Tuesday, March 29, 2005


My gift to myself for competing BCI-1 was an iPod. I finally ordered in yesterday from Apple. Who would have figured? School employees get 15% off from Apple. That's one benefit (from a very short list of benefits) I hadn't counted upon. I also received free Apple Care. Apparently Apple Care is an upgrade to the measely 90 day warranty.

I am glad that I will have it in plent of time for the race on April 16. Plenty of time to figure out how to use it. It has a 12 hour battery life; this will be enough time to get me through the overnight hours of running. The hours that I'll need Guns N Roses; Metallica and Led Zep to keep me running.

I'll have to think up a reward for completing BCI-2!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Confusing Carbs

As I posted earlier this week, the previous week I had added a grainy carb meal to my diet each day. The outcome: the scale did not budge in 5 days. This will be fine and dandy for maintenance, but I'm in action man, action! Losing! Tuesday came along, I spoke with Dave of Leanness Lifestyle; become re-motivated and decided I'd see what would happen by omitting that grainy carb meal. Ta da! Within 4 days I dropped 1.5 pounds. Now, is this water from the one carb meal or is this fat? Only time will tell.

Today we went out for Easter Brunch. I had a great assortment of fruit, a huge salad with every vegetable I could possibly think of and 6 ounces of lean roast beef. I was totally satisfied and quite full. I entered everything into the Nutrition Analyzer at LL and that meal was 856 calories. Not bad for a post 50 mile run AND Easter! I had 1 egg, 5 whites (all hard boiled of course!) and 2 c veggies for breakfast. I'll have chicken and veggies later if I become hungry again. This will put me at approximately 1350 calories for the day.

1) I've never had 1350 calories 38/45/17 on Easter and
2) I've never had 1350 calories post long run

Not one jelly bean, chocolate bunny or peanut butter egg will pass these lips. It would start a binge and I would not stop. I know that. I've done that. I can't expect things that have never worked for me in the past to work for me in the future, you know?

I don't know moderation when it comes to food. I don't need to fool myself. I can't have just one.

This is the end of week 2, inbetween Bootcamps. Totals:
Average Calorie: 1321; high day: 1500.1 (where did the .1 come from)
Miles run:76
Weight Training: 3 sessions=165 minutes
Pounds loss: 1.5
Total since 2/9/05: 9.5

Run On!

50 mile training run..done

Happy Easter!!

My 50 mile training run went off without a hitch. I can't believe how far I have come. It used to be that a marathon caused me to limp for a week. Now I can pull off a 50 and go for a 10 the following day; as I did today.

I increased my carbs to 160 g on Friday; up from my LL normal of 125. I had Cream of Wheat before bed and a big sandwich at lunch. Saturday pre run I had 3/4 c of oats and ate 2 Myoplex bars (1/3 each hour) and 1 1/2 roast beef sandwiches and 1 apple during the run. Post run was a large bowl of cream of wheat. I felt awesome during the whole run. No pain, fatigue at 8 hours, run lasted 10 hours.

What is very interesting to me, is that for the past 3 years that I've been running ultra's I am ALWAYS up 6-10 pounds post run. Now, I emailed Coach Dave Greenwalt and expressed my concerns regarding being up again today. I have always always always attributed this to the fact that I carbo load for a few days prior (50-100K distance races)and take salt/potassium caps during the run, and of course pretty much do a free day extravaganza of 4000 calories post run. Well, this post run..drumroll..I maintained my 9.5 pound loss. I'm stunned. How could I have had my head in the sand, in denial for so long? No, Julie, it wasn't only the carbs during the run and the salt caps. It's that you feel you can consume ANYTHING and deserve ANYTHING because you just ran 32-75 miles. Yes, the day following a long run I'm thinking to myself all day long 'I can have this, I just ran so long, I had to have burned 5000 calories' but don't realize how much I'm stuffing into my face. What a wake up call LL is.

I'm anxious to begin Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive II; I can't wait!! I have struggled for so long, thinking my metabolism is just a dud, just broke, that I must have ruined it from starving myself years ago and this long distance running. It's not that. It's that I just can't eat many many carbs; as many other runners can and that I need to make other choices. I am finally choosing to make better choices for me.

