Monday, June 30, 2008

Turtle Brownie

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Thick Rich Caramel-y Goodness

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The recipe called for an 8" square. I couldn't do it. I had to double and create a 9x13

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Turtle Brownies

Because Steve and I celebrated our 24th Anniversary yesterday I asked him to pick out a dessert to go with the grilled 2" thick pork chops, strawberry-spinach salad and warm, homemade whole wheat bread I was making for dinner. He and Troy settled on Turtle Brownies.

They give my Oreo Crunch Brownies a run for the the best brownie ever. Troy told me that I will have to make both of them at the same time so he can taste test to see which brownies earns the best honor. In due time!

Today on the baking list: Apple Cheddar Scones

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunrise at Hyland

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Just a Few Hyland

On Monday I drove over to Powder Ridge in Kimball to get in another session of hill repeats. It wasn't meant to be. The ski area was closed due to a resurface project. Reseeding grass or something.

I decided to hook up with Paul over at Hyland this morning. We were to begin at 5 AM. I woke bright and early..well not was 330 AM. A couple of cups of Caribou Mocha Java from my French Press and I was good to go.

Luckily Paul sent me detailed directions as where to go once in the parking lot. I jogged along the dark, woodsy trail, hauling my cooler in one hand and looking at the detailed directions in the other. I found the hill and set up shop. Something must have come up because I never did see Paul.

This hill isn't a long as Buck or Powder Ridge. I began at 445 AM, running the dirt trail loop around the hill 3 times for a warm up, then ran 20 repeats, 3 more dirt trail loops, 20 repeats, 3 more dirt trail loops, 20 more repeats and one final dirt trail loop.

By the time I finished 20 repeats I was becoming bored with the hill and bored with myself. Luckily Carl Gammon spotted me and came over for a chat. He was meeting a friend at 730 at the visitor center, I was hoping they would be back to visit some more. Pretty soon, Carl and Deb Robinson showed up. I've known Deb for a few years; I think we first met at FANS, where I usually see her each year, as well as Afton 50K. She's a nice gal. Carl has talked her into pacing him at Superior 100. About an hour or so after Carl and Deb left, Kurt Decker arrived. We ran a few repeats, he broke up the tedium for me. We talked about Leadville, as Kurt is running too. Kurt left and right away Maynard Legace showed up. Maynard has run Leadville before and had some great stories and good advice to share. We laugh the whole time we run. We ran quite a few repeats together. I was getting tired. Just as I was near 60 repeats Steve Quick showed up. He was going to run hill repeats, too. As I reached 60 I told Maynard and Steve I was calling it a wrap. Maynard and I ran the final dirt loop where I packed up and hauled my cooler out. Maynard offered to carry it and I wouldn't have it. By the time we were half way to the lot he put out his arm to carry it for me. I gave it to him, no problem! I was tired!! 5:15 hours was good enough for me. Next hill session will be 6 hours.

Thanks for the company, boys.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Week of Less Miles, More Quality

Last week I ran 105 miles; most of the miles were just lallygagging along the trail with Topaz; enjoying myself and the woods. Some of the miles were social: 21 miles at Afton with friends, with my coaching groups. Many miles, but mainly easy, relaxing and fun miles.

This week I'm getting in less miles but they are of a higher quality. Monday was a tempo run AM, stair stepper PM. Tuesday was a run with Topaz on the trail for fun AM, PM lift upper body. After coaching my AM group on Wednesday I hit the track for mile repeats. I haven't done them in a while. I worked out alongside the High School Strength and Conditioning class. First the girls came out, then an hour later it was the boys. I was still out there running when they were all finished.

I completed a two mile warm up then 10-1 mile repeats ranging from 714 (too fast!) to 814. I ended the session with a two mile cool down. By the time I finished it was high noon, the sun was scorching and I was toast! The afternoon was spent swimming in the pool with the boys.

After an 8 mile recovery run on the trail yesterday I hit the gym for legs. I can almost increase the poundage on legs every week. Not so on upper body; there I am kind of stuck. Oh well. I am up to 210 x 12 x 4 for barbell squat. Gotta like that! I remember when my goal was 150.

