Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Schedule Changes

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the students. I'll no longer be able to bike into work the seven miles. I will be dropping Tyler off at the Middle School before I arrive to the High School. After I get off work I pick up Troy at the Elementary School to go home. I enjoyed biking in these last few weeks. Especially now that I had to pay $2.99 for a gallon of gas today.

Do you remember The Kinks and the song "A Gallon of Gas"? I was listening to it on my iPod yesterday and was amazed at how timely it is again. The Kinks came out with that album yearrrrrrssss ago...when I was a teenager in the '80's..yikes.

Tonight was Run Club. 5 miles in 38:44. Wow, I think we had a record turnout. A new guy I recruited last week brought FIVE of his friends tonight. Five of his very speedy fast friends. It was cool to meet them, I couldn't stay long as I had a town board meeting at 7.

Tyler begins football right after school tomorrow. I'll have to come home, run, then go and pick him up. Then go to football with Troy. I think I can expect 5 trips into town tomorrow.

Off to Lake Vermilion for the long weekend. Yippee!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Need For Speed IV

This week I had to complete my speed workout on the treadmill at 4 AM. I thought of Will getting up at 330 for her workouts and this allowed me to spring out of bed, thankful for my 30 more minutes than Will receives (

Tyler has his Middle School Open House tonight, Troy has football practice, there is no time for Mom to run tonight.

I ran a mile warmup, a mile cooldown and 12, yes 12, 800's at 3:45 minutes each. I ran a 400 recovery inbetween. I was out of air and totally drenched and exhausted.

Oh yeah, and I thought I was going to puke.

The only good thing was that I had my iPod and that I now have the workout over with. Otherwise it really sucked. I never got into the groove, I never enjoyed it and it was never fun. Speedwork on the track is better than speedwork on the treadmill, I say.

So for now my speed workouts are done. I will run Superior 50 next week, then recover for three weeks until Twin Cities Marathon. Where I want to runa 350 and qualify for Boston. Then it is a two week recovery for Ed Fitz 100K where I'm thinking an 11 hour 100K would be pretty awesome...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Week Wrap Up

Man, today was another perfect Minnesota day. A day we wait all winter for. 77 degrees, no humidity, clear blue skies, just perfect.

I nixed the road run this weekend. I ran 20 miles on pavement during the week so it was easy to head for the trail.

Topaz and I ran for another 15 miles at Blue Hill today. Mr. County Forester gave me a warning for having Topaz off leash. I had his leash tied around my waist, that wasn't good enough. Oh well...

As I was running along an open field area a BIG dark green/black with yellow stripes snake slithered across the trail and stopped. Right in the middle of the trail. Topaz stopped and did his hop hop. All four legs bounced two feet into the air. It was hilarious. If I wasn't so scared of the damn Bull Snake I would have peed my pants while laughing at Topaz so hard. But I was scared. I went way off of the trail, through the prairie grass way over my head, to get out of the way. Eeeww.

I have had enough of snakes. Yesterday when I and the boys were bike riding, Troy rode right over a Gardner Snake. It was doing the crappie all over the path. Eeeww again.

I went for a good hard bike ride and lifted this afternoon.

I also probably went for what was the last swim in our pool for the season. Next weekend we'll be up at the cabin and then Steve will be closing the pool up. I hate to see summer come to an end. I love summer. I love summer. I really love summer. But fall is nice, too!

So, this week:
Running: 58 miles
Biking: 72 miles
Weight Training: 130 minutes

2 weeks to Superior Trail 50 Mile Run : I need to let up on the mileage next week...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Grandest of Plans

Last month as I was searching online to find a triathlon ( I entered one for tomorrow..but the race was full and my registration was returned) to enter, I began to search for blogs relating to triathlon. I found many many blogs which I am now enjoying very much. It's interesting to note that the triathlon community is much more vocal and public in their quest to train, than the ultra runners. Ultra running blogs that I have found are few and far between.

So, in reading these triathlon blogs I found that many of them are working toward their goals a year, or two years into the future. They are training now for an Ironman that is two years away. They are setting the foundation of a very detailed, very in depth training program that will ultimately get them to their goal: the Ironman.

All summer I've been thinking about running/racing goals. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go?

I want to run the Grand Slam. The premier ultra marathon race set. The grandest of the grand.

