Monday, October 29, 2007

Goal Setter 2: Attained :)

This is more of a record for me; a record for me to refer to as to what works for me and what doesn't, it's all about fat loss and may be incredibly boring and dry for many of you! There, I warned you :)

My first goal setter went by quite quickly and painlessly. I was getting ready for Superior 100, then ran it, then lost a few pounds of water/bloat and reached the weight loss goal early. I had one 'splurge' meal at Champps Restaurant; a huge, hearty chicken breast sandwich slopped in cheese and avocado and huge salty criss cross cut potatoes. It was divine. Most interesting to me was that this didn't cause the scale to spike upward. I didn't have any sugar, and was completing at least 100 minutes of exercise a day in the form of running, lifting or the stair stepper. I guess this is the reason for the no gain post splurge meal. But still, it was full of sodium. But I drank a ton of water, too.

I learned during my first goal setter that I would not be having a sugar splurge meal. I have learned that I am probably..why can't I just say I AM? Why the 'probably'? I don't know..addicted to sugar. I can't stop. Dave explained during one of our weekly conversation early on 'sugar seems to always have the same outcome for you. One bite and the outcome never differs. You have one bite and always have more. It's like jumping off a cliff, the outcome is always the same. For you, sugar is *probably* an addiction'. Yeah, he's right. Again.

My daily macros during this period per week was: daily average calories of 1401; high of 1909, low of 1104, average breakdown: 35% carb (120 grams), 43% protein ( 148 grams), 22% fat ( 36 grams). On high running days (races) I switched to a higher carb of 200 grams.

I reached my goal setter in 3 weeks and began goal setter 2: to lose 5.5 pounds in 5 weeks. Very reasonable, not real aggressive, totally do-able. Dave's priority is to allow ME SUCCESS. He stated to me over and over again how important it was to be successful during goal 1 and 2, to build confidence and good character. As well as being successful, overall, I guess.

During my second week of goal setter 2, I had my 'splurge' meal. This time it was a huge burrito at Chipotle. A 1200 calorie monster that caused a FOUR pound increase the next day! I wasn't worried at the time, I figured it was sodium and would be gone before I knew it. Wrong wrong wrong. It caused me much distress. Something was in that burrito that caused cravings. When talking with Dave about this burrito and the increase on the scale he let me know that I shouldn't be having splurges UNLESS I am ahead of my goal setter. Oops. Damn. This resulted in my being behind my goal setter for the next few weeks. Only by .5 or so of a pound, but still, behind.

Dave disagrees with my theory that the burrito caused my not catching the goal setter. He tells me that he gives the burrito a week, but not 3 weeks. He's probably right again, but I'm resistant. I ran the Twin Cities Marathon during this period, I had gels and powerade, big carb providers, took in SCAPS (sodium) and had PMS. He states this is the reason the gain lasted for so long. I guess he is right, isn't he.

Finally, last week I caught my goal setter. PMS left me, I ran 92 miles, lifted 3 hours and stair stepped an hour. I was able to drop a few and catch up! My daily average and macros on nutrients are equal to the first goal setter. I have not had a splurge meal since the burrito because I have not been ahead of my goal setter since.

I have not had any sugar, other than in my Hammer Heed and Hammergels. They don't bother me, don't cause me cravings. I use them only when running long distances. I find that I am more afraid of how I may act around sugar or what the outcome may be than what it really is.

Last week it was a coworkers birthday and I had promised I'd make her my Oreo Crunch Brownies. They are deadly to me. Lots of chocolate, lots of fudgy frosting, they have caused much angst in my life. The first bite is divine and then they cause me distress. I made them while chewing gum and snacking on a plateful of raw veggies and it was A OK. I didn't have any. Not one taste. It caused me to be proud of myself and to build up my character a bit. I honored myself.

Another coworker told me his favorite cake was Carrot Cake. Well, I make the best Carrot Cake ever. I have a recipe where I boil two pounds of carrots and puree them, it is so moist, and I use a wonderful cream cheese frosting. I love it and so does everyone else. Well, I told him I'd bake it for him. Then I realized my error and was scared. I made the cake, it was just fine. Again, I chewed gum and then snacked on hard boiled eggs while preparing. I'm not going to offer to bake like this for a while, it is too stressful for me to think about, as I'm thinking about the preparation.