Today is one run, easy fun run on the trail with Topaz. Tomorrow will be a longer run of the same.

Sunday is my hill day. Back to the ski hill to pound out a good 4-5 hour session. I may even go for 6 hours. I'll see how it goes. Total miles for the week will be in the 85 mile range.

Next Saturday is the Afton 50K. You should check out John's artistic side. He created all of the awards; they are stunning. There is a 25K and 50K option. Something for everyone! I missed this race last year as I was at Mayo with my Mom. Thank goodness she isn't there this year! Her cancer is gone and she is at the Women's US Open this weekend. A much better place for her to be :) I'm looking forward to the race this year, as a training run for me. Both of my July races, Afton and Voyaguer 50 Mile, are training races for Leadville 100, in August.

It's raining out. I guess I'll try whipping up the Dark Pumpernickel with Raisins from Bread Alone. Oh yeah...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Julie, Maria

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Tom and Nancy

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Just Chillin' Jeff, Keith, Alicia

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Friends and Family

This weekend was one of those weekends in which I would not change a thing. It was wonderful.

The weather was perfect. A 10. Low 80's, sunny, a light breeze to wipe the sweat from my brow and keep some of the mosquitoes at bay.

Friday night Steve went fishing on Lake Minnetonka and limited out on Northern; my favorite. While he was fishing and Troy was spending the night at a friends home, I watched Tyler play baseball. He did some pitching and catching; I love to watch.

Saturday I rose at 4AM to head out to Afton to run with my friends. I actually arrived in time to use the bathroom and apply sunscreen. I have the longest drive of the group and am usually last to arrive. This time I was able to wait for the others. Maria, Carl, Alicia, Jeffery and I headed out for a run along the trail.

The St. Croix is extremely high this year. The low areas were all filled in-trying to resurrect the dormant mosquito eggs. We had a fun run; lot of conversation centered around planning of races, our 3rd annual BETA on the Superior Hiking Trail, reminiscing and such.

After 4 hours of running we arrived back to the lot to refuel and hydrate. It was warm out and with only one area to refill my bottle, I was under hydrated. I drank 2 bottles of Heed, but knew that in the warm temperature, this certainly wasn't enough. Maria, Carl and I headed out for another hour of fun. My legs were getting tired, I was tripping over stumps on the snowshoe loop. As we headed back to the lot after 5 hours running, I was craving my Diet Pepsi. A sure sign that I was finished running!

Maria, Carl and I arrived back to the lot to chill with Alicia, Tom, Nancy, Jeffery and Keith. Good friends, good times.

When I arrived home the pool was open and ready for swimming. Up until this last week it's been rainy and cool. We've never opened the pool this late in the summer. We played in the pool all afternoon.

Today Topaz and I headed out for a 20 mile run. We began at 5 as it was warm again and Topaz doesn't care for the heat all that much. He was quite a bit faster than me today, I was tired, compiling 105 miles for the week. For the first 10 miles I was dragging butt, he was running back and forth, running loops around me. He didn't get his run on yesterday. I finally found my zone after 10 miles so the last 10 were much more enjoyable. Such a beautiful morning in the woods and not another person was out there.

Back home to quickly shower and grocery shop. My sister, Laurie, asked me to teach her to bake bread and caramel pecan rolls. She and Lukas came to spend the day. While the boys swam, we had a marathon session of baking. From 12-630 we were mixing, kneading, rising and baking, taking breaks out on the deck, soaking in the warm sun. I didn't scare her off either. She's up to try a Havarti-Rye next week She went home with her 2 trays of rolls and 2 loaves of bread, impressing her husband, Tim, and making Lukas, my nephew, very happy with the sugary treats.

Ski hills are back on the training schedule for tomorrow. Leadville, here I come..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Living My Dream

Since I ran my first marathon I have had a yearning to show women who had a spark of interest in running, how to become a runner.

