Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreams Do Come True!

A few weeks ago I received  a text from Tyler "I am thinking about running the 5K Earthday at SCSU. Do you want to?"  Imagine the huge smile upon my face as I text back one word "YES!" Of course!  Then I became protective of my feelings, and told Troy I didn't want to get too excited just incase Tyler decided he didn't want to do this after all.

When Tyler came home at Easter he told me he had entered and he was still up for it. I was so excited. I let myself become excited all over again. I entered and just waited for the date to arrive.

Last night we ran Tyler's first event. It was so much fun!

Tyler is attending college at SCSU so he picked up our packets after classes at 3. I met him in St. Cloud at about 4. We were upgrading his phone, began that process, which was taking forever, so left the phone and everything there after an hour and half and went to the college for the race start.

It was a beautiful evening.  55F, sunny, perfect. As Tyler showed me around the campus we ran into two of his friends who were also running. These were guys he works with, I hadn't met them before. Very fun.  We walked around campus and then headed to the start line. We lined up way in the back, we were in no rush, just taking our time, going to run Tyler's longest run!

There were 2000 people in front of us, after the race began we jogged up the start line and headed out. I was just beaming!  Here I was, running with my SON. My son who cheered and watched me run MY first race, my FIRST marathon and so many more. I was so emotional, full of happiness.

Tyler was a champ!  He led the pace and gave me a narrative of the campus, of his friends who live in what dorms, what houses, where they hang out. It was just great. We clipped along the campus, dorms, river, lake and back to the start/finish area.  We waved at ourselves on the big screen TV . As we ran along I saw a man wearing a jacket I have: Superior Sawtooth 100!  Hey! Superior Sawtooth 100!!  I screamed. He looked at me and waved, I fist pumped and continued this blessed run onto the SCSU football field. We held hands, put our other arms into the air and celebrated running across the finish line.  Together.

A dream come true.

I had always dreamed that one day I would run with my boys. They have both run for football and baseball but they have never run just to run. I'm so glad that Tyler is now doing just that.  He even said the M word. Marathon.  Crazy hu? Nope, not at all. During our race he said "who is this guy, running a race, Mom?  Who knows, one day I could do a marathon".

After the race we went to pick up his finally upgraded phone and then to CherryBerry for yogurt. I had such a great time. We both did.

Thank you, Tyler.

Friday, April 06, 2012

40 Does Not 100 Make

Can you just hear that in my sing song voice? Well, 40 Does Not 100 Make!  I know you can.

Yeah. This disc thing. I hadn't had any pain December to March 17, when I fell. Since then I've slowly been getting better. The good:  I took time off, I knew what the pain was, where it was coming from, where it was radiating too. I learned my lesson. I didn't continue running through it-although give me a break-I didn't know what the pain was about the first time through so continued to run.  Until I couldn't. 

I am able to get through the day without Advil, Oxycodone, I'm finished with the steroids. I'm on the mend.

I can CrossFit-I continue to attend at least two classes a week. I still suck at snatches (I better not get spam for that word!!) and burpees but I don't hurt. Last night the WOD was a 5K run. Sweet :)

I can lift heavy. I am at Gold's 3-4 times a week. I have made amazing strength gains. I can't even believe it sometimes. I am strong.

I can run. I can run. I can run. I can run 6-7 hours and then I feel pain. At about 40 miles, the discs let me hear them. I can feel the whole nerve scenario, the hand numbing, etc. Now, when I felt this last summer I continued to run until I couldn't. When I couldn't - I couldn't. No run, no weight training, no grocery shopping, no sleeping, no walking. I don't want to go there again.

I have to be happy with a 50K, a 40 mile run, a daily run with my Topaz. I have to be happy being able to get through the day without pain, lift heavy, attend

I have to be happy not running  Zumbro 100. Well, I don't have to be happy about it, but I should at least feel smart about it. Instead of feeling like a pussy. Maria told me I am not a sissy! I can volunteer. I can run 50K, 40 miles, while out at the race. I can have fun. I will have fun. Cheers!

No More Spam!

As many of you noticed I closed my blog for a few weeks. I have been receiving SO much spam, links to sites with viruses, a zillion offers to read this book, try this lotion, post a review on your blog. Ugh. No.

I have tried out a few other hosting options but they are too busy with too many bells and whistles and I just don't have any need for all that jazz.

Instead of making all kinds of changes I simply won't allow just anyone to comment. I'll have to OK each comment before it is posted. I didn't want to bother with that but I guess I will.

Thanks for all of the FB messages, emails and texts. Wow. I had no idea. Really. Thank you.

Zumbro Fat Ass: 2012 Edition

For quite a few years we've had awesome fun Zumbro Fat Ass runs. We would  have a group of 20 or so head down to Zumbro River Bottoms where Larry would mark out a crazy course of running for for us. 2 hours, 8 hours, pick your poison. Lots of fun.

A few years ago Larry created Zumbro 100 upon our Fat Ass course. I have never had the chance to run it as of yet. The race takes place in early April and I was usually running McNaughton 100.

This year I tried a few times to get a group to head down Zumbro way. It was like pulling teeth!  After posting on FB a few times I finally had a bit of interest. I set the date for last Saturday. If no one showed, oh well, I would show.  I wanted to get 40 or so miles to feel ready for the race.