That's an empowering feeling. I'm FINALLY being honest with myself. Peeling away the layers and feeling my emotions, getting to know who I am. Wouldn't one think you would know yourself after 40 years?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm In

I received a telephone call from David Greenwalt of Leanness Lifestyle yesterday, just as I was leaving the office for the day. We spoke for over 60 minutes. We mainly spoke about my ultra-running, my addiction to alcohol and the carbs.

Dave told me that if he didn't know my history with food and diets, etc. and was given two minutes to create an eating plan for me, that based on running 50+ miles per week he would develop a plan consisting of 60% of carbs and approximately 2400 calories a day. I've eaten that EXACT diet before and gained weight by the pounds. BUT, since he knows what my body does with carbs...HOARDS every calorie and will not burn for energy..he knows to create a different plan.

He told me that 33% of the women he comes across have a hard time losing fat with carbohydrates. He did admit that he hasn't come across an ultra runner who runs 50+ miles a week. We are working through the plan.

Last week, because I had a 32 mile training run, and just because I wanted some yummy cream of wheat, I decided to add ONE ..yes..ONE (complex) carb meal a day. Guess what happened? My weight completely stalled. Haven't loss 1/10 of a pound in 5 days. Yupper. I ran 49 miles, RT 3 sessions, and calorie average of 1209. I didn't take a splurge meal because I wanted to see 143 so damn bad. Didn't see it.

This next week I am creating an aggressive plan. I know that I will be running a 50 mile training run on Saturday so that will be my high of 1500 calories, all other days are 1100-1300. The plan calls for 650 minutes of exercise. No problem. There will be non-coniferous carbs only on the training run. I will stick to fruits/veggies otherwise.

I'll be watching the scale today-Saturday AM just to see what happens.

Oh, so, I am in Bootcamp Intensive 2 and told Dave I want a VERY AGGRESSIVE 5 weeks. Now, my 100 mile ultramarathon is April 16 and BCI-2 begins April 6. Don't know what the 2 day carb fest of ultra running will do to my body. We shall see. Wouldn't a 'normal' person lose some weight runnning 100 miles...sorry, I can't help but have those thoughts!

Dave made a strong point to let him know what the complex carb cut does with to my training sessions.He wants to know if this diminishes my workouts in any manner. I hadn't noticed any change in training with the veggies/fruits carbs. Other than taste. I mean, isn't Cream of Wheat with a T of natural peanut butter JUST THE BEST...or is that just me?

It's amazing what the body adapts to. My body has adapted to thinking running 50+ miles a week is totally acceptable..a walk on the beach.

Which reminds me, Dave said that my vouchers for airfare and hotel are in the mail..I may be heading to the beach. I hope he dangles that carrot in front of us for BCI-2!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Computer Crashed and Position has been Cut

You'd think I'd be a mess. I found out on Wednesday that my position is one that will be cut as our school tries to cut out 1.5 million dollars from the budget. I was the last Coordinator hired so I figured that my position would be one of the first to go. I'm OK with this. I've been told that the administration will transition me into another position around April 1. We'll see. I wouldn't even doubt it if June 15 (my year end) comes and they tell me bye bye.

I was working for a rich corporation in Downtown Minneapolis prior to accepting my prior position. I enjoyed working downtown. I worked 3 days in the office and telecommunted 2 days a week from home. Pretty sweet. I worked there for 3 years.

Then I saw an ad in the local paper for the Coordinator position in the Big Lake School District. I was offered the position and accepted. I don't care for this job. At. All. I took it because I am only 7 miles from home (versus 54 from prior) and I have summers off..June 15 to August 15..and I have the same work days/hours as my boys. I took this position for them.

Now I am just playing it day by day. I'll see how it all unfolds. I don't stress. I'm not a stressful person. I don't know if this is because I relieve all my stress through running and lifting or what the deal is.

I'm interested in doing something with fitness and running. A very good friend of mine is THE Director of Twin Cities Marathon. I might give him a call to see if there is anything he may think I could do for the marathon. That'd be awesome. I have another friend who is Director of Running with Lifetime Fitness..I think I'll drop her a line as well. I would love to do something part time with running/fitness.