There was always something about a runners' lifestyle, their passion to the sport, their commitment to them self that I didn't quite understand..but that I wanted to emulate.

While I was drinking and spending most weekend mornings with a hangover, I would walk my Shetland Sheepdogs, Dusty and Breezy, to a little park in New Hope, near our home. There were two women that I would see running each morning. I would imagine them eating yogurt and bananas before their run, I would imagine they grilled chicken breasts and ate large salads, they drank their water, they didn't get drunk all of the time and they didn't smoke cigarettes. I would imagine they created friendships with other runners and lived what I considered to be a runners lifestyle.

I used to imagine me in that lifestyle. I didn't quite fit, but I did yearn for it. For the health, for honoring myself by doing something good for myself, for the sobriety and all around wellness, for the camaraderie of others that didn't include drinking, parties and bars. I imagined this, but didn't quite know how to put it into place.

Eventually I became sober, quit smoking and began to live a healthier life. Running was part of this life that kept me sober. I began to search for other runners, and found a group called The Minnesota Connectors. We found one another online, we were a group of women that were reading Oprah's Make the Connection and Tawni Gomes No More Excuses. Somehow I became the "Connector Rep" for Minnesota. I was the online cheerleader for these women to become runners. We would meet together, at one an other's homes, and would talk about racing. We would meet at 5K, 8K and 10K's. It was a blast. A few of us went on to run marathons. Jan and I ran Grandmas Marathon together; our first marathon. It was amazing and I will never forget Jan, because of it. Eventually our group fell apart, life became busy for many and many didn't find the passion for running that I did.

The spark to coach beginning woman runners has been with me since. I just didn't have the confidence, the experience to act on this dream.

I visualized what it would be like to be a marathoner, then an ultra runner; what the lifestyle would be like. What the training would involve, I read all that I can. I am passionate about running. I love to run.

When MDRA sent out an email to ask if I was interested in coaching a woman's group I was on the fence for a long time. Could I do this? I wasn't so sure. I'm so glad I silenced my fears of not being good enough and walked out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed coaching those women so very much. They were where I once was. Wanting to be a runner but not so sure how to become one. Wanting to be healthy, to honor oneself with commitment and following through, but not sure what to do. I would have loved to have had a group like this when I was first interested in running.

This week I began to coach women in my hometown. I have a group on Wednesday mornings and a group on Thursday evenings. It is fabulous. It is just what I had imagined it would be. We talk, we share what we are comfortable sharing with one another, we warm up, we walk, we run, we laugh, we smile, we break through our fears and out of our comfort zones. It's amazing. We're growing.

I'm living the dream that I held privately for so long.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Organic White: My First Crack At This One

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I'm Still Baking!

I feel recovered from FANS. I'm back to the gym for lifting and stair stepping. I'm running each day, feeling good.

I'm still baking and experimenting with breads. I find it so fascinating because it isn't easy and I am never sure what will turn up.

Each morning I pretty much eat the same breakfast post run:

Fortified French Toast
2 slices bread
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
3 egg whites
I mix the powder and whites up, soak the bread in the mix and fry in Pam. I eat with ICBINB spray and no sugar syrup. I love it.

Now I'm using my organic bread in my Fortified French Toast. It's awesome!

Day 4 of summer vacation and it has been sunny and 75 degrees every day. I love it!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ready To Eat!

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All Puffed Up

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Pain Au Levain

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Julie's Balls

2 C Oatmeal
1 C Natural Peanut Butter
1 C Honey
1 C Chocolate Chips
1 C Coconut

Mix first 4 ingredients; form into balls and roll in coconut.
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School's Out For Summer..

School's out for summer
School's out forever
No more pencils
No more books..Alice Cooper

Oh yeah, I am now on summer vacation. You just can't beat it. 8 weeks of relaxation; only my fun schedule to follow of hanging with the boys, running, swimming, gardening, whatever I feel like.

Whenever I feel the passing fancy of going back to work, downtown Minneapolis for the past employer, in the posh luxury office building, with the mucho mega bucks and the bottomless budget..I need to remind myself of summer vacation and the passing fancy goes away.