John Storkamp, present RD for Zumbro 100 chimed in and stated that he and Joe would join in.  That sparked interest in a few other guys. Pretty soon we had a group of 8 or so.

I woke up at 2 AM so that I could be in Hastings bright and early, well, not follow John and Joe to Zumbrota.  I didn't think I'd be able to find it in the dark. That's an understatement!  I'm so glad I followed!

We arrived to FA headquarters a bit before 6. Met up with Edward, Jeremy and Tony, a group I hadn't met before, Jason and I'm forgetting a guy. Damn.  Kelly was going to be out around 10 AM, whom I hadn't met before either. It was really cool meeting these people for a long run.

We started in the dark, using headlamps. I believe Joe forgot one, but he didn't seem to have any difficulty navigating the trails. I brought up the rear, enjoying the conversation around me. I was trying to pay attention to where we were are I was going to run another loop, probably solo, and really didn't want to become lost.

Eventually the sun rose, it was a beautiful day. No bugs, the snow was gone, not muddy, just nice running. Really. We stopped for a refill of water that we had stashed earlier, refilled on gels and ran along.

My god, the hills!  I kind of forgot how hilly it is at Zumbro. Since I've healed from herniated discs, I've been building mileage, I've gone from 0 miles to a 40 mile long run in a few months. Distance is all I've concentrated on. No speed, no hills. I certainly was feeling it!

As we were running along, Jason and I became separated from the rest. I was SO much slower than these guys. Duh. The speedsters and yeah, then me. It was not like the old days, you know, Larry, Don, Bob, Bonnie, Maria and I would chat and run. Walk. Eat. Pee. Run. Walk. Climb a hill. Take a break. This felt like all out running  for me. I couldn't keep up. I think Jason took pity upon me and hung back so I wouldn't become lost. Poor guy!  I felt bad but I felt more relieved that he stayed.

We came upon Tony at one intersection and he told us he broke  his frickin' arch of his foot!  He was limping along, in pain. I couldn't believe he was still out there, moving. He figured it wasn't going to get any worse so he just tolerated it. Wow.

The guys waited at a grassy open area so we all caught up again. I caught my air, had some water and we were off. Dang. I forgot to pee.

We climbed climbed climbed, Tony was in back of me and before I knew it he was no longer there. I swear we climbed a mile or more, straight fucking up. I couldn't see. Sweat was rolling into my eyes with nice sunblock. Yum.

I finally made it to the top and looked Tony. Luckily he seemed to find his way good enough, unlike me, so we weren't too worried about him.

After about 5 hours I couldn't keep up. I walked up a hill and saw the last of the guys. I figured if they took a turn or something from the main trail they would draw an arrow in the dirt or throw a branch over the trail that I shouldn't take.  I ran along for a while, enjoying the views, the birds, just enjoying the run.

I came upon Ant Hill, going down. Edward had stated 'its all downhill from here' a while back, so I figured I should go down. But then I thought I should continue forward because there were no tracks that I could see here and there was nothing that made me think I should go down-marker or otherwise so I continued on and on and on, a mile, two miles..then I decided I better turn back. I kept thinking about Edward and the downhill statement.  Back I went, down down down Ant Hill. I yelled out a few times and sure enough, 30 minutes or so later I came up to them waiting for me. Thank goodness!

We ran along, heading back to the start. I knew I could never run another 5 hour loop with them. I'd have to go on my own.

We came into the start area and there were Lynn and Darrel. Lynn had just returned from running on her own and wasn't going to be going back out. The guys were going to eat and rest a bit before going out again. I refilled my bottles and had John walk me back to the trail. I took a bunch of wrong turns, but decided to run the well marked signed areas.

After 10 more miles or so I was coming down a hill, I tripped over a rock and boom!  Down I went, hard, right on my butt. I could feel my spine jar. Fuck. Double Fuck.

Immediately I felt the nerve pain zing from my spine through my shoulder, down my arm into my hand and fingers. I got up, shook myself off and began to walk back toward the start. I was only a few miles out. I help my arm across my front, just like I had been doing only months prior.

So many thoughts going through my brain. What business do I have running so much when only a few months ago I couldn't run at all. Well, so should I never try...and never know..just because I 'might' get hurt. I could have fallen on a five mile run and hurt myself. I don't back and forth I went.

As I came into Tony's campsite, John, Lynn, Edward, Darryl and Joe were hanging out. "Why are you holding your arm, Julie" "Why are you back, Julie" "what's wrong"  I told the story and just took it easy. My hand went numb again, I popped a few Advil, changed clothes and just enjoyed visiting with my friends for a while.

Kelly finished up her run, I introduced myself. She went off on her own as she arrived at 10 and we didn't get back to the start until 11. She is running the 50 at Zumbro. 

We'll see how this ends. For now, I'm just happy that I'm not in the constant horrendous pain that I was in a few months ago. At least I know now what the pain is from-I'm not going to just continue running through it, wondering what it is, as I did last time. Thankfully I've learned something from that hell.

It was uncomfortable driving home, but not intolerable. I'll take it easy for a while and we'll see where I go from here :)