Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Summer Races

My calendar is filling quickly. I'm filling it with the boys' baseball games, summer camps and my races.

It seems that I am either preparing for a race or recovering from a race. Many times I'm doing both at the same time. There doesn't seem to be any more of a tapering period.

When I first began running, and did my first marathon in 1999, I trained for Grandmas '99 for four months. This included a taper period of three weeks prior to the big day. I ran the marathon, recovered a few weeks and began to train for my second marathon, Twin Cities Marathon in September of '99. After finishing TCM I recovered for a few weeks and logged roughly 25 miles a week until the following February when I again began to train for Grandmas. This cycle repeated itself for a few years.

Then I found ultra-marathons. I found that I enjoyed running long distance. Real long distances. I discovered that my body adapted quite well to running and recoving from these ultras. I found that I really enjoyed being in 'marathon shape' at all times. I can run a marathon at a drop of a hat, or a 50K, or a 50 mile. That's an awesome feeling, especially from a person that couldn't walk a block without hacking out a lung or collapsing from the effort not too long ago.

Here's the race schedule for the summer:

April 16 McNaughton 100 mile race 29 hours, 7 minutes
May 21 Superior 50 K 7 hours, 9 minutes
June 4/5 FANS 24 Hour Run
June 18 Grandmas Marathon
July 2 Afton 50 K Trail Race
July 30 Voyaguer 50 Mile Trail Race
Sept. 10 Superior 50 Mile Trail Race
Oct. 2 Twin Cities Marathon
Oct. 15 Ed Fitz 100 K

Gee, it looks like I need something for August!

Don't ever believe that you can't do something. You can. Try it. Believe in yourself. I'm serious.

Blogger Manual?

OK, as those of you have noticed, those of you who read this blog, this blog does not have all of the bells and whistles that other blogs have. Even Blogger blogs. I haven't looked up how to add links, how to track my progress on the side, how to add lists of other blogs that I like to read. Where do you find the directions to all of these add-ons?

Morning Cardio

I love morning cardio. Prior to LL I only ran in the AM on weekends and during the summer, when I am off for 8 weeks (effective June 15...yeah!). Once I began LL it became apparent that the only way the fat was budging was if I ran or exercised in another manner for 90 or more minutes a day. In the interest of having time with my children, time to work, etc., this called for AM cardio at 430 each morning.

At first it was hit or miss. I really tried to get up and run each morning on the treadmill, but damn, it was tough. A few weeks into this and I actually looked forward to the way I felt after the run. Feeling proud of myself, feeling the endorphins, that got me out of bed.

This morning the alarm went on at 430 and I like, popped out of bed. I was anxious to get in the hard AM cardio. It's funny how perception can change everything. In the beginning, I perceived it to be tough, a pain in the ass, and I was tired. Then I began to change my thought process. I realized that this is what I need to do to lose fat, I realized that the AM hard cardio makes me feel fine the rest of the day. It 'sets' the tone of my day. It keeps me on track with food and water. I now love my hard AM cardio.

Today I ran Yasso 800's. I ran 4 minutes at 730 miles per hour 4 x. I was dripping and panting. I hadn't run hard since Thursday..being up at the lake for the long weekend I ran long distance, slower miles. This AM cardio rocked. Just as I was tiring out, my iPod played Guns N Roses Welcome to the Jungle..just in the nick of time!

I love my iPod.

Steve is home today; he took an extra day of vacation. He couldn't believe that I awoke at 430 to run ..and will again run tonight with Topaz..then to two baseball games..both boys play tonight. He wasn't suprised when I was doing laundry at 6 AM and trying to figure out how I would get grocery shopping in today. I told him he could take the grocery list to the store..ha! I think he'll put in our vegetable garden instead, and that's fine!

Friday, May 27, 2005

This was End of BCI 1.. difference isn't that noticable.. Posted by Hello

End of BCI 2; Loss of 8 additional pounds. Total loss since Feb. 9 : 15 pounds Posted by Hello

Memorial Weekend

If it rains any more here in Central Minnesota I am going to turn into a mushroom! I have been running on the trail, in the rain, every day after work this week. Yesterday a tree blew down only a few feet in front of me. It is crazy! Every morning I have run on the treadmill for 30 minutes before work..my only 'dry' runs!

I am heading up to the cabin for the weekend. Guess what the forecast is? Rain. Every day. Great fun. I'll be running in the storms again..and fishing..and trying to have some fun.