I can't believe that it has been five years since I began to work for the school district. I survived the 2 million dollar budget cut this round, so I even have a job to return to late summer. Next year-all bets are off.

Because I have only been working out once a day as I am recovering from FANS 24 Hour Run..I have been doing a whole boat load of baking.

I baked another bread from Bread Alone. I chose the recipe with the most preparation, the biggest loaf I could find. The Pain Au Levain. I first had to develop a 'chef' that I had to feed every day for 3 days; it was a bubbling, growing live mass. I then added the chef to the bread ingredients and I had to let it rise, punch it down, let it rise, punch it down and shape and rise again. It was wonderful! It was a full 4 pound loaf.

I baked more caramel pecan rolls and then cinnamon rolls. The boys liked the cinnamon rolls better than the caramel pecan so I made them again. Tyler's friend came over and ate 4 of them! They are huge, light and airy wonderful rolls. I make two 9x13 pans full and they are gone in less than 2 days.

I now have a Grasshopper Fudge Cake in the oven. After spending the day on the baseball fields and attending a graduation party, I realized it is Father's Day tomorrow, hence the cake baking. Steve's favorite meal is grilled New York Strip with carrot, potato and onion in foil packets on the grill. After the ball games, we'll celebrate Father's Day.

This week I walked Monday and Tuesday, and ran Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Just nice little 5 mile runs on the trail with Topaz; a few 20 mile bike rides to and from work. Nice recovery stuff. Next week it is back to the hills, the stairstepper and lifting. I'm looking forward to it :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FANS Funnies

Thank you for the congratulations and all of the comments; they are fun to read.

I'm doing great. I was a bit stiff yesterday, I had a vacation day so I slept in until 8, or tried to. Toffee, my Ragdoll cat is used to being fed at 430 AM every morning when I usually wake. He was kneading on my chest, (I later trimmed his claws!) purring in my ear and making a nuisance of himself. Eventually he curled up on my head and caused me to dream that I was running with a fur hat! Crazy.

Anyhow, Topaz and I headed for the trail for a slow walk. I was quite amazed to find that my shoes fit. This has never happened before post 100. Usually I am too swollen to fit into any footwear but Tyler's size 16 boots or shoes. Walking was difficult at first but after a half mile or so I was really clipping along. Right. 3 miles in 1:05! Felt good to move though.

The boys asked me if I was going to spend the day nesting again. Sunday I nested on the couch most of the day. Nope, I did some weeding in my gardens, read my bread books and watched the boys play ball. I didn't participate.

Today I went back to work..I only have three days left now! Woohoo. Topaz and I took another 3 mile walk, this time with a bit of jogging and we finished in :40. Feeling better.

I was remembering some fun things about FANS:

The Billion Dollar Bribe: Maynard (he did run a lap with me, I failed to mention that in my report), Ed and Gene were in a group crewing. As I ran by I said "there are the best three looking guys around today". They laughed and had comments. Maynard asked me to say that every time I ran past. I began too, every lap, I said something about how handsome they were. Maynard said he'd pay me $5 if I continued. Eventually Maynard came up to me with a Billion Dollar Bill. It was pretty hysterical.

Royal Dogs: As I was at about 60 miles I came across a woman and man, each holding a leash with the most beautiful, elegant yet masculine, long haired, dog. They had two of them. These dogs had backs that were up to my waist. They were majestic. I stopped dead in my tracks. I walked over to the people and fell over my words, telling them how beautiful and wonderful and exquisite their dogs were. The woman thanked me profusely. As I looked into the dogs eyes I felt like they could see into my soul. I'm not kidding. I could see intelligence and that the dogs had a keen understanding of what was going on with me. It was incredible. And freaky. Did you see these dogs? Anyone? Have I been reading too many Terry Goodkind novels? Maybe I didn't see them at all. They were magic dogs.