On the computer front..it crashed. I came home from running club on Wednesday, yes the same day as my position was cut, and Tyler told me he crashed the computer. I thought he was probably over reacting. No, it is crashed. I was on the telephone with Dell for 3 hours yesterday. We had to do a clean-install, I lost everything, and now I need to reinstall the DSL numbers apparantly. Sheesh. I'm accessing the internet through work now. After I come home from the gym, I'll call tech support again and get this squared away.

Running this weekend was awesome. 15 miles Friday/15 Saturday/12 Sunday. I have a 50 mile training run to get in on Saturday. That will take me 10-12 hours. After this 50 I will feel prepared for the 100.

Run On.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp is Finished

I can't believe that the 5 week LL BCI-1 is complete. What a great experience it was!! The people just like me, trying to lose the fat and get a grip on the whole numbers thing. It is all numbers. Calories in, calories burned, etc. All numbers. The coaches are incredible. One thing that made this so 'real' to me was the weekly teleconference with the group.

So, get this: my team, Mission I'm Possible, lost a total of 119 pounds. 13 of us! Team 2 lost 89 and Team 3 lost 87. I just find that incredible. The least amount of weight lost was 3.8 pounds, the MOST WAS 26.9!! 26.9 pounds! This person began the program at 400+ pounds with a goal to lose 25 in 5 weeks. This person reached the goal. Awe inspiring!!

My results? I lost 8.4 pounds. I began at 152 after purchasing a new scale which read me 6 pounds higher than I though I was..major blow to my mind..then weighed in at 144.6 yesterday. Yahoo. I lost 1.2 pounds of muscle and 7.2 pounds of fat per body fat calculations. I don't know, I am lifting more pounds than at the start and my biceps and calves have grown, so I don't think I really lost muscle, but maybe that is just wishful thinking. I do know that I lost the fat. My waist, butt, thighs and boobs all lost inches.

The big finale: all members of Team I'm Possible WON TRAVEL VOUCHERS FOR TWO PERSON TO FLY AND 2 NIGHTS HOTEL. How is that? Way cool!! Hmmm...better get shopping for a new bikini.

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive-2 begins April 6. I hope I'm accepted!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Post Long Run

I should first of all clarify that in my last post I made the comment that I hadn't been eating complex carbs in the past two weeks. That statement is untrue. I should have said that I haven't been eating refined sugars and the carbs found in pasta, oatmeal and bread. I should probably say I have been eating oodles of cruciferous carbs. Is that what the carbs found in fruits and veggies would be classified as? So I've been scaling back on what...the white carbs? I should find out the correct terminology!

I've been thinking about past long runs and how I eat post - run, and how this post - run is different with Leanness Lifestyle. I usually consume Cliff Bars/Cliff Shots and diluted Gatorade or another sugar-energy drink (Clip 2, Endurox, Ultima) during the run. Now this time, I stayed away from Cliff Bars; I ate Myoplex bars instead which are higher in protein, about the same carbs and sugars as Cliff, then used SF Cliff Shots and plain old water with the SUCCEED caps. This worked well and saved me a bunch of sugar calories.

You know, the 'normal' ultra runner probably doesn't have to give a second thought to calories in and calories expended. I'm not the 'normal' ultra runner. I have to watch every calorie or I'm up to 160 pounds before I know it. Part of this may be my obsessive/compulsiveness, of the fact that I'm an alcoholic, this seems to make the sugar more of an addiction for me. Maybe I became addicted to alcohol because of the sugar, alcohol is sugar..? Again, I don't know, but I do know that other alcoholics have a love for sugar. I'm just not sure.

What I do know, is just because you run long distance, you can not eat every bagel along the path. Believe me, I learned that. I did not "ruin my metabolism" I overate sugar and bread. Plain and simple. I don't think you can ruin a metabolism.

So what am I doing different this time around? Well, as I said, the food during the run was much cleaner. As well, the food following my run was much cleaner. I went to Bonnie's immediately after my run. She had Easter hershey foil eggs on the table, croissants on the counter. I saw them there, I didn't eat or nibble anything. Nada. I had an apple in my gym bag. I wolfed that down quickly! I drank a diet pepsi and 2 glasses of water. Then hit the shower.

