Sunday, July 25, 2010

Valleyfair Fun

Each year we made a trip out to Valleyfair in Shakopee. Valleyfair is a huge amusement park with an awesome water park. I'm all about the water park. Today myself, Tyler, Troy, Amanda and Ryan headed out for a day of fun. Steve opted out, he has never really enjoyed Valleyfair. He and Topaz mowed the lawn, cleaned the pool, he even text me a photo of Topaz chilling. I'll have to post it!

We began with the waterpark. Bodyslides, lazy river, crushing rapids, wave pool..nothing but fun. I love it..and to spend a full day with the boys, well, that just can't be beat.

Being 10 weeks out from the NPC Northstar meant that I would be traveling with the every present cooler. Eggs and oats, check, protein shake, check, chicken breast salad, check, green beans, check..two gallons of water. Got it!

I went back to the car for frequent feedings and never felt like I was missing out. Nope, didn't need the Dipping Dots, the Chunky Monkey, the Pronto Pups or the Cheese Curds. No thank you!

We had an awesome day. Looking forward to our next visit!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun with the Son (s)

Troy and I were pretty excited when Tyler asked if we wanted to join him and his friends at the Quarry Park in St. Cloud today. It is 95F, we love water, YES!

I couldn't believe that he and his friends would want his mother and younger brother along for the fun. They are the nicest friends. "We like you Julie and Troy; you talk to us! You are cool". Alrighty then. We are IN!

We left this morning and I wasn't sure what to expect. The Quarry Park is out of St Cloud a few miles, park the car and get out and walk about 1/2 mile. We lugged out floaties from the pool, beach towels and cooler of water and Diet Coke.

What a blast! We had a group of 15. Jumping off of the cliffs, floating around, just having a blast. I even jumped off of the cliffs!

Next up: Troy's baseball tournament tonight. Hot nice night for a baseball game :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

She Lives!

My goodness, it has been a while hasn't it Dear Blogger. Sorry for the neglect. Busy summer. Vacation, time at the lake, Tyler's graduation party this last Sunday, lots of baseball, lifting with purpose.

Not a whole lot of running! I am focusing on building muscle and can not do ultrarunning and bodybuilding at the same time. I tried that last year and both suffered.

Topaz and I continue to run 3-5 miles each morning and it seems to be working for us. We love Maria State Park. I'm out there almost every day running the wooded trails. Trails that are covered with annoying deer flies right now. I am spraying the horse spray on both of us. It works :)

Tyler's grad party was an absolute blast. It went off without a hitch. I don't think there is one thing I would change if I were to do it over. The day was sunny, about 75F, a nice breeze. Lots of family and friends. Good food! I was sad to see it end. It's funny. People tell me 'I be you are glad that is over' I'm like 'no, I'm not. I enjoyed it so much, it was so much fun, I want to do it again!'. What is this 'glad to be over business?'

Tyler will be moving off to college in a few weeks. I am SO not ready. Although this is just what we want of our children: to become independent, to go off to college, to work, to succeed; it is still so very difficult for me. I could have him home until I don't know when..

I keep forgetting that he already has one year of college under his belt as a full time PSEO student during his high school senior year and that he will be 19 in December. I still think of him as my little boy. He's a young MAN. Where does time go?

I've stayed home this summer; I've gone to the lake when they boys have, I've gone to the baseball tournaments, I haven't raced..I won't be going up to the BETA V weekend as Troy has his final baseball tournament of the season. I don't want to miss it! I won't miss it.

After my Leanness Lifestyle get away to Rockford the seed relating to bodybuilding was nurtured and then grew. I've decided to compete in the NPC NorthStar Bodybuilding Show on October 2. I began training with Julia Korfhage 6 weeks ago and really enjoy her. Every Saturday we meet for posing, nutritional (see Coach Dave..not DIET!) updates, photos. The nutrition program is Leanness Lifestyle in a nutshell: lean protein, veggies, clean carbs. Good stuff! I'm 12 weeks out now so I'll be eating less soon.

Workouts are awesome. I trained with Julia every day for a week to learn proper form and technique. Hold, squeeze, stretch..incredible!

I'm loving it!

Here's a 14 weeks out photo. I'll post an 11 week out photo after our session on Saturday.