Crazy Cheers: The group of people in the grassy area before the start. They were amazing. Each time I ran past them they would spot me coming and would start screaming and yelling. I would smile and laugh and wave and thank them for being so kind to me. One time that I passed they asked me my name, another time they asked me if I was running the 12 or 24, they were such a lift, I found myself looking forward to seeing them each lap. Eventually as I came around I only saw one lone man left. He told me his runner ran the 12 hour, he was finished and he was leaving. He told me he felt like he was bailing on me and felt badly about it. He waited for me to come around to let me know! I told him no, no, no! Feel happy, you brought me joy every time I passed and I thank you. Yesterday Adam Harmer left the comment for me that this group was his, and I was their favorite runner.

Tattoo Tom: Tom Andrews wanted me to flash him my tattoo each time I passed. I don't know who told him I had a tattoo. He told me I should wear a backless shirt. I told him I may just take my shirt off with all of the heat and humidity. I never did.

Kissing and Tell Ed: Every time I passed Ed K. he had something smart to say to me with a smooch smooch sound. Finally, at the end of the race, when I was all dirty and grimy and sweaty and gross..he kissed my arm. Ewww!

Bob Who? I didn't recognize Bob Metzger! He was standing right next to me at the check in. I looked at him, said hello, but didn't know who he was. When he spoke in that smooth voice I was stunned! Short hair, dark glasses; it was very nice to see Bob and Chris again.

The Wave: Each time I passed the group of spectators past the start/finish, near the first beach, they gave me the wave. "Here comes the pink girl, let's wave her!" It was awesome.

Swag: I received the 100 Miles in 24 Hours sweatshirt, a 500 Miles Vest, the 3rd Place Woman plaque, the FANS Mt. Nokomis T shirt. Lots of goodies!

FANS really is a fun race. Everything is well organized from the packet pickup, the weigh ins, the post race breakfast, timing, the spectators are a riot, so many friends are out there running..give it a try!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

FANS 2008; A Tough One

Earlier last week I was thinking about goals for FANS 2008. Goal 1: Run 100 miles no matter what. Goal 2: PR at 117 miles. Goal 3: 120 miles, why not?

I really believed I could run 120 miles. I'm in the best shape I have ever been in. I purchased a Garmin 50-the low end model as a pacing tool,without all the GPS that I probably wouldn't be able to figure out anyway, AND it has a 200 hour battery, I still can't believe the GPS's have a 14 hour battery. When I called my friend, Kevin, to ask him to help manually calibrate it for me, I told his as much, without thinking. He told me he had a Garmin I could use. I stated "it only has a 14 hour battery life, what good is it, who the hell runs only 14 hours?" Oops. He chuckled and let me off the hook. You know, when you are running with, hanging out with 100 mile runners, you forget that 14 hours is enough for most.

Anyway, I took the Garmin for a spin: it worked, I could calculate my pace, mph, etc.etc.etc. I mean, come on, how difficult is running an 11 minute mile for 24 hours? I figured for potty breaks, food, etc. I could get in 120. Or 100. Or 117; the three goals.

The day was beautiful. Remember, I love to run in the heat. The forecast said 80, humid, storms. I could do without the storms.

E Fisher Drew invited me last week to set up near she and John, the crew extraordinaire. I took them up on it immediately. I brought out my duffel and cooler, arranged what I needed. Gels, premixed Hammer Heed (last year it took so damn long mixing up my Heed I wasted huge amounts of time), I had PBJ, Turkey, Julie's Balls, Code Red Mountain Dew, Red Bull, ice, ready to rock and roll.

I pulled into the lot, parking next to Steve Quick, on a mission for his first 100. He realized he forgot a hat; luckily, I had a spare for him. It fit, too :)

Visiting is the best part! I saw lots of friends, I can't list them all because there are a zillion. They are the best. We talked, laughed and mingled. Great fun.

Monica, who I worked with at Berkley Risk, walked up to me as I was sitting in my chair, with her sister. Her sister points to my leg and says "Oh look, its fat". I just kind of looked at her, and again, she said "FATS" I was thinking what the hell? They walked off and I asked John Drew "did she just call me fat" He said "I think so. But she's wrong" The man next to us said " No, she said SPATZ" Apparently spatz are gaitors?? I had on my bright pink gaitors, which received many comments by the way. Most comments were very nice, a few of the older stodgier men thought they were goofy because I wasn't running trail. Guess what? I still took dirt out of my socks!