With Thanksgiving arriving soon, I may ask my Mom to create the Pecan Pies. I make a downright deadly Pecan Pie. I use Pampered Chef's 3" deep pie plates. I use 12 whole eggs and brown sugar and butter in each pie. Top with real whipping cream. Fab. I make the best crust. I create 3 of these beauties. Usually I am too full of turkey at Thanksgiving so I have the pie for breakfast the next day. And the next lunch and dinner and before bed and so it goes. It's awful. I only enjoy the FIRST BITE. After that, I'm just feeling fat and like shit and shoveling pecan pie in my mouth. No, I don't think I'll make it this year. Mom can make her little 1" deep pie with margarine and fake cool whip topping. Nobody will probably even care.

Halloween candy kind of freaked me out. I purchased it at Target yesterday and had Tyler and Troy put the bags of candy in their bedrooms. I was honest with them, I told they I couldn't deal with it in the kitchen in a big bowl for the grabbing. They chuckled, told me I'm a nut, and proceeded to take the candy into their rooms. They don't have sugar problems. I told them they could eat what they wanted and Troy will hand it out on Halloween.

Tyler and I have great plans for Halloween. I'm taking Tyler to his first concert: Ozzie Osbourne. Yeah! I'm SO looking forward to it. I scored some awesome floor tickets and we can't wait! I'm so thrilled that he doesn't mind going to his first concert with his Mom!!

Today I created Goal Setter 3: 5 weeks for a 6.5 pound loss. Average exercise per day is 100 minutes, average calories 1300 ( a bit lower from last setter as my weight is down), pretty much 40%, 40% 20% on the macros.

I weighed 144 when I began Leanness Lifestyle Elite. Today I weigh 134.7. I can't even believe it! 10 pounds of fat, and it hasn't been hell. 10 pounds of fat = pants that are too big, quad muscles that aren't covered in fluff, saddlebags that are diminishing and one gal that is feeling pretty damn good about herself. This next goal setter will bring me into the 120's. 128 pounds on December 3.

I'm working on passing my goal setter so I can have that splurge meal. I think I'll stick with the Chicken Cyn Sandwich and Criss Cross Cut Potatoes at Champps!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kathio State Park

Last night while attending a party given by Troy's football coach for all of the players and family, Steve told me that he and the boys were going to do some hunting today. They'd be home before the 530 wedding and reception we had to attend.

Oooh, I thought, I have a full day to myself..what shall I do? Shopping..ah, not much of a shopper-cleaning..nah, napping..too nice outside..

I'll be having many full days and even weekends to myself soon..deer hunting begins next weekend :)

I recalled when driving home from the Superior 100, I had stopped at the Holiday Gas Station in Duluth and saw on the shelf "Minnesota Running Trails", written by my friend, Kate Havelin. I hadn't seen it around yet, and was excited to purchase and read this book. I figured I'd read it and maybe hike some of the trails Kate writes about during my recovery from Superior.

I came home, read the book in two days, loved it, and became very busy with football/fall baseball and recovery ended up only taking a week. I hadn't visited any of the trails in this gem of a book.

Last night when we arrived home, I pulled the book back out, deciding Topaz and I would head out to a new trail.

I decided on the Kathio State Park; only a bit over an hour away, 35 miles of trails, wooded, open, grassy and hilly, it sounded wonderful!

It was wonderful! The park is the 4th largest state park in Minnesota. It is just west of Mille Lacs Lake.I can't believe that I didn't see anyone there for the full day! It is so beautiful. Minnesota is a wonderful beautiful state. This state park is fantastic. Miles and miles of dirt, grass, rocky and some gravel trails. Lots of rolling hills, it is very well marked, I never became lost; and I always become lost!

The trees, although past peak color, were still covered with leaves and still had much of their color left. I saw many oak, maple and birch.

There was a large Interpretive Center that had indoor bathrooms and pop machines. I was able to wash up before heading home.

We ran along ridges, up and down grassy hills, through meadows, through lots of swampy areas.I'm not sure how many miles we ran, but we ran for 8 hours, at least a 50K, probably more. 8 wonderful, quiet, beautiful hours.

I counted up to 35 deer, then quit counting. I counted 3 wolves, too. The wolves made me a bit nervous, but they were more shy of me then I was of them. They made Topaz's hair stand up on his shoulders as he let out a growl.