The Grand Slam of Ultrarunning is completion of four of the oldest 100 mile trail runs in the U.S. The "Slam" consists of officially finishing the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, the Vermont Trail 100 Mile Run, the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run and the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run all in the same year. The Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Award was established in 1986, when Tom Green was the first finisher.

These are four bad ass tough runs. They are all in the mountains; Western States is a qualifier- which I did qualify for when I ran McNaughton 100 in April. The hitch is that approximately 800 people register and only 350 can run. The names are picked from a lottery. If you enter 2 years in a row and are not picked, you automatically are registered the third year. Western States is held the last weekend of June.

Then there is Vermont 100. Vermont is held the second weekend of July. The finishing rate is approximately 60%.

Leadville 100 is held in Colorado. It's called 'the race across the sky'. The race is at 9000-15000 feet. It's tough. It's damn tough. There is a 44% finishing rate. Leadville is held mid-August.

Then there is Wasatch Front 100. Held in Utah the weekend after Labor Day. It pretty much scares the poop out of me, after reading the race race reports.

So, 4 100 mile races in 10 weeks. You know what? Only 7 people from MN have completed this series. And only one woman. I've met her, but don't know her. As it gets closer, I'll have to give her a call.

So, I'm thinking a few years out. I could be ready in two years, for sure in three years.

I need to begin cultivating a plan, choosing races that will get me to my goal. Mountain races, running hill workouts, being ever so mindful of my nutrition and workouts. I know that I can reach deep enough within me to make this become a reality. I know I will give it all that I have.

I'm looking forward to this process. This process of digging down deep and finding out what Julie is made of.

I asked Steve what his thoughts were. Was he willing to put up with me while I try to do this? We had a long, well, a number of long conversations. In the end, he pretty much summed it up. 'There is no time like the present. You have summers off, it's a great time for you to train. Start a saving account titled Grand Slam and put something away every pay check, if you again write your workouts out on the calendar, as you did for McNaughton 100, we'll know what to expect. We might even come out for one. Of course I support you.'

What a guy.

When I ran this morning I had new energy, a new excitement in knowing where I'm going. I switched up today's 10 mile road run for a 15 mile run on the trail with Topaz. It was super. A cool, sunny morning out in the woods.

Superior 50 Mile is only 2 weeks away. After a road run tomorrow I'll be taking it easy.

www.run100' has a few race reports detailing the Grand Slam. Very good reading!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Rainy Day

I have been able to ride my bike to work for the past 9 days. It's been pretty cool; saving gas money, getting in a good workout, etc. Today it is pouring rain outside. No biking into work for me.

The boys will begin school next week so I'll have to leave the bike at home. Tyler's schedule allows him to ride in with me, Troy's schedule allows him to ride home with me and I am certain they will not 'buck' on my bike! Oh well..

Last night I and Ann ran the 5 mile run club route. I brought Troy to football practice, we did the team pictures, got him to the practice field and met Ann at the school. We were going to take it nice and easy but ended up finishing in 39:55. Not so nice and easy, but a lot of fun. We were actually able to hold a conversation. I then watched the remainder hour of football practice with 'the women'.

This afternoon I'll finally be able to take Topaz out to the trail. With the crazy schedule I've had this week I've run on pavement every day. Eeek. My legs are aching for the trail.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Happy Birthday Ann! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday Night Run Club

Today I was apprehensive about Run Club. My quads were screaming, my butt was plain old sore. The DOMS had set in big time from all of the squats, lunges, extensions, ham curls I did on Monday. Then add yesterday's track workout and I was nervous.

But I love Wednesday Night Club. It is Ann's birthday today and I had recruited another run to give us a try. I had to show up.

I did, and it went just fine.

5 miles in 39:09. Lots of good friends and good conversation.

There were 4 women running tonight; a record :) Yes, it is just fine to run with the guys each week but it sure is nice when some women show up. I hope we didn't scare them off :) I think they will be back.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Need For Speed III

It was that time of the week..time for a speed session. Oh no. The alarm went on, I turned it off and fell back to sleep. Oh no. Woke up at 515 and my speed session time had passed. Damn.

While Troy was practicing football I went to the High School track, right next to his football field and hammered out 800's. Man they are hard for me.