The sun was warm, the humidity was becoming oppressive. I was sweating early. After a few laps I stopped at camp to reapply sunscreen, get my sunglasses and refuel. I couldn't eat solids. Already. Too early to not have an appetite. My mantra is eat early and often. I was drinking 24 oz of Heed every hour. My turkey sandwiches gave me the queasies. Everything did. What the heck? On 100 mile trail races I eat whole sandwiches, potatoes, soups, what's up with this?

I was never able to stomach any solids the whole 24 hours. Thank goodness I had 30 Espresso Hammergels along with 3 gallons of Heed. I also had Recoverite mixed in another gallon. This is what allowed me to get through the race.

The day was beautiful; there was a nice breeze, a partly sunny, then all sunny sky, I was all smiles and feeling good. I felt strong. I felt like I could hammer. Why run 10-11 minute miles when I feel good at 9-930? Well, for one, because it is a 24 hour race, silly girl.

I ran a few loops with John Taylor, who was doing well, looking strong. The rest of the day I ran by myself. It was fun to watch the families at the public beaches. I was shocked to see so many dog owners DRAGGING their dogs along on leash, tongues dragging, obviously in distress. One little Chihuahua was laying down as this woman pulled him along. I said Oh my gosh, can't you carry him? She says 'oh I suppose' Well, come on woman! I saw exhausted warm dogs all day -not to mention runners!

15 miles in my lap counter began to ring a cowbell and say YOU DID IT! I was like ... me? Yeah, you got it! I thought he lost a marble and was talking to someone else. I asked the gal I was able to get ice from and she told me that someone must have just reached 500 miles. I looked at my bib and it said Julie Berg 485 miles. I said, oh, that was me! Ooops.

As I was running through the public beach lot I saw someone up ahead waving her arms over her head. I couldn't quite figure out who it was yet, she was a ways away. It was Donna Rae! Donna, thank you so much for comming out. I look forward to seeing you at FANS each year. Pat came long too, it was great to see her again. Thank you DR! Love yah :)

Duke, Eve and Wynn came out to cheer us on. Eve did her classic jumping jacks for me! John, Cheri and Emma came to visit; it was great to see friends along the course. A big lift!

We had to weigh in at 4 hours; I was down 4 pounds. Of course I had been hydrating all week and I ate a bowl of oatmeal before the race. I was up higher than normal. By the next weigh in I stayed at 130 and continued to do so for the remainder of the race. You know what? 2 years ago when I ran this race Paul Hasse was on the scale before me, 155, I weighed in, 155. He looked at me and said with a big nice smile "Hey! We weigh the same!" He didn't mean it to say I'm a fattie, he was just pointing out the cool point that we weighed the same. I can't tell you how good it felt to weigh in at 130, fully dressed and carbo loaded-hydrated.

Maria took over my lap counting duties; it was so wonderful to have a good friends cheery face each lap. I reached 50 miles in less than 10 hours and 100K in less than 12. I've never run so quickly at this race before. I was feeling excellent, strong, on top of the world. I was concerned that I wasn't able to take in solids, and I was concerned about the runners who were calling it a day at 50 miles, but I continued to hydrate and gel up. It was the best I could do.

Sara and Pam were running their first FANS. They looked great! Sara was having difficulty with blisters but once she had them taped up she was able to get back to running. The had lots of smiles.

After Maria was done with duty, Jan took over. Jan had filled me in on Leadville and I just saw her at the Superior 25/50K. It was fun to see her each lap.

My knight in shining armour comes to run with me each night during FANS from 10:00 to 1:00 or so. Jefferey says he comes in the evening so that I am already worn out and he can keep up with me. I was getting worn out. My legs were cramping, my stomach was upset, I kept passing gas, it was embarrassing, I was running 1130 minute miles. He told me Sue Olsen was 7 minutes ahead of me, on the same lap. I didn't have it in me to catch her. I was just running my own race, lap by lap.