I will certainly head back out to Kathio again. I had an excellent day. I'm anxious to check out some of the other trails, too.

So much for a cut back in mileage this week. After running over 90 miles last week, I thought I'd aim for 70 this week. After today, I'm up to 82, planning 10 tomorrow.

The weather has just been fantastic. Sunny, mid 50's, too nice not to spend some long hours running. With the family hunting, I have plenty of time.

Next weekend I think I may drive up to Duluth to run the new section of the Superior Hiking Trail. I haven't run that portion and have heard that it is very well done.

I guess I need to get ready for a wedding now. Blech. Two nights in a row=too much social interaction for me. Maybe I'll pass.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nerstrand Big Woods 1/2 Marathon

After having plenty of runs on the trails near home this week I was ready for a change of view and a faster pace. I decided to run the Nerstrand Big Woods 1/2 Marathon. I haven't run a 1/2 in 5 years. I ran this race before and a few Mora 1/2 Marathons as well as the Winter Carnival 1/2's which I really enjoy. There aren't very many races of at least 1/2 marathon distance in MN in the dead of winter.

I figured about a 2 hour drive to Nerstrand, that was correct. The sun was shining, the sky was beautiful blue, there was a nice stiff breeze. The temperature was 42F, a bit chilly, so I opted for shorts, gloves and a long sleeved shirt.

After registering for the race I milled around the church for a while but didn't recognize anyone, so headed back to my car until start time. I decided to grab my iPod before I went to the start line, I also grabbed a Cliff shot to put inside of my hand held bottle filled with Heed.

There was a 5K, 10K and 1/2 Marathon and we all had the same 900 start. We began on a dirt road near the church, where we would finish as well.

After the dirt road we were on asphalt county road for a very long time. I was surprised that we weren't turning into the state park. Where are the trails? Damn. It's hot. Within 2 miles I stepped off the asphalt, onto the dirt shoulder to remove my long sleeved top. To my amazement, I received good natured whistles. I tied my shirt upon my waist and continued to run on the asphalt. Within the next mile I came upon Dave Just. I asked him where the hell the trail was? He asked me if I hadn't read the Course Change bulletin at the church. Ah, no, I hadn't. He told me that the state park was closed to foot traffic because of all of the rain! The park was closed so the race was rerouted. ALL ROAD. At first I was bummed, then pissed, then decided whatever..enjoy the beauty of the day. And enjoy I did!

The miles clicked off, I had a gel and drank my Heed. I was listening to music, taking in the leave change and the other runners. It was a beautiful day. The course was all hills. Big hills. One hill after another. So much so that it reminded me of running Vermont 100, except during the second half of the run, we NEVER ran downhill. It was all uphill. I ran every hill, every step, telling myself this was *only* 13 miles, run as hard as you can, every mile. I did. I was panting and sweating and having a blast.

I kept leapfrogging with another gal. I would catch her, pass her and pretty soon she would be at my elbow. She had an iPod too, so I tapped her on her elbow and gave her a thumbs up "good running" I said. She said the same. We ran side by side up some god awful hill that lasted over a mile. I was losing steam, running as fast as my legs could carry me up hill. She said 'there's one mile left. Let's run a 730" Shit. I said 'you lead, I"ll follow'. She did, she kicked it up a notch and ran into the finish. Good lord, I hung on for dear life and felt every muscle in my body tighten up. 732. Wow. It was great, really. I haven't run so hard since I was breaking 10 hours at Ice Age this past May.

Thanks to the gal, I ran a 1:55. A PR for me, on one hell of a hilly course. Made me happy!

At the finish I watched Larry Pederson, Karen Gall, Mick Justin and Kate Havelin come it. It was an awesome day! I'm glad I decided to go at run the Nerstrand 1/2.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain Running

This morning I again awoke to the thump thump thump of Topaz's tail against my down comforter. He knew that because I didn't awake earlier to the buzz of the alarm and hop onto my treadmill that this must be another vacation day and he was going to get lucky.

It was pouring outside, as promised. After a summer long drought, MN is now 7" over the average year of rain, as we have had a very wet fall.

Troy and Tyler spent the night at friends and would be home between 1030 and 11. I figured I could run from 7-10 and be home before they arrived.

Thankfully, before pulling out of the garage I went back into the house to grab my hat and rain jacket. I wore them the whole time I ran!