I met Bonnie for a sandwich after my shower. We went to Jimmy Johns and I had the Beaches sandwich. Turkey, cheese, mayo, avacado, whole grain bread, tomato; it was excellent. It was also 740 calories (I estimated 500!), 40 grams of fat, 38 grams of protein and 73 grams of carb. A real good post run meal. Then we went to Starbucks. There was a beautiful array of chocolate treats for sale at Starbucks. I probably would have passed previously, because Bonnie was there and I would have been too embarassed to order one. She's a skinny ultra runner; of course. I ordered a skinny latte.

I arrived home and would usually do waffles and real syrup. I mean, hello! I just ran 32 miles and I deserve waffles and syrup. I would then probably have an ice cream bar or ice cream and fudge. I mean, I eat balanced LL all week and used to have free day on BFL, so why not. And again, I had a big long run! I deserve it. I might have had a bowl ... or two.. of Lucky Charms or Cinn. Toast Crunch. I know, I've done this a lot in the past.

Instead, I arrived home and had another diet Pepsi. Then washed some laundry, checked on the boys homework assignments for the weekend, took Topaz out to play frisbee. I cooked rigatoni for Steve and the boys and had salmon, a large green salad and a ff/sf Healthy Choice fudgecicle. I felt satisfied and happy in the fact that the scale might actually budge today.

Now you see, I am usually ALWAYS up in weight the day after a long run. I ingest those salt tabs, so that is part of it, but also, I consume 3000-4000 calories post run. Most of it is fat and sugar. I always think "damn, I run 25/50 miles and am probably the only person who gains weight". Well, damnit, there is a reason for that weight gain!

The day after the long run/race, I still usually feel entitled to eat more sh+t. More sugar, more processed carbs, more bread, la la la la..

Not today. Today for breakfast I went right back into my 1 egg, 4 whites and 2 c of veggies; snack was 3 oz chicken, 2 more cups of veggies. Lunch is an apple, chicken, large green salad. Right back on track. I'm peeing like crazy, the salt is working through, all the water from yesterday/today is flushing from my system.

I'm hopeful that I'll shed some fat this week, post - run. You know what, YOU CAN'T DO WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DONE AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS!!!! We've all heard that before, right. So change your habits! If what you are doing isn't working for you, you are doing something wrong.

I feel a rant coming on. I'm so sick of people beginning a program, then deciding to let a birthday, or housework, or some other event or project get in the way and they then decide to put the program off for another week. They are right back where they started. Don't they see this? Hello!? How is that working for you? Not very well.

OK, rant complete.

74 mile week

Yay! I completed my high mileage week without any injury and without ONE blister. Now, I have never experienced an injury...I've been very very lucky, and yes, I count those blessings daily. However, blisters are a real big problem for me. If you scroll down, you will see a picture of my poor feet. Blisters, toenails gone or black, etc. Bad feet. Another ultra runner friend turned me on to Elastikon tape. I have been taping my feet for any runs over 20 miles in distance during the winter. I.have not. had. one. blister. It's a miracle.

Friday night I drove to Bonnie's home. Scott was already there so we put on our neck gators, gloves and hats; then decided we needed two shirts and a jacket..the wind kicked up and it was only 10F. Off we went, hitting the lakes. It was really cold. Scott was really complaining and wanted to cut it short at 9 miles. I told him, quite nicely, but firmly, that I needed to get in 14 miles. Now, Bonnie and Scott have both run at least 6 100's. I'm the newbie to 100 mile races. They allowed me to get in my 14 miles. We finished in 2:05; just fine.

Saturday Troy had basketball tournaments. I brought Topaz out for a 6 mile run on the trail. The surface wasn't as icy as earlier because we received an inch of snow. This added some good traction over the ice. We all attended the tournaments until 4 PM! What a long day. Troy's team won 2/2. He had a good time and that's what is important.