I'm wearing my skinny pants today. It's a miracle. Wait, no, it is Leanness Lifestyle! Woohoo.

FANS 24 hour race is on June 4/5. It's a 24 hour run around Lake Nakomis in Minneapolis. Check out www.fans24hour.org for details. I want to run 100 miles. Last year I ran 86 miles and quit at 22 hours. The year before I ran 82 miles. It's a damn tough race. All asphalt and it is so easy to quit. It is a 2.3 mile course and your car is there waiting for you each and every lap.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tyler at Lk Superior/Lutsen Posted by Hello

Troy at the Temperance River.  Posted by Hello

Me and Ann at the 1/2 way mark..16 miles and still smiling! Posted by Hello

At the start line: Me, Ann and Bonnie Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Superior Trail 50K

The race was a complete blast. It is amazing to me how my body has adapted over the past three years. A 50K used to put me out for at least a week, and a 50K on the Superior Hiking Trail is the toughest of all. Well, not as tough as the 50 Mile in September, but tough as far as 50K's go.

We took our time heading up north. We stopped at Gooseberry Falls to hike for a few hours, the stopped at the Temperance River to hike another hour. I just love the Temperance River State Park. I took some pictures of the waterfalls and will post them tonight.

We arrived to Caribou Highlands around 4. Packet pick up was from 5-7 with a pasta dinner, etc. The boys and I swam for a few hours before tucking in for the night.

The weather forecast was rain, cool rain. Well, that didn't hold true. It was a beautiful day. Sunny, mid 50's, dry. The trail was very wet and muddy in spots-ankle deep mud-but most of it was dry. There were so many beautiful cow slips, bleeding hearts and violets. The fragrance from these flowers was amazing.

I and Ann hit the turnaround (16 miles) in 3:30. I had anticipated a 7:45 finish and was now thinking I might be able to make 7 hours. I need to set higher goals.

I came into the finish at 7:09. What a great day.

I went for a run Sunday and Monday..nothing hurts-I didn't even get a blister. Amazing.

Results should be posted soon at www.superiortrailrace.com

On the weight loss front: I've been maintaining. I added 1-2 carb meals in last week for this race and the losses stopped right there. Even though I kept the calories the same, but replaced some of the veggie carbs with whole grains..bam..stopped dead in its tracks. As I recover from this race I'll take away a carb meal and see if the scale begins to budge on downward.

All calories are NOT created equal, are they..

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jungle Jam

My Jungle Jam arrived yesterday. I haven't had a chance to open up the box, but I hope to tonight. I'm very excited to begin practicing the art of pull-ups!

I really enjoy the P90X workouts. Plyometrics is probably my favorite, Ab Ripper a close second. Once I have the pull-up bar ready I'll view the weight training workouts.

My independantly owned Mom and Pop gym has been purchased by Gold's Gym! Ooooohhhh...now we'll probably get some great upgrades on equipment and maybe even a shower that I wouldn't be afraid to use! I really can't complain because I only pay $28 a month, but, the showers are disgusting, the lockers are dirty, there are NO spinning classes and the pool is slimy. I use the gym for my weight training and that is it. I have a feeling Gold's will offer a few more options. Yahoo.

I'm SO looking forward to going up to Lutsen on Friday. I, hubby, the boys and my Mom and Dad are all going to spend the weekend up on the Superior Hiking Trail. I get to run a 50K on Saturday while they hike the trail and visit the aid stations. Great fun!

Friday, May 13, 2005

BCI-2 Finished and Successful

Wednesday was the grand finale of the BCI-2. I dropped 8 pounds of fat. Yahoo! That was my goal and I stuck to it. I still can't really believe it, but it is fact.

I'm down to 135 pounds. I celebrated with an 800 calorie Blizzard. Yes. Loads of sugar, fat and carbs. It was delicious too and worth every calorie!

This week I set up a new goal setter to get me down to 125 on July 7. This week I need 112 minutes of exercise each day to eat 1400-1500 calories a day and still lose fat.

Because of the intense workouts I've added back some grainy carbs. My body is loving it. Yesterday I had a 1/2 subway (roast beef, no cheese, no mayo) and a bowl of Cream of Wheat w/protein shake.

These carbs allowed me 3 excellent workouts yesterday! I ran 35 minutes HIIT in the AM on the treadmill, 4.11 miles, a session of weight training for 50 minutes and another 40 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill in the evening. It was a very rainy cold day..38 F yesterday..hence the treadmill running.