I lifted weights last night. I worked legs. DOMS was taking hold this afternoon so I was worried about my speed session.

I've been doing Yasso 800's:

After a 1600 warm up I was ready to roll. My goal: 8x800 @3:50.

The 1600's are warmup miles, the 400's are recovery laps. I kind of tried to aim for one recovery lap roughly the same speed as the speedy 800.

1600: 8:30
800: 3:40
400: 2:58
800: 3:43
400: 3:31
800: 3:45
400: 2:38
800: 3:48
400: 3:40
800: 3:41
400: 3:34
800: 3:52
400: 3:45
800: 3:51
1600: 8:30

I'm very happy with the workout.I did it! Yippee!! I kept on saying 'don't think about 8 x 800; think about one lap at a time' That thought worked well. Otherwise it was too overwhelming and too big and too fast for me.
I'm just not a fast runner. That's why I'm doing these speed workouts. So I can become faster..and damn, it's happening!

The bad part: the parents saw me on the track doing the workout. A few women asked some questions about my running, my favorite distances, etc. When Steve told them I run ultras their eye's glazed over and now I think they think I'm freakish. Hmmm..don't know that I've felt so strange about it before. I felt like I had to defend the fact that I run. It felt weird. They were asking how I can fit it in with everything else? Well, by running now, at football practice, while you are sitting in your chair. I still caught an hour of the practice. It is not like Troy was neglected in any manner. See, I'm becomming defensive..strange..

Maybe it is just the mood that I am carb depleted brain that must have some food .. NOW!

A Protein Powder SALE!

All The Whey, Inc. ( is offering a 5% discount on total purchases through September 15. This protein powder is BY FAR the best I have tasted. The orange is like an orange sherbert dreamscicle. Remember those? Simply wonderful. Post weight workout I can drink one with plain water and it is incredible.

Of course the chocolate is my mainstay. I add .5 banana, 4 T cherry vanilla Dannon yogurt, 1T cocoa powder, ice, spenda, the blender and Cherry Garcia is born. It's awesome.

So save a few pennies and try out the All The Whey protein powder.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Future Races...2006

I know that the year is quickly passing me by when I begin to look at future races for the coming year. I'm very happy with the races and results that I have had this year. I surpassed some of my goals. I still have goals to tackle..a Boston Qualifier at Twin Cities Marathon on October 2, for one.

I was planning on entering 3 100's for 2006. I was planning on McNaughton in IL, Kettle-Morraine in WI and Superior in MN.

Note the WAS in the above sentences. I thought I had it all figured out.

Now I'm thinking about some of the major races.

Western States in CA
Leadville in CO

Yikes...these thoughts are kind of scary to me. I keep on thinking that I am not good enough, not prepared well enough to do these races. Friends; good, experienced ultra running friends, keep telling me that I am ready..

I'm still thinking...I will someday do the Grand Slam ( 4 - 100's in one summer: Vermont 100, Western States, Leadville and Wasatch..oh my...)

On a less decisive thought, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill this early AM, will head to the gym after work for weight training of the leggies.

M1 Oat pancake (1 c oats, 1 egg, 5 whites, splenda, cinnimon and sf syrup)
M2 Banana, Myopro
M3 Tuna Creation pack, 1 apple
M4 4 oz chicken, spinach, sf blue cheese dressing, tomato
M5 Chicken kabob, greens

OK, goals are good. Big, far reaching goals are better.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Weekend

Today I was planning on a road run but it just didn't seem very fun so I grabbed Topaz and again hit the trail. I will get some road mileage in eventually.

I have Superior 50 mile race ( on September 10 and Twin Cities Marathon on October 4. I'm doing speedwork for TCM and I guess I'm doing trail training for Superior. Ha.

This morning was just beautiful. I was at the trail head at 6 AM for a good 3.5 hour run prior to football practice and the fun Mom duties of grocery shopping and laundry. Oh Joy.

I and the boys went to the bike park and rode for 2 hours. I didn't track the mileage, it was just for fun.

I and Steve went to 40 Year Old Virgin last night. Oh my gosh, I haven't laughed so hard in so long!! I don't know that last time Steve and I went to a movie together without the boys. I think it has been 13 years. Gasp.