During the first 5 miles as Topaz was running ahead of me, he began to cower and walk slowly, apprehensively. I couldn't figure out what could make him look so afraid. Here as I approached Topaz and looked at the direction he was looking, I saw it: a white helium balloon tangled up in the brush. Topaz has a balloon phobia; he has since he was a puppy! Too funny.

As the rain poured upon us I was thinking to myself that I wouldn't trade this morning run in the rain for anything. I enjoyed my three hours of peace, of quiet meditation, of relaxation, of soul searching. I enjoyed the fresh air of the outdoors, the smell of the woods, the different chirps and songs of the birds. I noticed how the earth changes from the dry, hard sand in the summer, to the now soft and mushy grass of the fall, to the bright green mossy areas under the pine trees since it has been wet. The mushrooms are huge, the ponds and rivers are full. The oak leaves are changing from browns and golds to deep russets and maroons. The maples are changing from greens to bright red, orange and yellow. The loons and sand hill cranes have left; the Canadian geese, wood ducks and trumpeter swans are now here. The monarchs are gone; I see bluebirds, blue jays, cardinals, pheasant and grouse. The many many deer are always visible.

I can't imagine not being able to spend some time outdoors running every day. Even in the rain.

Today we ran 20 miles in 3 hours. Nice and easy, steady running. As I pulled into the driveway, the boys were following. The Mom said to me in an animated voice "YOU HAVEN'T BEEN RUNNING IN THIS?!" Well, yeah, I needed my fresh air fix. I wouldn't give it up for anything. It may be selfish to keep those three hours to myself, but now, the rest of the day is for the boys. They are talking about going to the movies, the water park or indoor golf. The rest of the day I'm here for them.

I'm grateful for today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Short and Sweet Week

One of the perks that employees receive when working for the school district is a whole lot of days off. Of course I am not paid to have Thursday and Friday off, I will take vacations days, even though the school is closed..but hey, it is a l o n g weekend and I'll take it.

I'm thinking I'll run the Nerstrand Big Woods Run 1/2 Marathon on Saturday morning. It's a two hour drive South, a nice small race with a 5K, 10K and 1/2 Marathon race. It's on a wooded, hilly trail course.

I ran this race once oh, about 5 or 6 years ago..before I began ultras and was doing Ed Fitz the weekend before. I guess I'll go on back and check it out!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Champ

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Joe, Zac, Troy

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Big Lake Blue Lightning

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Blue Lightning

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My Little Champ

Today was Troy's football Championship Game. The big one, the game that the whole season boiled down to.

His team, the Big Lake Blue Lightning, they decided to call themselves, won each and every regular season game. Then they went into the playoffs as first seed, every playoff game..they won too. Incredible. Just incredible.

Last night some of the football Moms got together to make banners for the game today. We decorated them, decorated cars, it was a blast.

Today was the game. A beautiful day, sunny, light breeze. The Championship Game.

Rock on Blue Lightning! They won 20-6. They won every game of the season, only having had three touchdowns scored upon them during the whole season.

Congratulations Blue Lightning!!

I've seen Troy develop a confidence within himself that wasn't quite there before. He holds his head a bit higher, he doesn't seem quite as unsure of himself. Working hard and watching his own level of endurance and progress has been beneficial for him.

I know that feeling. I'm glad Troy does, too.

Before the game, Topaz and I headed off for 15 miles at the trail. I was going to run 10, but man, the Rogers Boys Cross Country Team showed up at 900 as I was refueling at my car. They noticed my Twin Cities Marathon shirt, we began talking, and before I knew it, I was running another loop with them. They kicked my ass. Topaz loved running with the fast boys. Well, so did I!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Twin Cities Marathon: A Blast :)

Yes, I had a complete blast! Wait a minute, who was that woman that wasn't looking forward to Twin Cities Marathon yesterday? Who was that woman that wasn't looking forward to the crowds, to the spectators and all of the marathon hullabaloo?

I guess the reason I have run the TCM for the past 7 years is because IT IS FUN!

I knew it was going to be a good day when I looked at the thermometer at 4 AM and it was 72F. Wow, nice. No long sleeves, no jacket, just a singlet and shorts. Rocking. The forecast told me 85 and sunny, maybe some clouds near 12. Wow, rocking again. I mean, I've been running in heat for what..5 months now? Woohoo.