Today I'm having a grainy carb as well and 3 workouts...2 running workouts and I'm going to try the P90X Kenpo DVD. I haven't looked at it yet.

M1: 6 egg whites; cinnamin, splenda, banana
M2: 4 oz chicken, mayo, apple
M3: 1/2 roast beef subway
M4: 4 oz tuna, brocolli
M5: Myoplex

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


After returning from the gym last night I dug into my P90X box to work out to the much heard about Plyometrics DVD. Wow. I loved it. 60 minutes of squats and jumps and an assortment of other goodies. One reason I liked this workout so much is because the moves aren't those grape-vine things from the aerobics classes that I felt like such a clutz in. These moves are easier to follow, difficult to do, but easy to follow. OK, so I did feel like a clutz doing the baseball throw and catch move. Otherwise, it went very well. My heart rate wasn't real high, but the sweat was pouring and I felt the moves in my legs/butt.

While 'running around the towel' Topaz went crazy and thought we were out on a run, I guess. He was under my feet and I stepped on his paw! Ooops.

I will definately NOT do this workout the same day as a leg day.

The Jungle Jam pull up bar still hasn't arrived. I will add the Plyometrics, Yoga, Ab Ripper and Kenpo to my regular workouts. One each day. I'll figure out the rest when the bar arrives.

I lifted heavy at the gym yesterday, I have completed the 12 week higher rep, lower weigh periodization and am now beginning to go heavier:
DB chest press: 40 x 6 x 3, 45x3x1; those 45's are heavy. Definately need a spotter next time so I can get them both up!
BB chest press: 125x6x3
Pec Dec: 100x6x3
BB curls: 50x6x3; 60x4x1
DB curls: 30x8x1, 35x6x2
Cable curls: 60x6x3

Today I woke up at 4:30 but went back to sleep! Woke up again to get in 20 minutes HIIT: 2.41 miles
Will run with Topaz on trail: 6 miles
Will do Ab Ripper: 20 minutes

M1: 1 Eggo Nutri Grain Waffle, 1 hard boiled egg, 1/4 cup cottage cheese
M2: 6 hard boiled egg whites, 1 T ff mayo, 1 banana
M3: 2 c spinach, tomato, peppers, carrots, 4 oz canned chicken
M4: 2 c brocolli, 4 oz chicken
M5: 1 Boca burger, lf cheese, 2 c sauteed cabbage

Monday, May 09, 2005

My Abs Hurt :)

Yup, the P90X DVD's arrived Saturday.

I couldn't dig right into them, I was weeding and preparing my perennial beds. I have two huge perennial beds that were in desperate need of weeding, fertilizing and planting. I and Ann visited an awesome nursery Saturday and I found some great deals. Hydrangea, coral bell, hosta, lilly, iris...I love them all!

After washing up I dug into the P90X box and previewed a few of the DVD's. I had already run 10 miles and lifted chest, triceps and traps at the gym so wasn't going to do any more work outs. The plyometrics DVD looks like a killer. I can't wait to try it tonight.

I did the Ab Ripper last night and yeah..my abs hurt. I couldn't even squeak out 25 of the last two moves; I did 10 and was shot. SHOT!

I also ran 10 miles yesterday and went for a 12 mile bike ride with the kids for MY Mother's Day gift..a nice bike ride with the boys, that's a great way to spend some time together. I was exhausted by 8 PM last night.

My pull up bar hasn't arrived yet. I can't wait. I think I can only do 1. Isn't that pitiful! I did 1 at the gym a few months ago and was devestated and haven't tried it since. I need to do the 'fit' test for P90X, which includes doing as many pull ups as one can.

Woke up at 4 AM to get in 45 minutes of treadmill running; will lift at the gym tonight and try the plyo DVD.

Still hanging out at 135 pounds on the scale. BCI-2 wraps up on Wednesday when I'll start a new goal setter to get down to 125 on July 6. Only 8 weeks out. I'll hit it, I know I will. I'm fine with 135 this week.