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Friday, August 19, 2005


I haven't had to have the thought 'thank god it's Friday' for many weeks. Today I thought that thought over and over again. Back at work for the first week, after having eight weeks off, getting the classes and offices ready for school to open, eek.

Trying to get up before the crack of dawn, run, lift, bike, shower, work, meetings, kids sports, run, bike, shower, lift..whatever and to bed to do it all over again.

This takes some getting used to!

Tonight was a 7.5 mile run with Topaz on the trail. Hot, humid and I was just plain tired. I don't think my body is used to running in the late afternoon. The food that I've been eating all day is jumbling around in my stomach, I pee over and over again because by 330 I've already had 80 ounces of water and coffee and whatever else I may have consumed.

I love my fasted morning runs. No food in the tummy, don't have to worry about what to eat and what not to eat, etc.

I looked at my eating logs for the past 7 days. I consumed an average of 1734 calories which consisted of 38% carbs, 42% protein and 20% fat. I lost .10 of a pound. A great week of maintenance. I'm going to live here for a while, then try to lose another 5 or so...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Run Club

Wednesday means Run Club night.

I always thought the runners at Run Club were a pretty awesome group of guys. I was way too timidated to ever even think of running with them. Or even speaking with them.

After I began running I entered my first race..the Big Lake 8K put on my the Big Lake Run Club. They seemed very nice, so I attended one of their Wednesday night runs.

Oh my gosh. I was ill prepared for them. Two men felt sorry for me and ran with me, at my pace, the whole 5 mile route. I think we ran 11 minute miles and it was pretty much walking for them.

I didn't go back for three years.

Now this group of men have become my very very good friends. They are still faster than I (most of them) but I am no longer intimidated by them. We even get a few women once in a while to join us.

We all begin in the front of the Big Lake High School at 6 PM. We run together for approximately 5 minutes and whooooshhhh off they go! I see their backs for the rest of the route, up the hills, around the lakes, through the town. At the end of the run they all stand in a line and clap and cheer for me.

They are a pretty awesome group.

Tonights run : 5 miles 39:30. A long way from my first Run Club night.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Need for Speed II

Up at 430 to hop on the treadmill for a speed workout. I don't have time to hit the track today. Work gets in the way, you know, and both boys have football tonight.

Did 6 x 800 @ 3:45 minutes
Warmup .5; cooldown .5
Total: 5.25 miles, 44 minutes

This afternoon I'll run 5 with Topaz on the trail. Will head to the gym to lift while one son is at football practice and will be back in time to watch the other play his game.

Oh yeah, rode bike into work today.

A day of good workouts.

I was snagged for "parent representative" to Troy's football team. You know, all the parents are standing in a circle, the coach asks for a volunteer and we all stand there like we don't know what he's talking about. I can't believe that parents don't like to volunteer for their kids' sports. I raised my hand. Again. I'm always the parent rep!

I received an invitation to a "mid life crisis' party in a few weeks. The party is hosted by a few girlfriends that I graduated from High School with. We have all turned 40 this past year. Ugh. 40! I can't wait to go, it'll be a blast.

The best part was not thinking "Oh my gosh, I have to starve myself, I have 2 weeks to lose 10 pounds" It was AWESOME not having to think that!! I can just think "hmm...what shall I wear..."

Back to work...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to Work

Back to work means back up at 5 AM to get in workout #1. It wasn't pitch black outside at 515 so I and Topaz took a 5 mile romp around the neighborhood. I no longer have the luxury of sleeping in, drinking coffee and driving out to the trail.

Hopped on my bike at 645 and biked the 6 miles in. Workout #2

Will hop on my bike at 300 and get in Workout #3. I suppose that is still workout #2, isn't it?

I'd rather be home...

Happy Monday.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Just Chillin'

Today I and Topaz hit the Blue Hill Trail. Somehow the deer flies have vanished during the past week. Thank goodness!

I had a great 10 mile run, just enjoyed the peace and quite of the wonderful woods.

Went to the gym and lifted for 45 minutes, went for a 10 mile bike ride.

Tomorrow I go back to work. Hmm..not sure how I feel about that.

This afternoon I chilled out in my pool and Topaz chilled out in his...

Renee's Response

Most of you probably know Renee from her blog: Renee is a very well schooled in martial arts. I asked her about self defense and other matters yesterday after my 'scary' run.