We ran 3 laps together, then I told him I had to walk one. I hadn't walked at all yet during the race. We made it to 83 or so, then Jefferey was off for home. I sure appreciate him coming out each year! Thank you :)

It began to rain, a bit, then harder. I changed out of my tank into a short sleeved shirt. I was soaked, cold and sore. I just wanted 100 frickin' miles. Funny how you re-adjust. I ran 100 miles at 21 hours and then walked two loops. My quads were fried. I couldn't figure it out, there are NO hills, it is flat flat flat other than one concrete bridge. It had to be the heat..this is the first time I had run at anything over 68F. The two warm weekends here I was up north. It had to be the humidity. It had to be the constant pounding of the pavement, which I haven't run on at all. I was hoping for 80! I love to run in the heat. Yikes. I need to add: after I am acclimated I like to run a 100 in the heat. My quads hurt, my skin hurt, my waist hurt and I wasn't wearing a belt around it! I was using a hand held. I was a hurting until.

I finished my final lap with Les. He joked to Cindy that he was with me so that he could beat me. He said he was +only+ 26 miles behind me.

At the finish Tom and Nancy arrived. They are just the sweetest. They carried my things to the shower house, led me into the shower and Nancy promised to check on me in 10 minutes. A shower has never felt so good. All the salt, dirty, sun screen, bug spray, dirt and whatnot..I was a mess.

Don and Bonnie and Marie were at the finish line. I ate breakfast with Don and Bonnie, Angie and crew and Don D. I had my appetite back! Usually I am not hungry after a 100, but boy I was famished this morning. After I stopped running and showered, my stomach came around. I ate scrambled eggs, bagels, fruit and sausage. Bonnie even went up to get me seconds on the sausage! It was fabulous.

I only live an hour away from Minneapolis. I had to stop in Minnetonka at a gas station to snooze for 30 minutes before continuing home! I am beat.

I'm very happy with 105 miles. Very very happy. I ended up with 3rd woman; Debra Horn was first at 114.xx and Sue Olson was second with 114.xx A very close race for first and second!

Sue received her 2000 mile award AND a cake with candles. Super cool. She rocks, man.

Last year 26 runners ran 100 miles; this year..I believe 6. The weather had a lot to do with it.

The boys unloaded all of my gear and were very happy to find my salted nut rolls, Red Bull, Julie's Balls, Code Red and Coke untouched.

I filled a cold bath and soaked as they snacked.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Bike Than Run

Now that the boys are enjoying their summer vacation, I am able to bike the 20 miles to and from work. During the school year we all ride in the car together. I have let them know that if the price of gasoline continues to rise they may find themselves on the bus and I will continue biking into work. I enjoy the time we spend together in the car though each day. I don't know that I am willing to give that up.

The biking into work has been great! I leave the house at 630, I am borrowing Troy's backpack to tuck in all of the necessities (lunch, cell, money), the route isn't too hilly and there is a nice wide shoulder along the country road in which I travel. It's been a nice workout. I arrive work at 7, work through my lunch and at 200 I get to go home. Awesome! Ride back home, visit with the boys, drive to the trail and run 5-8 miles with Topaz. Back home to whip up dinner, off to baseball. I've had this schedule all week.

The biking has been a nice rest for my legs prior to FANS 24 Hour Run this Saturday. Saturday looks to be 80F with storms. I think it has rained at FANS each year that I have run. I love the 80F part of the forecast. Warm sunshine makes me happy.

Tonight I'm going to prepare the balls I ate at McNaughton to bring along to FANS with me. They made me happy too! What's not to like about peanut butter, coconut, oats, chocolate chips and honey? Good stuff.

Yesterday in the mail I received my first bread book: Bread Alone. I can't wait to create some wonderful loaves while I recover from FANS next week.

Oh yeah, only 5 days left of work. Summer vacation here I come!