Second good omen: I decided to risk it and see if I could get as close to the Metrodome as the Jerry Huff Parking Ramp. We always park here for the Twins/Vikings game and then I wouldn't have to park and bus. OK, score again. The roads were blocked just past the Ramp. AND parking was free. Woohoo.

I arrived to the Dome at 6 AM, yeah, for an 8 AM start. Oh well. Walked around the circumference of the Dome many times, used the potties, lubed up my feet and hung out on a bench.

It was fun to run into friends; as I first entered the Dome I saw Karen, then as I was waiting outside for a porta pottie here comes Kevin and Jason. Awesome!

I headed for the drop bags at 730 and made my way to the start, walking up to the Wave 2, near the 430 pace group. I figured I'd run about a 430, grabbed a 430 pace chart and really didn't want to run over 430.

Today was my 20th marathon. My first 3 marathons were 457, 445 and 441. All of the others have been less than 430.

A spokesperson told us that today was the HOTTEST TCM marathon start in it's history, 26 years. He told us that it was 74F and the high would be 85 with maybe a bit of cloud cover around noon. People were kind of freaked by this. I wasn't, and was perplexed why so many were. What have you been running in all summer? I suppose most aren't pushing the marathon pace in training, so the exertion is greater in the marathon. I had SCAPS, gels, was going to drink allot, I was ready.

GO! We were off. I loved running downtown, I saw the office building I used to work in, the restaurants I used to lunch in, running down Hennepin is a trip. The spectators were great all throughout the start.

I was digging this. No pressure, just run, enjoy the morning. I peed when I needed to, I hardly looked at my watch at all, I was totally soaking in the views, I didn't run hard. I took it nice and easy.

Eventually, about 10 miles I began to get warm. I noticed my feet, ears and face were warm. I decided I better take my first of 2 Scaps. Many residents along the course had their hoses out for us to run through, very nice. Alan Page was playing a horn on the corner, as always.

I spotted Toni and then Tom along the course, it was fun to see them. At about mile 12 I saw Valeria fly by. I saw Jefferey, who I had been looking for, I saw Kevin, in the bright yellow shirt he told me he'd be in! I saw him right before the finish line, too. It's amazing to me that a person can actually spot friends along the course in 300,000 spectators! I saw the whole Crocker family and I didn't even know they'd be out there.

The lakes were beautiful. Isle, Calhoun and Harriet. The trees were spectacular in their full color. Especially the last 6 miles along Summit Ave, wow!

As I ran up to Lake Nakomis I felt the tug of FANS hit me. I ran up the concrete bridge, almost thinking I should walk the bridge as I do at FANS each lap..I didn't. I ran, thinking that I would be done this same day, not running for 24 hours as I do at FANS each June. This felt easy today in comparison to FANS.

The whole marathon seemed pretty easy today, just because I can compare it to my other races this summer, it was a nice little mind game.

I saw Maynard of the Dogs along the course, it was fun to see him, too.

I reached the 13 mark in 205. Damn, that will do just fine, I thought.

The miles clicked by, I was still digging the whole vibe. I danced along, listening to the spectators for a while, listening to my music, listening to the music along the course. It was great.

At mile 22 I heard a band playing IRON MAIDEN. I couldn't believe it. FEAR OF THE DARK. Holy freaking crap, man, one of my favorite songs, that I had just been listening to on my iPod. Tyler even plays it on his guitar and I love it. I turned my iPod off, looked at the guitar player and said FEAR OF THE DARK? He was like yeah! I began doing a dance, he grabbed my arm and I did a little jig right there at mile 22. Woohoo. I was stoked. I danced until the song was done and said I had to finish the job. Off I went. He probably thought I was a crazy old lady, getting off on Rock and Roll.

I was now looking for John and Cheri. I knew there were going to be on Victoria, thought Victoria was near 22 then thought maybe I missed it because I was so excited about the band. Dang. I kept looking.

People were dropping like flies. I mean, a guy was running in front of me, and boom! Down he'd go, the medics were right on him, dragging him off the course. I saw people laying along the grassy ways, with medics over them. I saw numerous ambulances. The volunteers were outstanding. Water, Poweraid, ice, they were really on it.