I've ordered the two books that she suggests.

This is her response. We can learn from her:

Hi Julie,

How freaking scary!

Here's the thing that you learn from self-defense - your best weapon is your brain. If your brain is in high-gear, hopefully you don't ever get into that last-ditch, worst-case scenario where you have to physically fight for your life. We're taught that if you end up in a physical confrontation it means you screwed up. You didn't assess the situation right, let someone get too close, got overconfident or made some other tactical bumble.

You know that voice you heard that kept saying "You're overreacting. You're overreacting." That's the one you want to listen to. The fact that you're even having that thought means that you're in serious danger. It's like in CPR class they teach you that when someone says "I'm not having a heart attack." it means that they probably are. That denial is so universal that it's actually considered a symptom.

It would be crazy not to react because you think that you could "take" the guy with your skills (god, I can't even type that without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite, LOL) or that if you had some self-defense training you could have continued merrily down the road without feeling any fear. There's nothing to keep someone with several tons of car from running over you, or from pulling out a gun and shooting you and then raping you in the woods. You did exactly the right thing by trusting your gut, getting out of there, and calling the police. Ideally, you would have totally trusted your instincts and done it a little sooner. In an isolated area like that, the second time he passed me I would have been off the trail and into the woods, making my way back to the car and people. Yes, it's inconvenient, possibly embarrassing, probably nothing, but you don't take any chances at all when it comes to your personal safety.

There are two books you should get your hands on ASAP.

The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker


Beauty Bites Beast: Awakening the Warrior Within Women and Girls by Ellen B. Snortland

They're both great reads and very empowering and informative. Self-defense isn't just about learning some techniques to beat people up. The biggest change that happens is internal. Everything about the way you think, the way you view your surroundings and the way you carry yourself changes. I do feel more confident and less afraid, but at the same time I've learned not to take unnecessary chances. I have more street smarts. Those books are a great start for working on the mindset. I think the Ellen Snortland book has info on finding a self-defense class. If you want more help on that or have any other questions, just let me know.

I'm glad you're ok. You did good!


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Scary Run

I was going to run a 20 mile route on the asphalt today but Topaz looked so sad that I was going to go without him, I changed my mind, grabbed Topaz and headed for the Prairie Drive Trail. This is the 7.5 gravel road loop that goes through the Wildlife Refuge; it is for automobile. They drive through the refuge.

I park my car at the visitor center, fill my water bottles with water and Hammergel Heed, grab my cell phone, Topazs' leash, keys..I'm off.

One mile into my run a guy in a brand new white Mustang goes biggie. There are autos out here now and again. 15 minutes later and he drives by again. This is a 7.5 mile LOOP. Why is he driving by again? Another 15 minutes later, he drives by again and is leering out of the window. SHIT.

I can feel the hair on my arms and neck prickle. I'm listening to my intuition: this isn't good. Am I over-reacting? I call my friend Ann. Are you going to be out here to run? No, her legs are tired and she's still in bed. OK. As I'm running and talking to her I notice a pair of mens' shorts and underware in the middle of the gravel road. What the hell? Oh, maybe Mr. Mustang got out of his car to look at the Eagles and accidently kicked out a change of clothing. Maybe that is why he is driving around and around..looking for his clothes. OK, all is well now. I was over-reacting.

15 minutes later and he drives by again. I always position myself on the side of the road near the passenger side. I don't want to be near the driver. He leans over to the passenger window, rolls it down and stares..and slows down to an impossible pace. I'm at the side of the road and scared shitless. He continues on and I'm a mess.

I call home and the line is busy. I call Ann and the line is busy. Should I call the Sheriff? Am I over-reacting? No one else is driving by..maybe he's casing the place, figuring out where others are so he can get me...oh sheesh.

He drives by again. That's it. What kind of lunatic drives 40 miles in a circle like this. He's purposely scaring me. He's leering. He's awful. I call 911. I explain where I'm running, describe the car, the guy. Deputy tells me he'll send someone out to drive through and see what's going on. I tell him I was going to run 21 miles but will get to my car and get out of there.

My phone rings a few minutes later. It is the deputy. His deputy is a ways away and can't get right out there. He asks me to call him as soon as I get to my car and asks if I've seen Mr. Mustang again. No, I haven't.