1: 1/2 c oats (felt tired yesteday during bike ride, thought I'd add a carb) 4 whites, 1 egg, splenda, cinnamon
2: 6 hard boiled whites 1 T lf mayo, 1 banana
3: 4 oz chicken, 1 T lf mayo, 1 c carrots, 1 apple chopped, 1 c celery chopped
4: 5 oz tuna, lettuce, carrots, tomato, cucumber, ff dressing
5: 4 oz talapia, spinach, peppers
6: protein shake-plain

I'll see what happens with the oats meal. I was feeling carb empty yesterday during my workouts and exhausted after my 45 minute run today. The oats tasted heavenly. Hopefully they don't cause a gain in weight tomorrow. I'd like to have 1 unprocessed grain meal a day.

I'm so happy! Steve, Tyler and Troy are all going to come with me to run Superior on the 21st. We're going to take the boys out of school the 20th and leave in the morning. It's up in Lutsen, MN - way up North on the Superior Hiking Trail. It's awesome. Rough and rocky and rooty.

Check out www.superiortrailrun.com I haven't done the Spring race before, I usually run Ice Age 50 mile instead but love the Superior Trail so wanted to do this 50K. I will do the 50 Mile in September again.

We'll stay at Caribou Highlands. It's so cool, the start/finish is right at the resort. The resorts sits right off of the Superior Hiking Trail. I can't wait!

Friday, May 06, 2005

First Goal: MET!

Yesterday I reached my first weight loss goal with LL. Back in February I set up a program with LL and the goal setter. The goal setter 'goal' was to lose 17 pounds by May 11. I met that goal yesterday. Yahoo!! Slowly but surely the fat burned off.

I've had to change my eating habits by omitting the grainy and processed carbs; I get my 125-150 carbs a day through fruits and veggies. I've been eating 125-150 grams of lean protein each day, usually in the form of egg whites or chicken. I have been allowing myself one 'planned splurge' meal each week that must fit into the daily calorie guidelines of approx. 1200 (low zig zag) to a high of 1500. I haven't allowed myself any sugar products such as cookies, cake, frosting, ice cream or cereal AT ALL on ANY day..splurge days included. This, I believe, is why I have lost fat. Sure, I am running and lifting weights like a crazy woman, but I was doing that before LL as well.

I firmly believe most of my success is because I have given up the BFL free day, the "fortified french toast", "bfl pancakes", meal replacement bars (Myoplex) and most dairy.

Do I mind eating this way? No, not one bit! I feel good, healthy and strong. I have NO plans to go back to how I was eating. I will be happy to follow Leanness Lifestyle for a very long time!

My goal for this next week is simply to maintain, then set up a new goal setter with LL next Wednesday (11th) for July 6 where I will weigh 125 pounds. Wow. 125 pounds will be awesome, and more importantly, I know how to get there.

I'll wait to update pics and stats at the end of the BCI-2; next Wednesday.

Today: 50 minutes RT on legs:
Barbell Squat: 110x12x4
Extension: 120x12x1; 140x12x3
Leg Press: 120x12x1; 140x12x3
Standing Ham Curl: 20x12x1; 25x12x3
Laying Leg Curl: 40x12x1; 60x12x3; 70x8x1 PB
Standing Calf: 135x12x4

Running: 8 miles with Topaz on trail with jelly legs

M1: 3 oz chicken, 2 c green beans..yeah, for breakfast!
M2: 5 egg whites, sf syrup
M3: 4 oz tuna, 1 apple
M4: 4 oz chicken, 1 c carrots, 1 chopped apple, 1 T lf mayo
M5: 4 oz salmon, large green veggie salad

It's beautiful outside. 70F and Sunny. FINALLY!!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

LL BCI-2; Week 5

I can't believe that there is only one week left of BCI-2 with Leanness Lifestyle. My goal was to lose 8 pounds this past 5 weeks, I have one week to go and am down 7.5. How awesome is that? So awesome! Me,who couldn't lose for anything! I'm losing. I had to go pretty much Paleo-eating like a caveman; a lean eating caveman.

Today was pretty rough running my loop with run club. I typically have been running 39-40 minutes. Today it took me 43 minutes and it felt like I was running through cement! I guess I am not completely recovered, LOL.

I'm back to 2 a day cardios. Getting upa t 4:15 for 30-40 treadmill minutes and another 6 miles in the evening with Topaz on the trail.

My legs are still sore from RT on Sunday; now my upper body is sore from last nights RT on upper body. I love it.

M1: Cherry Garcia Shake
M2: Chicken salad w/apple
M3: Tuna, carrots
M4: Chicken salad/banana
M5: Salmon, brocolli

I haven't yet received my P90X set. I'm sure excited for it to arrive!