Sunday morning I awoke at 5 AM to tape my feet and get in some oatmeal. I haven't been eating complex carbs for a few weeks in trying to get this fat off. With a high mileage week like this, I've added some carbs. So, 1 full cup of oats tasted pretty darn good! I was at Bonnie's at 7 AM; Jeffrey and Tom were already there so we headed out. I have a two bottle pack, it holds 2 - 24 oz bottles of water. I also had SUCCEED Caps (salt/electrolyte) and Advil for ..just in case! I had a few Cliff Shot gels, 2 Myoplex bars. There is water availabe at each lake so I didn't have to worry about running back to my car for water. Bonnie, Tom and Jeffrey ran 10 miles with me..it was a nice, relaxed pace. We ran, walked and talked talked talked. Very enjoyable. At 10 miles they bailed and I ran a few miles myself, then found another ultra runner, Maynard, that I've seen at races. I had removed my jacket..the wind had let up and I was getting warm. I still had two shirts on, but anyway, Maynard recognized my Superior 50 Mile Trail shirt I was wearing and then realized who I was. We ran together for 8 miles, chatting it up. He bailed and a few miles later Greg met up with me. He had emailed me that he would be running the Minneapolis Lakes and would look for me. It was really nice having all the company on a long run. That's one of the reason I decided to run the Lakes. It is convenient for all who live in the Metro area, there is water available, it's not icy. Greg ran 5 miles and then I finished up two more lakes on my own, with my headphones. All went very well. I ate 1 Myoplex bar..1/2 at a time, then had 2 Cliff Shots. Took 4 SUCCEED caps and drank 125 oz of water. As I was walking back to Bonnies (she gave me her key so I could shower at her place afteward) Ann called my cell and we chatted about my run a bit.

I arrived at Bonnies and showered up. Get this: she left a towel for me on the radiator. It was SO warm and nice!! I then went to her place of work to return the key. We went to Jimmy John's for a big sandwich. Yum!! What a great end to a great day.

I ended up running the 32 miles in 5:59. I thought it would take me a bit longer, I'm very glad to have that 50K finished. Now I need to get in a 50 miler. It's daunting to plan these training runs without races. In Minnesota, our first ultra is Trail Mix in April. That means I need to get all the training in without the races, since my 100 is April 16. It's tough. So, I'm thinking if I feel recovered from this 50K by Friday I could run the 50 mile on Saturday. If I'm feeling like I'm still tired, I'll wait until the following Saturday.

If the trail conditions are good at Blue Hill, I'll run the 50 mile there. It is a 6 mile loop and I can use my car as an aid station. I will also be able to run with Topaz the first 25 miles or so. Then I'll have Steve come and pick him up. I don't want to run him into the ground. The dog won't stop on his own! I did tell Steve and the boys that I FULLY expect them to come out and walk a loop with me during my 50 mile training run. There is no reason they can't at least do that for me! My sister said she'd come out and walk with me too. I need to incorporate some walking into this training run as I'll be walking some of the night hours at McNaughton. I need to practice this too.

If the trail is an icy mess, I'll be back at the Minneapolis Lakes, enlisting my running friends to help me out again!

Oh, and the scale finally budged. I was stuck at 145.8 for 6 days. Today I finally saw 144.9! Yahoo. Bootcamp Intensive I wraps up on Wednesday. My team is still in first place with 106.7 pounds gone, Team 2 is at 84.8, Team 3 at 82.9 I think those travel vouchers are mine!! Yes!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

A Weekend of Running

I'm in the middle of big week for training miles. If all goes as planned, I'll have 70+ miles in. So far, so good. Tonight I am going to test out my running lights. I purchased a new headlamp and a new hand-held flashlight. I'll be spending a good part of my 100 mile run in the dark, in the woods, so lights are a must. Trusty lights are a must. I need to practice changing batteries in the dark and getting a feel for the light. If the headlamp hurt and sucked, it would not be good to find this out in a middle of a 100 mile run when the only option is to suck it up. It's better to learn in advance and find one that I love to use. So, tonight at 6:30 PM I'll be meeting up with Bonnie and Scott (pics of both are earlier on in the blog) for a 20 mile run around the Minneapolis lakes. Bonnie is serving up a meal at her home afterward.

Tomorrow is a day of basketball. Troy has his tournament; this means AT LEAST 3 basketball games. Topaz and I will hit the trail before basketball begins for an easy 6 mile recovery run. He needs his run too!