I get to my car and call the deputy. I'm here safe and sound and heading out to another trail. OK. I figure that's it. The end. Who knows if I was over-reacting or not.

I get to the Blue Hill Trail for another 5 mile run to make my 20. As I'm running the phone rings. It's another deputy. He asks where I am, I tell him. He tells me that he spoke with Mr. Mustang. WHAT? You saw him? Yes, he was BACK at the Prairie Drive Trail. Oh my gosh. I would have totally lost it if I had seen him go around again. Mr. Deputy told me that Mr. Mustang has been arrested prior for indecent exposure and trespassing, that he is a 'slime ball'. He told me that he is not a sexual predator. Mr. Deputy asked Mr. Mustang why he was going around and around the Prairie Trail. He told him "I liked to look at her dogs' eyes..and her arms" Oh. My. Gawd. Mr. Deputy told Mr. Mustang to get out of there, and Mr. Deputy followed him to the County Line.

What the hell? So, was I over-reacting? I don't know.

It makes me want to run with a gun holstered around my leg.

I finished my additional 5 miles and was almost expecting to see the Mustang at the trail head.

I didn't. Thank Goodness! Ugh.

So, women runners out there: what do you carry with you while running to make you feel safe? Does anyone carry a knife, gun or weapon of some sort? How sad that we have to worry about ourselves while running by ourselves.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Last day of my Summer Vacation

Today is the last day of my summer vacation. I've had 8 weeks, yup, 8 weeks off. I've enjoyed it very, very much. I enjoyed sleeping in, getting up early, going to the lake, biking with the boys, hitting the beach and getting in excellent workouts.

Over the weekend I'll come up with a scheduled training plan. I've been able to wing it these past two months. I've climbed out of bed, ground up my Caribou French Roast, prepared my french press and relaxed before heading out for my run, biking whenever I feel the urge and hitting the gym whenever I want to.

That will all change for the next 10 months. Back to waking up at the crack of dawn (or before), jumping on the treadmill or running in the dark, running after work in the afternoon and squeezing in weight training during the busy periods at the gym.

I'm ready to go back to work. It's been a nice, lazy, enjoyable summer but I'm ready to go back to a schedule.

I would like to go back to school when the boys do (2 weeks out) but apparantly I need to be there two weeks prior. I'm really not sure why...I would prefer student contact days like some of the other office staff keep.

Today I slept in until 745, drank my coffe and hit the trail for 7.5 miles. Rode my bike for 10 miles and mowed the lawn...the same way I have spent most of the summer.

Back to reality...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sugar Fed Kids

I and the boys went to Valleyfair today. What a blast! I don't care much for the rides but I love the water park. After a few hours on the rides we hit the water park for a few more hours of fun in the sun. The body slides, the body boats, the tubing, the rapids; it's all so much fun!

Ty and Troy had their fill of cotton candy, dunking dots, cheese curds, pretzel and cheese, turtle sundae and french fries. I had a bite of each; that's all one needs!

Once in a while a day of sugar and fat for the boys isn't going to hurt much. As long as it isn't each week; and it isn't.

I was able to sneak out at 530 AM for a 5 mile run on the trail with Topaz and a session of weight training at the gym (chest, bi, tri) before I woke them at 800 so we could be on the road by 9.

What a great way to spend the day.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Todays workout was a speed workout at the track. I waited until 12 so I could bring Tyler to his guitar lesson and then run, as his lesson is only a few blocks from the track.

This meant that I had to run in 85 degree weather, a thunderstorm on the way and a nice high dew point.

I had been doing speed work prior to Grandmas Marathon (June 18) as I wanted to break the 4 hour mark, and did, in 3:59!

Back to the track I went, in search of a 3:50 at Twin Cities Marathon in October, to qualify for Boston.

My workout went very well. Better than I anticipated: Yasso 800's

Warm Up: 1 mile..8:10
800: 3:42
Recovery 400: 2:30
800: 3:40
Recovery 400: 2:31
800: 3:41
Recovery 400: 2:45
800: 3:35
Recovery 400: 2:50
800: 3:49
Cool Down: 1 mile..8:30

The plan was to run each 800 in 3:45-3:50 as I want to run a 3:50 marathon. I ran each 800 better than I planned. Just as I was finishing the cool down mile the sky opened up and down came the rain.

