets. I'm expecting an increase in weight for Monday's weigh in, but it will leave too.

For LL BCI-2, our team is down 29.9 pounds, we are in first place..get this..I've lost the most on the team so far. Unbelievable!

Over and Out-

Saturday, April 09, 2005


I was able to locate a bettter before from I just updated.

Off to run the trail now. I'm not liking this taper thing very much. No long runs this weekend, just an hour here and there. Will be bike riding later in the day with the boys.

Oh my god, one week from now I'll be running my 100 mile race. That kind of scares me...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Measurements-will the lower body fat EVER leave?

2-10-05 (152) 3-20-05 (146) 4-8-05 (142)
Thigh 23.5 23.5 23. (-.5)
Hip 37.5 37.5 35.5 (-2.)
Butt 40. 39.75 39.75 (-.25) Come On Butt!
Waist 29.5 27.5 27. (-2.5)
Chest 33.5 32. 31.5 (-2.)
Bicep 12. 12. 12. 0
Calf 15. 15. 15. 0

I loss of 7.25 inches. Good stuff. Kept the size on my bicep and calves; like that. But will this butt and thigh fat ever leave me? It is interesting, because with all the running I do one would think I'd have lean legs. BUT I don't work them real hard in the gym for fear of fatiguing them during races. This is key, I believe. Not nearly as much weight lifting on the legs than the upper body. I work upper body 2x a week; legs once. Now after this next race I'm going to work them over. Splitting calves/hams/quads to see what I can do to get them shredded.

Today: lifting back/bicep; run 8 miles on trail with Topaz

Thursday, April 07, 2005


My biceps aren't flexed enough. Hmph. Now I'll have to get ds to take another. It must make a 13 year old boy feel uncomfortable to take pics of his mom in a bathing suit. I have to ask him 20 times before he'll cooperate!

Since when did I care whether or not I was flexing my biceps enough!?? Good grief!

I'm finishing Superior Trail 50 mile race! Oh my god, McNaughton 100 Mile is only 8 days away...I'm looking and all the fun I've had at these will inspire me to go into McNaughton with a positive, strong attitude! Posted by Hello

Grandmas Marathon 04. I and Ann, her first marathon! Posted by Hello

This is BCI 2 before. 4-6-05. A loss of 10.5 pounds. Woohoo! Can't wait to see the after on 5-11-05. OK, so my computer crashed and I had to take a picture of a picture for the before. Sorry ! Posted by Hello

This is the before.I had to take a picture of a picture. Horrible. 2-05 Posted by Hello

Before BC1 (2-05) and Before BCI (4-6-05) Posted by Hello

Bootcamp Begins

The Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive II began yesterday. We had our first teleconference last night; all 55 of us. Coach will again divide us into 3 groups so that we may compete against one another for VACATION VOUCHERS again! Yippee! I can't believe that I was one the winning team for the airfare/hotel last round. I've received the vouchers, now we need to plan the trip. Yahoo.

I won't be lifting legs for the next week and a half. My 100 is less than 2 weeks away and I don't want to stress them further. They are probably stressed as it is running 80+ miles a week. I'm lifting upper body 3x a week; dividing as back/biceps Day 1; shoulders/chest Day 2 and abs/triceps day 3. So far so good.

I'm cutting my running down by 30% this week to taper and will cut another 20% next week. I'll mainly be getting in my LL cardio, the training for the 100 is in the bank.

It is so beautiful in MN today; 71F and sunny. I brought my running clothes and iPod to work and ran on the track during my lunch hour for 50 minutes. I came back into the office fully refreshed and unstressed. I'll be running with Topaz on the trail tonight for 6 miles.

Last night was run club. Ran 5 miles in 38:45. Woohoo!

Eats today:
M1: 5 egg whites, 1 egg, 2 c green beans
M2: 5 hard boiled egg whites, 1 banana
M3: 1 c. celery, 1 c. carrots, 1 apple, 1 T ff mayo, 4 oz chicken
M4: 1 lemon pepper tuna pouch, 1 baggie carrots
M5: 4 oz chicken breast, 2 c green and yellow peppers, onions
M6: ff sf chocolate pudding

I set up a 5 week aggressive plan with LL. I'm looking to lose 8 pounds this Bootcamp. I know I can do it to!

I installed my camera software and will reload the picasa hello with blogger thing today. I had to bribe my son with money to take pictures of me!

Monday, April 04, 2005


Monday mornings are tough! I just want to snuggle down into my covers and stay there for one more hour!

I had a great weekend of running. Saturday I awoke at 3:45 to head down to Southern Minnesota to run a 50K on the Zumbro River Bottoms. It was so awesome. We ran along the river bluffs, the cliffs, then down, down, down, to the bottoms of the River. It was beautiful. Lots of mud, lots of hills, lots of fun. I ran 50K in 6:45. I had to be home by 3:00 to bring Troy to his baseball evaluation as Steve was out of town. I finished the race, said thanks and had to drive the 3 hours back home as fast as I could!

Sunday was another spectacular MN spring day. 60 degrees F, a light breeze. I and Topaz ran 10 miles on the trail. The woods were extremely loud! Birds, ducks, mother nature was awake. I love it.

OK, so now I guess it is time to taper for the McNaughton 100 Mile Trail Race. 12 days away.

I'm down 10.5 pounds. I took pictures; just have to re-load my camera software. When my computer crashed it all went with it.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Personal Bests

Spring in Minnesota is such a treat. We have suffered through 4 months of bitter cold, wind and snow. I hate winter..but I live here and love the other 3 seasons so I suffer out winter. A few years ago I decided to try snow boarding with my boys. I enjoyed it very much, still do. We cross country ski, snow tube and of course, I snow shoe run. I try to like winter, I participate in winter sports, but I still don't like it. Spring now, this is special. It's been in the 50's, sunny, the snow is melting, the ice is gone. It is awesome. Last night I went for my first 'shorts' run. Ahhh..freedom! I've been running in tights and wind pants, two shirts and a jacket, gloves and ear warmers, neck gaitor for so long I can't stand it. Shorts and a short sleeved shirt was just awesome. So, Topaz and I ran 10 miles.

After my run I brought both boys to their baseball practices and headed to the gym to lift traps, triceps and back, before having to pick them up. I reached a few personal bests: dumbell row: 35lbsx12x4; close grip lat pull down: 105x12x4; barbell deadlifts: 110x12x4. I'm lifting more! I'm getting progressively stronger!

The fat is melting too. As I posted earlier I had an aggressive loss of over 2 pounds last week. This week I've set up a moderate loss of 1 pound. I'm eating 1400-1500 cals a day this week.

M1: 5 egg whites, 2 c. frozen veggies
M2: 1 hard boiled egg, 5 hard boiled whites; 1 T ff, ns mayo, 1 c. celery, 1 c. carrots
M3: 4 oz chicken, 1 chopped apple, 1 c. celery, 1 c. carrots, 1 T ff, ns mayo
M4: 4 oz tuna, 1 banana
M5: 8 oz Talapia, 2 c sauteed cabbage

I never dreamed I'd eat 8 cups of veggies in a day!

Will run Topaz on trail for 6 miles tonight. I have a 50K run tomorrow at the Zumbro River Bottoms in beautiful Southern Minnesota tomorrow. Then it's taper time. My mileage will cut down to 30 miles next week and 20 miles after that. Only 2 weeks to the biggest, longest race of my life. The McNaughton 100 mile race. Here's the website:

My iPod case arrived yesterday...the iPod is scheduled to arrive today!

Have an awesome Friday!!