Pretty soon I saw Victoria. Yeah, I didn't miss John and Cheri! I was looking for them and pretty soon there they were, with Alicia! I ran up to them and hugged them each, I was all gross and sweaty, after I left them I thought I probably shouldn't have slimed them that way. I was just so super excited to see them! So excited that my next mile was a 748. NUTS!

I ran on down the hill, under the huge flag, across the finish line, in 417. It was all awesome fun.

After collecting my drop bag and heading to the changing tent, the talk was all about the heat. It was hot, I drank a ton, but I don't think I suffered any from it. It's been hot all summer, perfect training conditions.

I changed clothes, jumped on the bus heading for the Dome and arrived to my car by 130. Back home and showered, I'll head off to Tyler's 4:00 baseball game soon.

Congratulations Twin Cities Marathon runners!! Oh yeah, I'll be back next year..hey, maybe it will be a training run for a resurrected Ed Fitz 100K. If not, I'll just run it because it's a rocking good time :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Summers' Last Hurrah?

Today is an absolutely perfect day .. in my book. It is hot and humid, a lovely 87F, I am totally digging it. Tomorrow it could all be gone, in a flash.

This morning Topaz and I headed out for a 10 mile run. It was beautiful. Began the run with a flashlight, then watched the big red ball of a sun rise out of the ground. Beautiful. Put away the light, took out my sunglasses and enjoyed the next few hours. With all of yesterday's rain, the ponds and creek were nice and plump for Topaz to lay in.

Kimbot let me know that she knows of no one that runs a 10 mile run the day before the marathon. I had to chuckle, it hadn't crossed my mind!

Troy had his first Championship football playoff game today. They won every game during the season, so were given trophies today. They won today's game too, pretty sweet. Coach bought everyone Dairy Queen following the game.

After the football fun I had to go to the Expo mayhem. I hate Expo's. Especially the Twin Cities Marathon Expo. It's crazy crowded ( at least on Saturday at 230), traffic is a nightmare and it's just a big cluster fuck. I hate that I have to drive 75 miles one way to collect a race packet. I think I can actually have this mailed out to me. I'll check out that option. I don't like crowds, I don't like shopping, I don't like Expo's. I went in at 237 and exited the RiverCenter at 248. Pretty quick for all the complaining I just did.

On the way home I stopped at Trader Joe's. Now, Trader Joes, I just love. Fage yogurt, at 20 grams of protein per cup, Just Chicken that rocks, seasoned turkey breasts, chicken sausages, great herbed salad mixes. It took the bad taste of the Expo out of my mouth.

So,yeah, tomorrow is the Twin Cities Marathon. 26 miles of asphalt with crowds of people spectating and screaming 'you look good' 'just a bit further' 'keep going'. It has become tiresome.

I love ultra's. I love the no Expo crap. I love the trail. I love the woods. I love the handful of crew members along the way. I love the no hype. I don't know that I could do an IronMan because of all of the people and hype. Blech. It must be a marathon on steroids.

No plan for tomorrow. Just running a long training run .. for what, I don't know. No more Ed Fitz next week. I still can't believe Ed Fitz 100K is cancelled. I'll be running just to run. Take some pictures. Probably take me about 4+ hours. Will be home in time for Tyler's baseball games.

I'll have to drive to Minneapolis or St. Paul, park at a hotel, bus to the start, finish, bus to the hotel and drive home. That's kind of a pain, too.

This week was crazy busy. Between guitar lessons, baseball, football, township and county meetings, oh, and 14 hours of training..I feel like I've been going non stop. Well, I'll have 14 hours of training in as I know it will take me at least 4 hours to run tomorrow. Hey, if it takes me 5 hours, a big 15 hours of training for me. That will surpass last week's 14 hours. Rock on.

I guess this is the last race of the year for me. That's kind of sad. My next race isn't until the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon, in Duluth, in January. Man, that seems a long way out.

I'm developing my training plan for October through December. I'll maintain at 50-60 miles a week, lift 3x a week, get in a few back to back long runs every other week. In December I'll find out about Western and then put together a crazy physco run hard and fast training plan if I get in.

Leanness Lifestyle Elite is going well. I'm .8 of a pound off my goal setter, have lost just under 5 pounds so far..very doable..not aggressive, slow and sure. Yeah, I have sugar cravings now and then and had a few mishaps with a certain cinnamon raisin bagel but, I'm not perfect!

Have a great run, Twin City Marathoners! See you out on the course.