Sunday I go back to the Minneapolis Lakes ( I can't get anyone to run out here in the country with me...everyone I know who runs distance is in the Metro area..) for a 32 mile run. I have received commitments from both Bonnie and Jeffrey (again, pic previous) that they will run at least part of the distance with me. There are tons of people running the Mpls. lakes area so I can do lots of people watching.

I got in an excellent RT session yesterday. Chest, should and bicep for 55 minutes. Personal best on barbell bicep curl: 60 pounds. WOOHOO! Getting stronger and burning fat. Still hanging out with the 145.8 pound club. Been stuck there for 4 days I believe. Pants are lose today, I like that!

Have a great FRIDAY!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle Week IIII of the Bootcamp Intensive I

4 weeks already coming to an end. Only 1 week left of the Bootcamp Intensive I. It's been amazing. Today I weighed in at 145.8; yahoo!! The fat is finally budging.

Week in review (actual)
Average calories per day-1334
Splurge meal: cake and ice cream-high zig zag day of 1653. A far cry from my 4000 BFL free days.
Average minutes of exercise per day: 84 (back off week in running training schedule)
Total exercise minutes: 590
RT: 3 sessions = 160 minutes. Had one 75 minute bootcamp RT session with a class at the gym. It was HARD!
Miles run: 42

A very good week. My goal for bootcamp was to lose 5 pounds; I've exceeded that by 2.I will lose 1-1.5 this next week, then Bootcamp is 'off' for three weeks, I applied for the Bootcamp Intensive II, which begins April 6 for another 5 weeks. My goal: to lose another 5, finally seeing the 130's. My all time weight loss goal is to hit 125 on July 4. I know I can do this. I'm finally getting it. I have to log every single morsel that hits my lips, I need to be honest with myself and get the workouts in.

Yesterday workout:
40 minutes HIIT treadmill run in the AM; 4.81 miles
50 minutes HIIT treadmill run in the PM: 5.51 miles
Walked Topaz 2 miles on trail-it was ICE covered. We had to go back home!

Yesterday nutrition:
M1: 1 egg, 4 whites, 2 c. Frozen Blend veggies
M2: 6 whites, 2 c green snap peas
M3: 4 oz canned chicken, 1 chopped apple, 1 c chopped carrots, 1 c chopped celery, grapes, 1 T nf ns mayo
M4: 4 oz canned tuna, 1 cucumber, 2 c spinach leaves, grape tomato, 1 T FF italian dressing
M5: 6 oz salmon, 2 c. sauted cabbage
M6: 1 orange, 4 oz canned chicken
Calories: 1341, Carb: 112, Protein: 143, Fat: 24

My Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive I Team is still in first place! We've lost 92.3 pounds (13 people each group) Team 2 has lost 71.8 pounds and Team 3 has lost 68.3 pounds. Isn't that awesome?!! Looks like those vacation vouchers will be coming my way. UNBELIVEABLE! Just frosting on the cake..so to speak.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

A truly beautiful day

What a weekend! Friday night Tyler had his Middle School Activity Night; I chaperoned. Saturday Troy had a double header for basketball. Then at 3:00 I had a dozen 9 years olds appear at the door for Troy's 9th birthday sleepover.

I kept them occupied with an outside treasure hunt (thankfully it was 40 F), a bon fire, smores, a silly string war, pinata. Back inside for pizza, cake and ice cream. Many games and prizes, presents and Spongebob Squarepants Move. Gosh I love that movie! They played XBOX and GameCube until midnight and were back up at 6 am. Up fixing waffles, bacon and eggs.

By 9 AM the parents came to pick up the boys, most of them came early so they could go to church I guess.

I and Topaz headed for the trail. We ran 15 miles in 45 F temps! Awesome. The ice on the trail has melted, it is drying out, I even caught a few whiffs of spring. Ah, it was lovely. Because I was out later than usual there were a few other people on the trail. I didn't like sharing it with them.

I'll be off to the gym this afternoon to lift legs.