Next week I'll try 8 of the 800's.

Monday, August 08, 2005

6 Pull-Ups!

Today I and the boys were planning on spending the day at Valleyfair (amusement and water park). When we woke there was a thunderstorm and Tyler had a stomach ache. We decided we'd go on another day.

So what was I do to but go to the gym! I lifted back/shoulders, found that I had to decrease some of the weight during this workout as my body must still be recovering from a certain 50 mile run last week...

Lat pull down: 90x8x4
Row: 90x8x4
UNassisted pull up: 6!! Most ever. 4 months ago I could do 1
DB shoulder press: 35x8x4
BB shoulder scrunch: 60x8x4
Lever shoulder press (machine) 45x8x3
After 45 minutes I was too tired to complete any more.

Bike ride: 20 miles

So much for a day off..well, I haven't run yet today !

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Ann talked me into riding with her out to Murphy Hanahan (sp) park in Lakeville today for a good hard run. I'm glad I went. It was fun to run with a group of people. There were 7 of us that met up at 8 AM for a 2 hour run.

I run so many miles by myself; sometimes I find I prefer running with Topaz more than running with people. I guess it is not that I prefer it that way, but I am just more comfortable that way since most of my miles are completed solo.

I'm glad Ann talked me into running with the others. It's good to socialize once in a while and have some fun!

Went to the gym to lift chest/shoulders for 50 minutes. Then spent the afternoon swimming with the boys.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I hadn't tracked my bodyfat for quite some time. It has been obvious to me that it is getting down to where I want it so I guess it is one thing that I haven't been obsessing over.

Today I pulled out the Omron: 15.5% Wow. Cool.

2/9 Stats:
152.5 pounds
21.5% bf per Omron
Thigh: 23.5"
Hip: 36.5"
Butt: 40.5"
Waist: 29.5"
Belly Button: 30.5 " (I have a real high waist)
Chest: 33.5"
Bicep: 11
Calve: 15"

8/2/ Stats:
126. pounds (-26.5)
15.5% bf per Omron (-6.5%)
Thigh: 21.5 (-2.5)
Hip: 34 (-2.5)
Butt: 38" (-2.5)
Waist: 26" (-3.5")
BB: 27" (-3.5")
Chest: 32" (-1.5)
Bicep: 11
Calve: 15

So I kept my bicep and calves, that's a good thing because those areas are pretty 'musclie' lost the fatty areas. Whoopie!
Lost like 16". That's amazing. No wonder I'm feeling so good!

Now to maintain this. That's the key. And more difficult than losing, I am sure.

Today: 5 mile run with Topaz and Troy. Troy rode his bike along the trail with us.
15 mile easy bike.

M1: Oat pancake
M2: Tuna and cukes
M3: Tuna and cukes
M4: Cherry Garcia Protein Shake

My appetite still isn't up to normal; after a hard effort it takes a few days to come back. That's OK with me!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Rest and recovery is going well. Had my hair highlighed and cut yesterday and spent the afternoon swimming with the boys.

Today I and Topaz hit the trail for an easy 5 mile run. The shoes actually fit fine over my blisters, there is no swelling this time around. I think my body is finally getting used to the long runs!

I received an email from the people at the tri I had registered for last week. Apparently the race is full and I will not be able to participate. Odd that they accepted my registration online when the race is full.

I don't have any races for August. I have the Superior 50 Mile in September ( you must check out the website, this race is awesome!Twin Cities Marathon in October as well as Ed Fitz 100K.

With Superior and TCM, where I'm looking to qualify for Boston, I don't think I can fit a tri in afterall. I was hoping I could do this one the end of August.

On the scale front, doing well. 126.4 today. Woohoo.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Running over the river... Posted by Picasa

The view of the Voyaguer 50. Posted by Picasa

Jo and Julie ready to run! Posted by Picasa

After the race Posted by Picasa


For some reason the HELP/PICASA program isn't working correctly to post pictures. I don't get it. I keep receiving an error message "UI failed to initialize, if there are not other copies running reinstall." I try removing the program, reinstalling and still get the fail to initialize error message.

Hope to figure it out. Any suggestions please let me know!