I had a planned splurge meal yesterday. I had cake and ice cream. The sugar didn't make me crazy nor did it create a binge. Of course, I had it all planned out. I ate it right before I went to bed so I couldn't have any more..if I wanted to sleep! I woke up this morning feeling dreadful. Like a hangover and a horrible dry feeling in my mouth. Ach. The planned splurge cost me 980 calories, for a total of 1730 yesterday. Right on target.

Guess what? I AM DOWN TO 146 today! Woohoo. 6.5 pounds off in just 3.5 weeks. Rock on.

Next week is a high running week. I should get up to 70 miles. The planned runs are a 14 with Bonnie and friends Friday evening. We need some night running to test out our lights and get ready for the McNaughton 100. I'll be running at least 30 hours constantly, so need the practice at night. Last time I ran during the night was this past June for FANS 24 hour run. I got in 89 miles. www.fans24hour.org I think I'll be doing that one again this year too. The other planned run is a 50K I'm going to get in on Sunday. I hope I can get someone to run it with me, otherwise it will be on the Blue Hill trail as usual.

It's supposed to hit 55F today. An absolutely perfect day!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle Week III of the Bootcamp Intensive I

The loss this week: drumroll...1.3 pounds. YESSSSSS!! I'm finally being honest with myself, logging my food to the calorie, every bite, lick and taste, keeping away from the sugar that begins my binges and getting in all exercise minutes.

Last week I ran 45 miles; 19.5 miles was HIIT on the treadmill, the remainder on trail in the 10 minute mile range. I lifted 3x for a total of 174 minutes. My 'average daily exercise minutes' : 98

For nutrition I averaged 1376 calories each day, did a 7 day zig zag of 1254 to 1789. That 1789 is the day of the planned splurge meal. No all day feast as per BFL.

My team at Leanness Lifestyle is still in first place. We've lost 65 pounds (13 of us), Team in Second place has lost 49 pounds and Team in Third place has lost 46 pounds. Isn't that amazing?!! I love it. I'm going to apply for Bootcamp Intensive II which begins April 6. It's awesome.

Tonight is our teleconference. All 43 of us hopping on the phone line to learn and discuss with our coach.

Today: 40 minutes HIIT on treadmill; 4.86 miles; tonight: 60 minutes on trail with Topaz: 6 miles, 50 minutes RT; Triceps, back. Big activity day just because it all fits in today.

Nutrition: (low zig zag)
M1: 1 egg, 4 whites, 2 c. frozen pea pods, cauliflour, brocolli
M2: 5 whites, 2 c. brocolli
M3: 3 oz canned chicken, 1 chopped apple, 1 c chopped celery, 1 c chopped carrots, 1 T nf mayo
M4: 3 oz tuna, 1 apple
M5: 6 oz salmon, 2 c sauted cabbage

If I'm ravenous because of the high activity I'll add another meal and have a mid zig zag. Flexibility.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dairy Queen

A group of co-workers are going to pick up Dairy Queen for lunch. One of them just dropped the brochure off on my desk so that I could place my order with her. As she was giving it to me, she said "what am I thinking..you won't eat DQ for lunch. I bet you brought your own." Yeah, I brought my own, but I asked her to leave the brochure anyway.

They'll all eat their DQ burgers and DQ fries and DQ ice cream treats ... for lunch. And then they'll talk about losing fat for spring break ( 3 weeks away ). I don't get it. They don't get it. I only have lunch with them once a week. It's all I can take. Usually I just eat at my desk.

Do you know that a SMALL BLIZZARD has 600+ calories, on average? 600! Wowza. Maybe I'll just pull out the brochure the next time I have an ice cream craving!!

I've been doing pretty well resisting sugar laden treats. I went to the baby shower on Sunday and once I arrived, I didn't get out of my chair. Didn't even browse the 'food table'. I knew what was there, I could see from a distance. Fruit pizza, chocolate cake with white frosting (major trigger food of mine), chocolates, lovely confections. I drank loads of water with lemon. Nobody noticed that I didn't eat anything. No peer pressure. I was worried about nothing. I came home and fixed some salmon and a large veggie salad and reveled in the fact that I've lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks. Down to 147.1 today. Yahoo.

Ran 40 minutes HIIT this AM; will run 6 miles with Topaz on the trail tonight. Lifted chest, biceps last night. Feeling the soreness coming on.